Vintage Fetish

Vintage fetish is the erotic attraction to imagery, objects and lingerie / clothing from a different era. For the fetishist, the Victorian period is particularly rich in its collection of traditional, restrictive, underwear like whalebone corsets, ruffled petticoats and bloomers but any historical period that has its own specific type of intimate clothing can have the identical effect.

The history of lingerie gives this fetish a variety of individual eras to draw from and the enthusiast tends not to choose those that provide too much nudity. Instead, those times when women were obliged to cover up their charms provide the greatest appeal. Similarly, it is not the ease with which these clothes can be removed that provides the real imaginative thrill but the direct opposite.

With the explosion of pin-up imagery during, and after, the second world war, the idea of 1950’s American “cheesecake” photography became significant for anyone growing up at that time. As a result, the appeal of bullet bras, seamed stockings and suspenders cannot be underestimated. Recently, with the higher profile and importance of Bettie Page, the burlesque stylings of Dita Von teese and the emphasis on retro underwear on modern lingerie collections-the power of this fetish has never been greater.

    Vintage Striptease

    I bought this vintage dress because it seemed so innocent. It was almost the thing a puritan might wear to church. That thought passed through my mind when I chose it to wear to the Fashion and Fetish show at The Brandery in Barcelona. When I was waiting for my connection at the metro I was suddenly aware of the lingerie I was wearing beneath it. It would be so easy for a gust of wind to reveal to other commuters just what lay underneath the puritan outerwear. The underwear was a lot different. Some people asked me why I hadn’t gone wearing latex or some other kinky material. What they didn’t realise or could have known was that I had planned my underwear very carefully for its powerful fetish content. My black high heels were obvious, of course. So was a small amount of retro-seamed coffee coloured stocking clinging to each leg. I had chosen the stockings at the same time as the pointed bullet bra that gave my bust such a distinctive outline. They could only have come from What Katie Did. Further up my vintage stockinged legs, the six-strap suspender belt felt tight against my thighs and waist. I knew my derriere was clearly visible through the sheer, black panties. There was no way to hide it if there was an accidental upskirt moment or even a deliberate one. What I really wanted was to recreate the famous poster image from the film “Secretary”. The model is […]

    Tea and Sex

    I’m a tea fetishist. That doesn’t really mean that I get turned on by drinking tea or that was what I used to think. I was born in the U.K. and tea was never seen as being sexy. My idea of tea fetishism is based on the rituals around drinking it in public and the tense formality of tea-time. All of the habits associated with this strange custom, like poking your little finger out when you raise the cup to your lips, turn me on in different ways. I prefer green tea and I’ve never got any other type in the house. I was surprised and amused recently when I read a report that green tea can do some wonderful things to your sex life. I’d already suspected it but it’s always reassuring to know that I’m right. According to the study the use of green tea over a 10 week period can improve your stamina by as much as 24%. The University of Washington collected data on 6 different couples. Fifty percent had been offered green tea. The others had not. After the ten weeks were up, the couples who only drank green tea reported back that it had dramatically affected their sex life. As well as being happier and more relaxed they confirmed that they had sex more often and for longer than they’d done for a long time. A direct link between the tea and fertility was outside the scope of the study but it seems that […]

    The Pain of Retro Lingerie

    When I think about wearing retro lingerie, I always remember the pain it gives you just to get the right look. Dressing for a retro lingerie shoot takes up more time than any other. This is especially true if there’s a corset involved. I have to remind myself to attach my favourite six-strap suspender belt to my stockings before the corset is laced up because it’s almost impossible to do it afterwards. I always have a few problems with fitting my own corset no matter how experienced I get with the lacing. At first I didn’t like having to rely on photographers to help me. Then I discovered how much control I had over them when I felt their hands trembling as they laced me up. If I closed my eyes it felt like they were tying me up slowly in a complicated bondage game. A tight corset always changes the way you walk and move. It doesn’t just correct a bad posture or prevent you from slouching if you sit down. It also encourages you to plan your movements carefully and impose yourself more in a shoot. At that point, you start to feel so confident in your image that you don’t want to go back and wear ordinary clothes again. That’s how I felt when I chose my retro lingerie for this shoot. I combined retro-seamed stockings and a bullet bra from What Katy Did, my Van Doren six-strap suspender belt from Kiss Me Deadly and my favourite […]

