I’ve never really liked my feet very much. My opinion has had to change recently, however, and I have some pursuasive foot fetishists to thank for it.

To my eyes, looking down at them, the appearance of my feet just reminds me of how uncomfortable they can be when the weather is hot. They always feel sweaty. The warmer it is, the more embarrassing it becomes when they turn a pink colour. This is especially true when the rest of my skin retains its unusual whiteness. My feet have always seemed too wide in comparison to my skinny ankles as well.

To be honest, the idea that the appearance and shape pf my feet could ever be provocative, or even highly arousing, to dedicated foot fetishists has always seemed quite ridiculous.

venus o'hara foot fetish 1

That’s the wonderful thing about fetishism of any sort. It thrives, in all its diverse forms, in a place that should be entirely separate from the mainstream for it to retain its authentic flavour.

It seems that you don’t need the “perfect” foot to appeal to a fetishist. They can be turned on by the specific details or unique attributes of a certain foot and not just the foot itself. Some fetishists like the ritual of having toenails painted, others prefer those nails to be left natural. Some specialise in the anatomy of a foot. It could be the turn of an ankle, the asymmetry of the toes, the angle of the arch or the plumpness of the sole that inspires them.

venus o'hara foot fetish 3

Indeed, even a cursory look at the images posted on foot fetish forums would demonstrate the vast range of foot shapes, sizes, outfitting and ornamentation that enthusiasts want to discuss, flaunt and share.

The perfect foot just doesn’t exist. None of the forum’s featured feet could appear in print-ad campaigns, online promotions or on commercial TV channels. They would have to be photoshopped to oblivion to even come close. That sort of fakery is something I frown on and, in any case, even it’s most negligible use is anti-fetish.

venus o'hara foot fetish 4

My natural, un-retouched, foot-selfies have found an active, and highly appreciative, audience of fetishists. They write, exhaustively, about how much they enjoy my latest “felfies” and I have lots of fun taking them, sharing them and asking for ideas about foot fetish sets that I could produce in the future.

I’m receiving tentative requests for nail-varnish sets; both the application and removal of. I’m being asked to consider taking felfies of my feet seen through vintage nylon stockings, wrapped up in bondage-tape or with damp beach-sand stuck in-between my toes. I’m excited by the perverse possibilities of my feet and I’m motivated to deliver the fetishistic content that my foot worshippers deserve.

Thanks to them, I’m beginning to love my feet.

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