Since becoming a sex writer I can confess that writing about sex can be just as good as the real thing. Sometimes, it can be even better.

I’m often asked whether my articles are 100% true. I’ve never written fiction so, let me reassure you that everything I write is based on reality. For me, reality is always more interesting than made-up stories. I feel sorry for those people who cannot or will not believe that.

When I’m about to start my next column or article I make sure that I keep the title of it in my head for a day before I start to write. Those are with me wherever I go and whatever I do-even at the supermarket. A sex writer, like everyone else – needs to buy groceries and even when I am trying to decide which cheese to buy – Mozzarella or Havarti usually – the title is there in my mind until I sit down and start work. It does not take very long before I search the Venus archives for suitably horny experiences that I have lived through or that my friends have confided in me about. It all helps.

Sometimes when I’m writing, I get really turned on by the subject matter. This could include reminiscences and fantasies of my own as well. I get so turned on sometimes that I have to take a break. I check that the battery power is enough in my vibrator before I have my 15 minutes.

Using my rabbit also cures any writer’s block that I encounter. The details that might have been out of context or vague while I was sitting down at my computer become crystal-clear when I’m horizontal. I often think that it is a good thing that sex writers don’t have to work in an office when break-time comes.

My natural masochism as a sex writer can be seen when I take special care to email my first drafts to myself.When I go to bed, I read them through again on my Blackberry and write notes to myself if necessary. I never submit anything last thing at night – only in the morning after I have been over it a few more times.

I could carry on typing this and making more confessions about the working life of a sex writer but I have an idea for another article…and I need to go to the supermarket for more batteries.

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