Gladiator – A couple’s sex toy by Adrien Lastic

I’m no fan of Christmas, so when I came down with the ‘flu on 23rd December, part of me actually felt relieved. It was the perfect excuse not to see anyone and, more importantly, not to do anything. I suppose I’d been burning the candle at both ends and my body just said ‘no more’. I used the time to catch up with friends and family on WhatsApp and to test some toys. Whenever I’m ill, I find that masturbation is an excellent way to increase my body temperature and ease congestion.

Thanks to these natural methods of intense orgasms, rest and plenty of fluids, I managed to get better in just four days without any artificial medicine. One of my miracle ‘cures’ was Gladiator by Adrien Lastic. It’s a couple’s toy that is rather like and elaborate cock ring. It’s USB rechargeable and works with a remote control. It has two motors, one for the clitoris and another to stimulate the G spot. The result is like turning your guy’s manhood into a rabbit vibrator.

gladiator remote control sex toy

MATERIAL: Silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricants.

USABILITY: Easy to operate, however, it can be a tricky to put on a man. Make sure he is hard beforehand. It wasn’t easy to insert, but thanks to lots of patience and a little lubricant, we got there in the end. Anyone who likes girth will love it. Once it was inside, I switched the toy on. Thrusting was impossible with this toy. I preferred to have control of the movement and to compensate, I let him be in charge of the remote control.

You can also use Gladiator with a classic vibrator or a dildo to have a sex toy trio.

gladiator couples sex toy


NOISINESS: Whisper quiet.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Once I had got it in the right place, and got him to keep still and, I had an amazing orgasm using the strongest vibration setting. I’ve also used it a few times with a classic vibrator. I love the clitoral stimulator part of the toy; it never fails to make me tremble!

gladiator adrien lastic

PROS: strong vibrations, silent, USB rechargeable, operates with a remote control, versatile, soft texture, can be used with a male partner or with a classic vibrator.

CONS: It won’t adapt well to a small penis. It can be complicated to put on him.


  • Using with a well-endowed male partner during penetration.
  • Using with a classic vibrator.
  • Stimulating the clitoris and G spot during penetration.
  • Couples looking for a fun way to spice up their sex life.

Find out more about Gladiator in my Sex Toy Laboratory video here:

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