    High-Waisted Panties – Venus O’Hara

    A while ago, I wouldn’t have been seen dead wearing a pair of high-waisted panties. They were so old fashioned and unpopular that I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to own a pair. Now though, retro underwear is so in demand, particularly 1950s bullet – bras, corsets and stockings, that I really felt the lack of a well fitting pair of black, high-waisted, panties. After I found a pair and tried them on for the first time I discovered, very quickly, why they lost popularity. They’re not exactly the easiest things to put on or take off as I found out the first time I went to the bathroom. I did find an instant advantage though – they felt like a suit of fabric armour underneath whatever I was wearing. It was like having a secret outfit underneath my outer one. During the shoot I thought it would be sexier to leave out the stockings altogether and have the detachable suspender straps hanging down. Matched with a black bra, the panties almost became a body, hugging my curves and emphasising my vintage style. I wanted to get the “cabaret” look, so I put my hair up, covered it with a trilby hat and emphasised my long white neck in the mirror. The high – waisted panties looked so much like a girdle in the reflected image that I understood the power of the vintage fetish more than ever. [nggallery id=16] Photos by Yuky.

    Retro Suspender-belt

    When I was trying to find my ideal suspender-belt, I discovered-very quickly-that it was a much more difficult task than I had imagined. All of the ones that I looked at first were vulgar, unflattering and ordinary. I wanted something that wasn’t going to date or go out of fashion and I realised that with retro fetish lingerie you really can’t go wrong. I found my perfect suspender belt: Its vintage, six-strap, design was sophisticated, flattering and timelessly seductive. I was even happier when I also found the perfect panties to wear in the shoot. The “Seven-Til-midnight” floral lace shorts, which were bought for me, have a lacing detail at the back that flaunts the derrière cleavage perfectly. When I attached the black retro seamed stockings and looked at myself I felt like a 1950s pin-up girl rehearsing cheesecake poses for an automobile calendar. The kinky way to wear suspenders is to have the straps inside the panties so you can peel them down without wasting time unfastening first. For me, the best thing about wearing any suspender belt is the feel of my naked thighs touching each other when everything else is clothed and covered. BUY THE FEATURED SUSPENDER BELT HERE: [nggallery id=10] Photography by Andrew O’Hara

    The Power of Cleavage – Venus O’Hara

    The 1994 Wonderbra campaign remains a legend in advertising circles. Cars came to a screeching halt across the U.K. when their drivers first saw the slogan “Hello Boys” and then copped an eyeful of Eva Herzigova’s cleavage staring down at them from roadside billboards. When it comes to marketing though, it’s not the featured model who counts but the fantasy that the male or female audience entertains about her. The male fantasy of a perfect, sustainable cleavage is just that-a fantasy. I’ve heard confessions from male friends about bad experiences they’d had with women who wore push-up bras after the Wonderbra was copied by every underwear manufacturer there ever was. Those guys lived their dream of idealised breasts, divided by a neat cleavage, right up until they undid the bra-straps for themselves, pulled the cups free and watched gravity do the rest. It was like being cheated, they said. They were promised something that couldn’t be delivered, they went on. I tried to be sympathetic, I really did, but for any woman, like me, who has had to do the “pencil test” just to find out whether they can legitimately go braless in public-sympathy was a little hard to come by. I had to explain the pencil test to the same guys, of course. The tester lifts a breast, places a pencil under it, and releases the breast. If the pencil falls down, she can go braless (under a shirt of course). If the pencil is held firmly in place […]

    Vintage Fetish: When Old Things Turn You On

    Old things really turn me on, I don’t know why exactly. There are certainly sensual attractions to antique objects and places that go beyond the obvious. Is it the taste of tobacco seasoned dust in my mouth as I survey an old room? Is it the sound of shrunken wood panels creaking beneath my discount heels or the feel of dry parchment as I caress the pages of an old ledger in a notary’s office? It’s so hard to be precise. There are always parts of a city that remain undeveloped and unchanged and, walking through them, I can imagine that I’m part of a period drama that could suck me in at any moment and take me back to a time when beauty was cherished much more than today. With vintage beauty comes protocol and repression to regulate attraction and seduction. Walls were thicker then, of course, and whatever went on after the masked balls remained an elegant secret. Today, you can hear everything that happens in the next apartment; no style at all. As soon as I saw this dress I knew that it was perfect Venuswear because it was totally vintage in its style and would enhance my charms with its perfect contradictions and mixed messages. It harks back to a kind of puritan look while, at the same time, it allows my pale, freckled skin to show through its many holes. To add another layer of visual provocation, I emphasised my long, long legs by wearing […]

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