Schoolgirl Fetish

The fetish for women dressed as schoolgirls is significant in Japan where a highly formal subculture has grown to cater to consumers of this imagery. Every country has its own variation, however and whichever culture is studied, the same preoccupations turn up time after time. The simple dresses, approved hosiery and sensible shoes that are so anonymous when viewed in a group tend to assume a much bigger fetishistic significance when seen worn by an individual.

The common fetishistic denominator is the need for the enthusiast to revisit the look and significance of the young women who might have been unattainable to him when he was studying at a boarding school or in a single-sex college. Forever craving their attention, the fetishist usually finds that the girls were more attracted to older boys and young men. This unrealised dream for the frustrated adult, becomes so significant that it remains with him into adulthood as a suppressed need and thwarted desire.

In living out these recurring fantasies, the uniform itself becomes the fetish device that represents sexual satisfaction and to observe it being worn and removed in individual pieces fulfills a profound lack in the enthusiast. Even grown women, dressed in school uniforms can provoke the same feelings of arousal in them time and time again.

    English for Perverts – New Book!

    It has been said, quite often, that the most rewarding way to learn another language is to do it when you are in bed with a foreigner. You may find that they are only too pleased to lead you through the lessons and correct you ,with humour, when you make a little mistake. What would you do though if you were in bed with someone and you did not know what to say or how to even begin? Sex is a universal language, but to have great sex relies upon good communication and conversational skills to explain to them exactly your perversions are. Ingles Para Pervertidos “English For Perverts” (Bookad 2012) encourages you to learn and practise all of those words that your teacher would always disapprove of and punish you for repeating in class. They would never show you the words or even acknowledge them. My new book has eight chapters: “The Human Body”, “In Bed”, “LGBT”, “Sexy Shopping”, “The Dark Side”, “Porn”, “Chat” and “Sexual Health”. Each one is beautifully designed and contains all the sexy vocabulary you’ll need for almost any occasion. The grammar exercises are unique and unlike any teaching materials you have ever seen before. Ingles Para Pervertidos is intended for use by intermediate level English students but do not be discouraged by this because anyone, at any stage, can benefit greatly from its arousing approach to education. At any point in the text, if you need a break from the hard work of learning, […]

    The Act of Spanking – Venus O’Hara

    The act of spanking consists of one partner striking the buttocks of another with a bare hand to cause temporary pain and erotic sensation. When an object is used instead of a hand, spanking becomes paddling, belting, caning, whipping, birching or hairbrushing depending on what is used. Spanking, when used to develop a role-play scenario, becomes much more than just punishment.The intensity of feeling and the mutual understanding of the spanker and the “spankee” easily adds another layer of excitement and realism that increases the enjoyment of any fetishistic characterisations involved. For example, the fantasy of a disobedient schoolgirl being punished by a strict headmaster is never as rich without the consequences of it glowing across her displayed bottom. For the “spankee” the anticipation of being spanked can be especially arousing because the next contact can never be predicted exactly.They could tense their buttocks in preparation which just stimulates their genital area more. The slap, when it comes, reddens the bottom, warms it and improves the sensation. Suggestions for spanking positions can include over the knee, bent over a chair, on all fours or face down on a bed or a sofa. Other variations can mean the “spankee” hanging over the shoulder of the spanker or lying on their back with their legs raised towards their chest. There are ways to improve the spanking experience that add even more to its delights. The spanker can confuse the “spankee” by stroking and caressing his or her “target area” and contradicting their […]

    Love Me Like You Hate Me – Teaser

    I recently made my acting debut in the acclaimed short film “Love Me Like You Hate Me”, written and directed by Erika Lust, (Lust Films 2010). It is an arousing exploration of the seductive thrills of domination and the fear and excitement of submission in which I play seven characters. Now, the film has been re-edited, re-scored and re-imagined to further emphasise its unusual ability to disturb and excite with its lurid and fetishistic imagery of domestic servitude, confinement and spanking, gloves fetish, glasses fetish, wet clothes fetish and much more. In its new form it has become an unusually kinetic and intense type of BDSM thriller which restores footage-previously regarded as too intense-of me bound hand and foot and constrained by a ball-gag, to its list of astounding highlights. I’m still shocked at how effective the following teaser is and I can hardly wait to see the more provocative cut of the film when it debuts soon. Photo above by Kristyan Geyr Images TEASER LOVE ME LIKE YOU HATE ME Cargado por lustfilms. – Mira más videos de TV y películas.

    Remembering my School Days – Venus O’Hara

    My school days were tricky.  After an adolescence of puppy fat, acne and general growing pains, I began to discover my female powers. At eighteen I wanted to seduce the “unseducible” just to see how much girl power I really had. One significant male in a position of authority once told me to stop provoking him and that was like the girl in the Nabakov classic. Coincidentally a few days later I was at a friend’s flat and I saw a classic Nabakov novel on his bookshelf and I asked if I could borrow it. I wanted to understand exactly what the significant male had meant and pick up a few extra weapons of seduction on the way. This is a tribute to the schoolgirl fetish. Photography by Andrew O’Hara

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