Fulfilling My Foot Fetish Model Responsibilities

Being a foot fetish model is not just about pointing my toes, curving my arches and flaunting my soles. I’ve discovered that it means much more than that. As time goes on, my responsibilities towards my foot fetish fans only seem to increase.

Foot Fetish Model Venus O'Hara by Lourdes Ribas -0011

My foot fans have to be attended to on a regular basis. Foot fetishists have needs and they are very articulate when they want to express them. Some of them even make specific requests when it comes to provocative foot imagery that I could explore. Naturally, as a foot fetish model I am duty-bound to provide content on social media that fits the bill.

Foot Fetish Model Venus O'Hara by Lourdes Ribas -0008

As my understanding of foot fetish develops, the explorations of it that can be seen in the Member’s Area of my website become more elaborate. My members deserve to be rewarded and I hope that my experiments with foot worship, foot massage and foot bondage do precisely that.

Foot Fetish Model Venus O'Hara by Lourdes Ribas -0012

It was with this in mind that I collaborated with Lourdes Ribas to produce an extensive collection of new foot-fetish imagery that features a wide variety of stimulating scenarios. The results of the photoshoot exceeded all of my expectations and will provide high-quality content in my Members Area for months to come.

See the full set and more foot fetish photos in my MEMBERS AREA


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