Hotel Loob – The place to experience magical moments in Madrid

Although I consider myself a minimalist, from time to time I love to enjoy opulence and take advantage of things that are not part of my day to day life. This is precisely what happens to me when I go to a luxury hotel. Although I cannot help imagining what it would be like to enjoy such an ambience every day, I know that if I took it for granted, it would lose its appeal.

There is something about hotels that gets me going. That moment when you open the door of your room for the first time; I just want to mess up the bed and ‘bless’ it with wild sex straight away, with a partner or lover. Doing away from home inspires you to let go more than usual and personally, I love creating a mess that I will not have to clean up myself.


And if the conventional hotels are already hot, imagine one specially designed to seduce and satisfy … I’m talking about a love hotel; an oasis that exists to help couples live out their deepest and hidden fantasies.

There are many reasons to go to a love hotel. For established couples, it is an ideal way to ignite the passion or just to enjoy a special treat. A change of scenery is always good to avoid monotony. Something I would recommend for couples who have been together for a while would be to do a role play as if it were the first encounter with a stranger … It could be like having an affair, but without the repercussions.


Another popular reason to go to a love hotel could be because you live with your parents or in a shared apartment and you crave intimacy with your partner. Or maybe your place is a mess. I confess that this has often been my main motive for going to a love hotel. I remember one time in particular when I went to one with a friend with benefits for a ‘therapeutic’ shag. I was expecting a simple encounter but I ended up being fascinated by the large mirrors on the walls.

While we were making out on the bed, out of the corner of my eye, I was watching the image of our moving, naked bodies.. Seeing our reflection stimulated my narcissistic, exhibitionist and voyeur side at the same time. It was as if the images on the wall were part of an XXX movie, of which I was the actress and the director. Except that the scenes of this exclusive performance will only exist in my mind and his. And, of course, it was better than porn because at least there was an authentic connection and desire between the performers.


Something that is very important in love hotels is the subject of discretion. Thankfully, you can rest assured that there is no danger of bumping into your neighbour or your boss. Or your partner if you’re there to meet with a lover… In fact, in love hotels, everything is designed so that you don’t see anyone else.

Not only is discretion an important factor for those who go to love hotels to do things they should not do with people who should not do them with. It also matters for most people. Despite the fact that we have come a long way, sex is still a taboo. Despite this, in my opinion, that hint of prohibition is often what makes it even more fun and thrilling.

If you’re in Madrid and you want to live out your own fantasies in a suitable place, you can try Hotel Loob. It is the love hotel par excellence in the Spanish capital. It has an automatic reception, guaranteeing maximum discretion. This means that you can enter the room without having to have direct contact with any human. All rooms have a private garage so that you do not have to be separated from your vehicle at any time.

At Hotel Loob, you can find several themed suites for all tastes and impulses. For those who are bored with the usual missionary, you can try new positions on a swing! Oh my God! For water lovers, there are suites with Jacuzzis or even private pools equipped with chromotherapy system, accompanied by an automatic folding roof to enjoy the sun or see the stars, ideal for romantic experiences.


For the most daring or wild, there is the Grey suite that is equipped with BDSM furniture to live out your fetish fantasies. You can also find a complete offer of high-end theme packs with the most fabulous and suggestive erotic toys to enhance your stay.


If you are thirsty or hungry between orgasms, you can order the dishes and drinks that you want at any time. It will arrive at your thanks to an automated hatch system that guarantees that you will not see anyone and will not spoil the atmosphere created in the suite.

And when you’re satisfied, you can go home … to sleep.

To live your own magic moments in Madrid, or for more information about Hotel Loob, visit their website.


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