Confessions from My First Professional Pedicure

It was a warm and sticky Saturday afternoon and I began realise that I might’ve made a mistake by not booking a professional pedicure sooner. The reason that my anxiety began to grow was that I had a foot fetish photoshoot arranged for the following day and it was going to focus on my feet. I knew that they’d need to be in peak condition.

It wasn’t long before I found myself wandering the streets of the barrio of Gracia in Barcelona, worrying about my feet. I searched everywhere I could think of but the salons were all booked up. The best they could offer was an appointment the following Monday which would’ve been too late. For a while I wondered whether I might have to do the pedicure myself. I have all the necessary equipment and supplies at home to achieve professional results, but that wasn’t the point. I wanted it all done for me and I felt like being pampered.

Pedicure Venus O'Hara by Lourdes Ribas -0001

After an hour of googling and trying different places I got lucky. I found a place that would give my feet the pampering they deserved. When the pedicurist was ready for me I suddenly got nervous. I’d been walking for ages and I hoped my feet wouldn’t smell too much because of it. My trainers and socks came off without further delay and I looked down. My un-pedicured feet were a little bit red and the skin was hard in some places. I hadn’t realised just how chipped my nail varnish was.

Pedicure Venus O'Hara by Lourdes Ribas -0027

I have to confess that I didn’t really know what to expect. I paid strict attention to everything the pedicurist did so that I could improve my own technique. It was a real treat to not end up with an aching neck which is what usually happens when I do it myself. Although my pedicures are more thorough, I really couldn’t be bothered that day. I sat back slowly, relaxed and lapped up all the the attention my feet received. Imagine my surprise when the pedicurist complimented me on my feet and praised their condition. My home treatments must have been more effective than I realised.

So, after an hour of toe clipping, cuticle removal, hard skin disposal, nail filing and polishing, my feet were finally foot fetish ready. I couldn’t wait for the photoshoot the following day so I could flaunt them properly.

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Photography by Lourdes Ribas

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