Secretary Fetish

The secretary fetish is based on the imagined persona of of an individual, traditionally a woman, who represents the kind of professional submissive that we are all familiar with. Offices depend upon one or more low-status office workers who spend most of their day performing menial administrative duties for themselves and others.

General office secretaries tend to be undifferentiated and can have a variety of passing fantasies imprinted on them without needing any emotional connection at all. Personal secretaries, on the other hand, can encourage a greater investment in the fantasy dynamics of the manager/personal assistant scenario which can be refined outside of the working environment with another individual assuming the outfit and traits of the subordinate.

In this way the fetish allows for men to be attracted to and stimulated by their image of an idealised, passive office assistant and their fantasy scenario of superiority over her in every respect. The experience can be enhanced by the recreation of a custom office environment serviced by a woman dressing in a traditional uniform of plain skirt, blouse and low heels who follows orders and behaves meekly under all circumstances. A pair of glasses and a plain hairstyle completes the look of a waged slave.

    Exploring New Fetishes

    Even though it was the same model, shot in the same setting by the same photographer, the end result was so different to anything we’d done before. Together we created a ‘voyeur’ set. Our intention was to capture the essence of many fetishes. They include:
    Unaji (nape fetish), upskirt fetish, hosiery fetish, downblouse fetish, foot fetish, bra fetish and dangling heel fetish and more.

    Ode to the Original Mr Grey

    Ode to the Original Mr Grey I’ve always believed that the success of the Fifty Shades of Grey books can be attributed to the character of Christian Grey. For me the the appeal of the trilogy is less about the BDSM and more about the rehearsal of an established female fantasy: a fabulously wealthy, enigmatic older man finding redemption from his past misdemeanours by falling in love with a much younger, poorer and virginal girl. In other words, Fifty Shades of Grey is like a Mills & Boon romance novel with butt-plugs and bondage tape. Anastasia Steel is the lucky girl that women across the world love to identify with. We all desire attention and the arousing prospect of a ripped billionaire choosing us above all others to lavish his attentions and perversions upon was guaranteed to get us wet. Even though he seemed like a stalker sometimes. My personal investment in the allure of Mr Grey fell sharply when Jamie Dornan was cast to play him in the film adaptation of the first book in the trilogy. Although Mr Dornan is a talented actor, serious eye-candy and seems shy in interviews there is a problem. The lack of sexual chemistry between himself and Dakota Johnson, playing Anastasia, killed the fantasy on film for me. Christian will never be my idolised Mr Grey. There is another Mr Grey who makes my pulse race. I’m referring to E. Edward Grey, the protagonist, from the film Secretary as played by the wonderful […]

    Wet Clothes Fetish

    I am always getting requests for wet clothes fetish sets. Tacky holiday resorts often host wet t-shirt contests to attract an audience. These competitions feature attractive young women wearing thin, white t-shirts being drenched in warm beer or cold water for popular entertainment because – although they’re still dressed – their breasts are completely visible. When we began shooting this set it only took me a few minutes to settle on the common male fantasy of seeing a soaking wet, skirtless secretary. It didn’t matter if she had been caught in the rain or if she had fallen into a hotel bath during an important conference – just so long as the fetish details were right. This scene needed me to end up having long dripping hair and wearing wet stockings, steamed-up glasses and damp see-through white panties. Most important of all, my blouse had to have been made totally transparent by the cold water, revealing the appearance of my shivering breasts and the size and shape of my hard, hard nipples. It worked so well and I had such a ball doing it that I shoot more wet clothes fetish sets whenever I am able, even having wet thighs doesn’t put me off. I can’t wait to share the results of those sessions with you. [nggallery id=18] Photos by Andrew O’Hara.

    Secretarial Duties

    I just love looking at old pictures from my days as Tilly Johnson, Erotic Review secretary performing some random secretarial duties. The main title image reminds me of the film “Secretary”, my favourite film ever. One of these days I may do a Tilly-inspired shoot with my office clothes and glasses but this time with my wild red hair. Enjoy the set! Venus O’Hara

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