There’s something ever so intriguing about a sex toy that moves. When you look at it, you can’t help but imagine what it might feel like against your most intimate parts. At least, that’s what happens to me.

When I saw these four sex toys from Fun Function moving at the same time, each one in a different way, it almost makes me blush as I imagined them all getting to work on me. But not all at the same time, of course. That would be too much.

They may look similar, but when you switch them on, each phallus has different orgasmic attributes. With the exception of Bunny Funny Rotation, they all vibrate as well as having moving phalluses. They also have a ten-tongue clitoral wheel to stimulate the clitoris. That is to say that they provide triple stimulation.

PACKAGING: They are presented in a no-frills box that includes a USB charging cable. The product specifications and instructions are on the box in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

MATERIAL: They are all made from silicone and ABS. They are compatible with water-based lubricant. They are waterproof so you can enjoy them in the bath or the shower.

TEN-TONGUE CLITORAL WHEEL: They all have this feature that has 7 settings. In order to get the most out of it, I would recommend using plenty of lubricant and making sure it’s not too close to the body in case they get stuck and stop rotating.


NOISE LEVEL: Not a silent affair…


There are 3 buttons. A power button, a clitoral wheel button and the vibration button. They can be controlled individually. The clitoral wheel has 7 settings and there are 7 vibration settings. you can also use the vibrating phallus externally to stimulate the clitoris.


This toy is similar to the vibration, but the phallus also waves which feel divine against the G spot. You can also use it externally if you enjoy vibration against the clitoris.


This one has got to be the most intense by far. The phallus thrusts and vibrates. It is ideal for when you are craving penetrative sex and there are no suitable candidates available. There are 7 vibration modes and 7 thrusting modes.


This is the only rabbit that doesn’t vibrate. The shaft has rotating pearls inside that are similar to those found on the classic rabbit vibrator. There are 7 rotation modes. If you enjoy vibration, this isn’t for you.


In all cases, I would recommend inserting the toys before activating the moving phallic or clitoral stimulator. The buttons are very intuitive to control. Each toy offers several stimulation possibilities so you can experiment with different sensations. I would recommend using plenty of water-based lubricant as the internal sensations can be very intense to say the least. They are also quite noisy, so bear this in mind if you live in a shared apartment or with your parents.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: All of the Bunny Funny toys have orgasmic potential, but if you require vibration on your clitoris to reach climax they might not be for you, alternatively, if you enjoy moving objects then they might be just what you are looking for!

All of the toys were so mega intense that I had to wait between tests to complete my review! The most orgasmic of the 4 was Bunny Funny Wave without a doubt. The waving phallus against my G spot was just divine!

PROS: Orginal concept. Versatile. Affordable. Incredibly strong vibration where applicable. Triple motors.

CONS: There is no storage pouch included.


  • Women who enjoy penetration.
  • Rabbit lovers.
  • Intense sensations.
  • Women who believe that ten tongues are better than one.

For more information about these Bunny Funny sex toys from Fun Function, check out this link

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