Caress – A Revolutionary Clitoral Stimulator from Adrien Lastic

What I miss most about having regular intimate sessions are the caresses. Casual encounters prove to be far too frenzied and temporary for my liking. I usually prefer a full-body, tactile exploration of my most sensitive areas. But, I usually go straight for my clitoris, bypassing my erogenous zones, even when I am on my own. It goes without saying that those places still crave their share of my attention. After all, it is not just a question of tits and ass.

Now with Caress, a new toy from Adrien Lastic, you can take part in some much-needed foreplay with your partner, or on your own.

Caress looks a lot like a light bulb and its shape is ideally suited to fit in the palm of your own hand, or your partner’s one.

It has:

5 different heads,

2 motors

1 vibration mode and 10 modes of rotation.

It is:

USB rechargeable,


Caress is presented in an extremely elegant box, which would be ideal to be given as a gift. It is also suitable for storage. A multilingual instruction manual, charging cable and drawstring storage bag are also included.

MATERIAL:  Luxurious silicone. Compatible with water based lubricants.

NOISE: Nothing scandalous.



I used Caress on my own the first time, then tried it again during a foot fetish and tickling session. I was blindfolded for the latter experience so I did not have the slightest idea which attachment was being used on me at any one time. This state of affairs only heightened my anticipation for the next piece of stimulus. I felt the toy as it traced around my sweet spots.

The nape of my neck received a proper amount of attention. Caress made my nipples hard and my breath quicken. It was not long before my level of arousal began to go through the roof. I was acutely aware, at all times, of the tip of the toy and the pleasing vibration as it rotated against me.

Caress is particularly good at providing a delicious tickling feeling. Each head offers differing sensations; a combination of settings and rotations speeds provided relaxing tickles on the neck, behind the earlobes, and down the spine. Mmmm. Crueller and more intense tickles can be applied to the armpit and the soles of the feet. Caress feels amazing when used on the nipples.

When I tested Caress on my own, I used the head attachment with the two antennae to stimulate my clitoris. With a conventional vibrator, there is a tendency to apply more pressure against your clitoris to increase the intensity. If you try this with the Caress it will simply cease its rotation.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: It took me a little longer than usual to reach orgasm with this toy. This was due to my unfamiliarity with the subtle sensations that it provides. But, I got there in the end and, when did, it was amazing. Using it made a nice change. I love learning new ways to experience a climax. Even though it was an orgasmic outcome with Caress, I think that the special qualities it offers make it a perfect foreplay toy to be shared with a partner.

PROS: Amazing soft silicone. Original design and concept. Versatile foreplay options. USB rechargeable. Elegant packaging. ergonomic shape. New and unique sensations.

CONS: If you are specific about sourcing an effective vibrator, this probably isn’t your ideal toy.


  • Someone who already has several sex toys and is looking for something new.
  • Tickling.
  • Stimulating the nipples.
  • Clitoral stimulation.

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Check out my video from The Sex Toy Laboratory below. Enjoy!

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