Review Kit Her Name is Rio – Ooh by Je Joue

Her Name is Rio – Ooh by Je Joue

This toy had been in my ‘incoming’ review box for several months. I had tried to write it on several occasions previously. The problem was that every time I set about typing, just the thought of this clitoral stimulator made me want to use it again. And again. Time after time, the official review had to take a back seat to my personal pleasure.

Her Name is Rio kit from Ooh by Je Joue has a very strong motor and comes with a choice of two different heads that can be attached. The yellow head is the smaller of the two. It is pebble-shaped and is designed for external stimulation. For the important task of exciting the nipples and stimulating the clitoris it is absolutely ideal. The alternative head, the pink-coloured one, is intended for penetration and is ideal for vaginal or anal pleasure. Rio is rechargeable via a USB charger which is included.



It has 3 different speed settings and 2 different vibration patterns. It is also waterproof.

Material:  Rio is made from medical-grade silicone. It has a very soft texture which is compatible with water-based lubricants.

Usability:  Rio is quite intuitive. I decided on the type of stimulation, either internal or external, that I wanted to begin with. Then, I selected the corresponding head and attached it to the main body of the toy that features the motor. The battery charge lasts a very long time indeed. I had used Rio numerous times before writing this review and I still have not needed to recharge it yet. It is essential to separate the motor from the head attachment and wash each separate part of the toy before, and after, every use.

Strength of vibrations: They are extremely powerful and that is the way I prefer them. In fact, they seem to be even more potent when the yellow head is chosen for external stimulation.  

Noise:  It hardly makes any noise at all. For this reason it is absolutely ideal for women who are looking for a discreet, but impressively powerful, vibrator.

Orgasm-o-bility:  The yellow head attachment is amazing for producing multiple orgasms. I just love that capability it has. When I thought my orgasm was over, I quickly moved the toy in a circular pattern against my clitoris. I came again, almost immediately. Oh my God! I also had an amazing orgasm when I used the toy internally with the pink head but it was not quite as intense. Rio, when used with the yellow head, is one of my favourite clitoral stimulators. 


Pros:  It is very versatile because it features 2 toys in 1. It is USB rechargeable and is incredible value for money. It has a very strong motor, a soft texture and has a long lasting battery.

Cons: If you want simultaneous stimulation, both internally and externally, this is not the toy for you.

Ideal for:

  • Women with little experience of sex toys because this kit is ideal for anyone experimenting with self-love.
  • Stimulating the clitoris during penetration, if the yellow head is used.
  • Stimulating the G-Spot with the pink head.
  • A gift.


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