Dr Whale Review – An App Controlled Pelvic Floor Trainer from Sistalk

Apart from having shattering orgasms, one of my greatest passions is BodyPump. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this phenomenon, let me enlighten you. BodyPump is a fitness class structured with tightly choreographed weightlifting as its centrepiece. I’ve been doing it for almost a year now, building muscle as opposed to concentrating on cardio. I may not have increased in volume but my muscle mass has improved by leaps and bounds. With every step, I can feel my firm glutes and every step I take is increasingly stimulating.

There are places that body pump cannot reach, however. Unless you join a dodgy gym. There are distinct benefits from having a strong pelvic floor: the prevention of incontinence, better orgasms, more intense pleasure during sex and more squeezing power during penetration.

All of these things are the perfect incentive for anyone to get toned up ‘down there’. In my case, I desire an athletic pelvic floor so that I can begin training seriously for hands-free orgasm (HFO). Yes, it is possible to come just by controlling one’s breathing, contracting and relaxing your muscles rhythmically and thinking some scandalous thoughts. I think that it only requires a combination of patience and plenty of dedicated practice before I can finally experience it.

I’ve had lots of horny experiences with love balls in the past. In fact, I have a thing about using them when I go to a supermarket. After all, queuing up is never an annoyance when I call feel the balls jiggle around inside me. I also love going out on a date and suddenly admitting that I’m wearing them. But, it must be said that I’ve never had the pleasure of using an app-controlled pelvic floor trainer before, even though they’re highly recommended and supposed to make the whole experience more fun and stimulating. I have to confess that up to this point I’ve lacked the motivation to seek one out.

This week, though, I received Dr Whale, an app-controlled pelvic floor trainer from Sistalk.

Dr Whale comes in a nice box with a drawstring storage bag, a USB cable and multilingual instructions.

MATERIAL: Silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant, waterproof

USABILITY: The App is quite sophisticated and is perfect for geeks. It’s the first app-controlled toy for Kegels that I’ve tried. It has two modes: ‘vibe’ and ‘health’. The vibe mode is for app-controlled orgasmic pleasure. You can even use it with a partner long distance.

The health mode is specifically for your pelvic floor training. You can monitor your personal progress and even compete with those friends of yours who also have Sistalk. The device monitors your strength, response time to squeeze and your vaginal temperature. It only takes a few minutes. Once completed, it gives you a detailed report on your pelvic potential. I’m also a bit of a statistics nerd. I love graphs and progress reports because they give me the incentive to carry on. Dr Whale doesn’t just have a cute shape. I also discovered that it’s very ergonomic. It fits inside perfectly and its tail is perfectly positioned to stimulate my clitoris externally.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: deep, rumbly, satisfactory vibrations.

NOISE LEVEL: Silent. No one will know that you’re having a workout, unless they are controlling the app.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Delightful as a sex toy. And, with the increased pelvic floor capability that it encourages, I’m investing in the higher quality of my future orgasms and sexual encounters.

PROS: versatile: can be used as a pelvic floor trainer or a sex toy. Incredible shape. discreet: small and silent. smooth texture. sophisticated app.

CONS: Not for old school, technology-shy, sex toy users.


  • Geeks,
  • Anyone looking for a fun way to improve the force of their intimate squeeze,
  • Use with a partner long distance,
  • Simultaneous G spot and clitoral stimulation.

For more information about Dr Whale, visit www.sistalk.com


This post is also available in: Spanish

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