Flirty & Sassy from the Pillow Talk range from BMS Factory – Review

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of dropping by the BMS Factory booth at EroFame. I distinctly recall marvelling at their Pillow Talk range and then thinking to myself: ‘I have that pleasure to look forward to when I get home.’

Flirty and Sassy were already in my ‘in-tray’ of sex toy boxes waiting to be tested and reviewed under the strict conditions of my Sex Toy Laboratory. I was intrigued by their soft feminine colours and bling button, as they dazzle with Swarovski crystal.

Flirty is a mini-massager, ideal for pinpoint clitoral stimulation.

Sassy is a powerful G spot stimulator.

I was looking forward to enjoying them both individually and especially together. There’s nothing quite like a sex toy menage-a-trois; that is to say, using more than one toy at the same time. I would use Sassy internally and enjoy Flirty to stimulate my clitoris. The advantage of using 2 separate toys for dual stimulation is that the end result is often more powerful than it would be with a rabbit. You can adapt the two toys to fit your anatomy. With a rabbit, you are limited by the shape of the toy, which may or may not suit you. We all have a different clitoral-vaginal distance and it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’ where sex toys are concerned.

PACKAGING: Both toys are presented in elegant white boxes that make them ideal if given as a gift or for storage. They also contain a USB charging cable, a storage pouch, an instructions leaflet and a mini-brush to assist with toy cleaning.

MATERIAL: Soft silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Deep and rumbly. There is only one vibration setting – a continuous one. You can increase the speed to your desired level. If you prefer a variety of different vibration patterns – such as pulsations and waves – this toy might not be for you.

NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous.


Flirty – A full charge takes 1 hour and that will provide you with 3 hours of pleasure – now that’s a lot of orgasms!

Sassy takes 1.5 hours to fully charge and that will give you up to 2.5 hours of fun.

I must confess that I didn’t find the buttons intuitive at all. After testing so many vibrators, I’ve become used to intuitive controls, as so many are the same. For example, with most toys I have tried, you have to press down for a couple of seconds to switch on / off, and short click to change the settings. I rarely have to consult the instructions of a toy, apart from consulting the charging and run time of a toy. In this case, however, I was clueless about the buttons.

To increase the speed, you have to press and hold. This didn’t come naturally, as pressing with one click switched the toy off. Once I got the hang of it, I was able to find a satisfying rhythm to enjoy and provoke an orgasm.

The toys also have a travel lock. To activate or deactivate it, simply ‘short-press’ the button 3 times.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: After sorting out the niggles with the buttons, I was able to reach a satisfying climax with both toys when they were used individually. Using them in together, however, provided the best orgasm without a shadow of a doubt.  

Most women are unable to reach climax with just internal stimulation and they require external, clitoral. Some women, however, are fortunate to provoke an orgasm from G spot stimulation alone. But, if that doesn’t hold true in your case, having something inside the vagina can greatly intensify the orgasmic spasms provoked by clitoral stimulation alone.

PROS: Elegant packaging. Stylish appearance with ‘blingy’ buttons. Deep, rumbly vibrations. Satisfying orgasms. Long lasting battery. Excellent value for money – I mean seriously amazing (check the link at the end)!! 

CONS: If you enjoy different vibration patterns, these toys are not for you. The buttons take a bit of getting used to.



  • Precise, direct clitoral stimulation.
  • Using during penetration.
  • Frequent travellers.



  • G spot stimulation.
  • Using the curved tip to stimulate the clitoris and the entrance of the vagina.
  • Using with a clitoral stimulator such as Flirty, for dual, clitoral and G spot stimulation.

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