Hollywood Sex Scenes I Would Like To Have Starred In

Hollywood Sex Scenes I Would Like To Have Starred In

Hollywood Sex Scenes I Would Like To Have Starred In

Hollywood sex scenes never last long enough for my tastes. There’s usually a slow emotional build up between the characters and then, when the big moment arrives, it concludes with a few brief clips accompanied by a cheesy saxophone break on the soundtrack. I have my own favourite sex scenes, of course. There are some that I like so much that I would love to have starred in them myself. In my versions, however, I would have done a few things differently.

I was very young when I saw Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. It impacted me greatly because it was the first love scene I’d ever watched on the big screen. I love the famous pottery sequence where Patrick and Demi get hot and steamy, working wet clay with their interlocking hands as ‘Unchained Melody’ plays in the background. It’s the only sex scene, that I can remember, where a romantic lead gets to keep his jeans on the whole time. If I’d been playing Demi’s role, I’d have dragged Patrick Swayze’s jeans right off and thrown them on the floor before we got started.

Another film, whose sex scenes left an indelible mark on me, was Unfaithful. I’d always liked Olivier Martinez and I think that he’s at his very best here. His character has an affair with Diane Lane behind her husband’s back, who’s played by Richard Gere. The love scenes are full of forbidden passion and, fortunately, there are a lot of them. I remember seeing the film years ago with a friend. We were so disappointed when Olivier’s character died, that we thought it was pointless to continue watching to the end. We stuck it out on the off-chance that he might be resuscitated because anything is possible in Hollywood. My version of Unfaithful would have included a love scene between Olivier and myself, with Richard Gere watching.

hollywood sex scenes unfaithful

Another classic is the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. It also includes the element of forbidden sex. Rene Russo plays a detective who is investigating Pierce Brosnan after the theft of a famous painting from a museum. In this version, the main seduction scene unfolds during a dance between the two characters. It replaces the chess scene  from the 1960’s original. I’d never really been a fan of Pierce Brosnan. In this film, however, the character he plays is  unpredictable, clever and intriguing. The fact that it’s impossible to predict his next move makes him irresistible and I love that. If I’d been cast as the lead actress, I would’ve insisted on having a lot more sex scenes with Thomas Crown before signing my contract.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a completely different proposition. For starters, I don’t know if I’d prefer to share my scenes with Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. Knowing that they really fell in love during the production, and that the sexual tension between them was real, only makes the film even more compelling. In this case, I think my participation in the scenes could be reduced to being a simple fly on the wall. This would satisfy my voyeuristic desire to observe a sex scene between one of the most attractive couples in the world.

Damage with Jeremy Irons, and Juliette Binoche, is not exactly a Hollywood film but more of an arthouse one. The love scenes are particularly horny. To be honest, anything starring Jeremy Irons is guaranteed to accelerate my pulse. In this film, it’s the contradiction that his character embodies that really turns me on. His chilly external formality, so typical of an English gentleman, is in complete contrast to his uncontrollable sexual attraction to his son’s girlfriend, played by Ms. Binoche. The sex scenes are frenzied and without dialogue; their movements and moans explain everything that words can’t. In my experience, this sums up sex with an Englishman to perfection.

Another film fantasy that includes Jeremy would be the slow-dancing scene in Dead Ringers. In that film, a redheaded actress gets to have twin gynaecologists – both played by Mr. Irons – rubbing up against her. One Jeremy is in front and the other one’s behind. It seems like the prelude to a threesome that never occurs. My version would have concluded with a threesome comprising myself and the two identical Jeremys.

There are many more sex scenes in Hollywood films that I would love to have starred in. And, of course, I would love to win an oscar for my performance in any one of them. But, as they say, dreaming is free.


Translation of ‘Escenas de sexo de Hollywood en las que me hubiera gustado ser la actriz‘, published in El Pais.

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