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    The Popularity of Anime Sex Dolls

    Maybe you’re a fan of anime, or you just think that girls with big eyes and brightly colored hair are attractive. No matter your stance, there’s no denying that anime sex dolls are highly popular because they let you finally be with one of those cute and sexy anime girls. While I’ll be using the term anime sex doll here, this can easily be applied to hentai sex dolls, manga sex dolls, comic sex dolls, animated sex dolls and so on. All these terms basically describe the same type of attraction along with similar types of dolls. Let’s get into why these dolls are so popular along with a few dolls that might really tickle your fancy. What is Anime Many of you will likely know what anime is, but this section will enlighten those who don’t. Anime is Japanese animation and is known for having highly detailed storylines, interesting characters and explosive effects not often found in Western animation. While anime has been around for a long time, it wasn’t until the 1990s with Sailor Moon and DBZ that it gained mainstream acceptance in America. It may have taken a while for anime to catch on in America, but it’s become highly popular because it is vastly different from Western animation. The stories and characters are usually more serious and intriguing, which makes it easier for people to become engrossed in them. Anime and hentai, a term for anime porn that also refers to any other unconventional form of […]

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