Derriere cleavage is a slight, and highly provocative, exposure of the upper-buttock area and the cleft between them, usually as a result of loosely-styled, or deliberately, badly fitting trousers or jeans. Alexander Mcqueen has often been cited as a particularly influential designer in this area and on the increasing popularity of the “low-rise” culture during the early to mid 2000’s.

Unfortunately, for fetishists, the power of the derriere cleavage kink has been affected by its association with the phenomenon of the hypersexual – global media driven – society that we all live in. It has become such a part of the stripper/porn star chic – that insists on raised cheeks, a higher brow, big breasts, fuller lips and ever-present whale tails – that its unique ability to casually thrill and titillate seems less than it should. There’s nothing more alluring than an oblivious and fleeting glimpse of unwitting derriere cleavage when the spectator least expects it.

When I walked along the street a few years ago, I’d see women – and occasionally flirty ,fifty year olds – wearing generic jeans cut so impractically low that almost the whole derriere cleavage was on display at any and all times. It was just vulgar then and, fortunately, the fashion is almost defunct now.

I came up with a way to return derriere cleavage to the fun, intelligent and important fetish that it always was. Choosing a selection of bras, I began to wear them on my firm buttocks, playing with the idea of cleavage in all its forms. The end result went some way to reclaiming this fetish for posterity…or is it posteriority?
escote trasero

escote trasero


Venus O'Hara nude

Photographs by Guy Moberly.

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