There is nothing quite like an orgasm to put a smile on my face.

When I’m not having orgasms or raising orgasmic awareness through my work, my mission is to share my good energy with the world through my smile. Let me explain. I make a conscious effort to smile at everyone I encounter in my day to day life. This goes from the neighbours in my building, the waiters in my local cafe and everyone who serves me in a shop.

Not only is it good for my karma.  I have learned that smiles can get you places. For example, you get better service and then when people smile back you know you’re being perceived as a nice person, which is a priceless feeling. A smile says: I’m in a good mood. I’m approachable. I’m a nice person.

Smiles are also seductive.  When I first saw Charming Smile from Satisfyer, I thought of my current squeeze and how he seduced me with his own charming smile. I was going through a hard time and seeing his smile every morning got me curious about seeing the rest of him and I wondered if he could put an orgasmic smile on my face. Which he did – and does.

Charming Smile is a phallic shaped vibrator that is curved like a smile. It is ideal for stimulating your G spot. It has a manageable length with a substantial girth. Its curved tip is ideal for stimulating the G spot or for cupping the vulva and stimulating the clitoral gland.

PACKAGING: Charming Smile is presented in a simple cardboard box that also contains a magnetic USB charging cable, a multilingual instructions leaflet and some safety information.

MATERIAL: Charming Smile is made of ABS and silicone. It is compatible with water-based lubricant. It is waterproof so you can enjoy some orgasmic smiles in the bath or the shower.


NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous.

USABILITY: Very intuitive. There are 3 buttons. A power button, a button to go to the next vibration setting and another to return to the previous one. The shape feels divine for internal or external stimulation. I was experiencing some neck pain recently and I discovered that its smile shape is also ideal for lying on and massaging the neck!!

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I absolutely LOVED using it externally. The curved nub felt amazing against my clitoris. Spasmtastic!!!

PROS: Versatile. Strong and silent. Excellent value for money. Smooth texture.

CONS: There is no storage pouch included.


  • Precise G spot stimulation.
  • Clitoral stimulation.
  • Neck massage.

For more information about Charming Smile from Satisfyer Vibes, visit

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