Cayona by Fun Factory – Sex Toy Review

Cayona FUN FACTORY – Review

I went to visit Fun Factory in Bremen, Germany earlier this year. While I was there, more than one person asked me if I had a personal favourite sex toy from the selection offered by Fun Factory. I did not hesitate before I replied. “Miss Bi”.

Miss Bi is a Rabbit vibrator that I tried for the first time last year. It is a short but wide toy that has some amazing curves. It is extremely efficient when it comes to stimulating you where you most desire. But, now that I’ve tried Cayona, and repeated the experience at least 10 times, I think I might have found a new favourite.

Cayona has surprised me a great deal. At first sight it seems to have the classic vibrator shape. If you look a little closer, however, you will find that its details are fun and quite feminine at the same time. It’s floral shape really reminds me of a vulva. It is ideal for internal and external use.

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More about Cayona:

It is 100% water resistant.

There are 6 vibration strengths and 6 patterns.

Manufactured in Germany.

Non-porous and easy to clean.

It is available in four colours: yellow, pink, blue or green.

MATERIAL:  Medical-grade silicon which is compatible with water-based lubricants.

USABILITY:  Cayona is very easy to use. Simply press the FUN button to play. I went through all the available vibration settings before settling on the strongest continuous one to reach orgasm. There are many ways to use it so I would recommend it for someone who has limited experience with sex toys. It is a perfect choice for your first vibrator. It is ideal for exploring the clitoris and the G-Spot. With the assistance of Cayona, you can discover a great deal more about your unique sexual responses and sensitivities. There is huge potential for further experimentation just by using this particular toy.

I haven’t used it internally yet. I suppose I really should try it that way to provide a more complete review. There is no time like the present, so see you back here in a minute.

10 minutes later…

Oh my God! Wow. It was easy to insert thanks to its small dimensions. I could even notice the effect of the rounded part that sticks out. I felt it working against my clitoris when the shaft was inside me. It was amazing.

It is extremely important to wash Cayona before, and after, every use. You can use warm water and soap.

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NOISINESS: Nothing scandalous.

ORASM-O-BILITY:  The rounded part of the toy, that sticks out, is incredibly effective. Oh my God! It is just amazing to feel it against my clitoris. And the motor is very, very strong. With these attributes it couldn’t fail.

PROS:  It is very powerful. It is rechargeable via the USB cable supplied. Soft texture. A versatile shape that is ideal for both internal and external stimulation. It has a wonderfully elegant appearance. A high quality of manufacture typical of Fun Factory. Made in Germany.

CONS: What cons? I can not think of any, unless you insist that size is important. In that case, Cayona is not the sex toy for you.


  • Internal stimulation.
  • External stimulation.
  • Women looking for a versatile vibrator.
  • Your first vibrator.

Get your very own Cayona here

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