Neck Fetish

Neck fetishists find the female neck to be the centre of their obsessions and its veneration to be the best way to realise their own arousal. Necks are particularly vulnerable and sensitive to changes in temperature, caresses and, particularly, massage. A preferred neck for fetishists is a long, slender and pale one which allows them to examine the blue veins underneath and scrutinise the muscles moving as the subject turns her head.

Neck enthusiasts regard them as small bodies in their own right with unique curves, softnesses and scents. For some, the nape of the neck or the suprasternal notch is as important an erogenous zone as any other that a woman’s body has to offer. Usually necks are covered, either by long hair, collars or scarves. When these forms of dress are removed and the hair is pinned up, a type of neck nudity is achieved and the fetishist can caress and worship it just like a naked body.

Adornments like necklaces and chokers assume a much greater significance for enthusiasts because they are designed to elevate the importance of the neck and focus more attention on it. A variation on this is the attraction of lovebites or hickies which act as proof of kissing, licking, biting and sucking.

    Exploring New Fetishes

    Even though it was the same model, shot in the same setting by the same photographer, the end result was so different to anything we’d done before. Together we created a ‘voyeur’ set. Our intention was to capture the essence of many fetishes. They include:
    Unaji (nape fetish), upskirt fetish, hosiery fetish, downblouse fetish, foot fetish, bra fetish and dangling heel fetish and more.

    Nape Fetish (Unaji)

    The nape of the neck is one of the most effective erogenous zones that there is. I’m always surprised by just how intense the variety of sensual pleasures is when my neck gets the attention it deserves. I don’t just enjoy the caresses on my nape in isolation.When I feel attentive fingers massaging it I just want more and more. That special pleasure I feel is never predictable or ordinary. Sometimes it relaxes my whole body, other times it can wake it up and make me sensitive all over, everywhere. With a clever combination of soft kisses, warm breath and soft-biting, a lover can bring me even more arousing sensations. If they are experienced, they’ll stop occasionally and rub the nape and drag their fingertips around it. This reminds me that the nape holds a special attraction to Japanese men. They call it Unaji and, in their culture, it was one of the rare parts of a woman’s body that was often uncovered. A nape fetishist will get just as much pleasure as I do from seeing it worshipped properly. If I lean forward slowly, the stretching alters my enjoyment as well as theirs. If they are observant, they’ll notice the small changes in the surface of my nape. A small rubbing motion, repeated under my earlobe, earns instant goosebumps. I didn’t want my hair to fall down in thick curls while my neck was being photographed for this set. I found some metal clips to use and, as I […]

    Bra Tease (Lingerie Fetish) – Venus O’Hara

    I’ve always had a bra fetish. As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many of them. Today, the average American woman owns six bras; I’ve got 25, but I want more. A lot more. I’ve always been around a size 90b. All women know that their breast size will fluctuate according to time of the month, taking the pill and their overall body weight. I know different since this photo-shoot. I’d always wanted to do a session that was bra-orientated but, when the time finally came, I was shocked to find that my favourite bras no longer fit me. I’d been investing more and more time in regular sport and, as a result, it seemed that my breasts had changed for the better. Most women would be disappointed by this, but not me. My breasts have never been as firm and pert as they are now. So, for the set, I had to get some new bras quickly and when I did I found out that I was now a size 90a instead. Coincidentally, one of my slaves had suddenly become bossy and disobedient before the shoot and he needed urgent correction. As a perfect punishment, I decided that he should be the one to fund my new 90a bra replacement collection. A box, containing all the ones I had stipulated, arrived a few days later. An extensive range of pictures featuring me wearing these new bras will follow very soon. I’m waiting for my slave to […]

    Confessions of a Voyeur – Venus O’Hara

    I’m into consensual voyeurism and I never have to worry about being seen because the people I watch know that I’m there. In voyeurism the spectator usually has to ensure that their presence is never detected at any point.To be a voyeur means having a constant sexual interest in observing others or to be actively involved in the erotic surveillance of them. The desire at work in voyeurism ( from the French voyeur, “ one who looks”) is to enjoy the spectacle of someone who is undressing or engaged in sexual activity with someone else or by themselves. I remember the first time I went to a swingers club. I felt shy, uneasy and out of place because I wasn’t an exhibitionist like all the people around me. Later, I found myself having a drink with the guy I was with and we became aware that couples were having sex openly around us. I was embarrassed at first but, gradually, I started to watch and learn. Observing a real couple having sex and knowing that they have a private language of touches, murmurs and kisses is always more interesting than the mechanical grindings of bored professionals in modern porn. In the swingers club, seeing how so many other people came, if they did at all, was an intense erotic experience. I felt completely relaxed watching them because they’d have been doing exactly the same thing whether I’d been there or not. I could stare and stare and not worry that […]

    My Fur Fetish – Venus O’Hara

    Fur is, perhaps, the most ancient form of clothing. Some people associate it with warmth and luxury while others, on principle, reject it on terms of morality or social conscience. The term “a fur” often relates to a long coat, wrap or other short length of clothing made from the fur of animals. Campaigns against the use of fur reached their maximum effectiveness in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Their success was aided significantly by the participation, in high-profile events, by numerous celebrities from the film and the fashion world. Since then, fur clothing has remained the focus for boycotts on the strength of its production being cruel and environmentally harmful. For a while, the fashion industry promoted faux-fur as a serious alternative to animal fur. As any fur fetishist knows, faux-fur is not as luxurious, sensual or strokable as the real thing. As a fur fetishist myself, I have to say that I’m glad about the revival of real fur. The simple fact is that nothing else keeps you as warm on a cold winter’s day as a quality fur coat. The potency of the fur fetish can be partially explained by the sense of its forbidden qualities. The main reason, however, is that it gives a woman presence, power and authority: she will never be ignored or walk by unnoticed if she is draped by soft, tactile and luxurious furs. Owning a pet and stroking its fur can,it has been established scientifically, reduce stress and combat the […]

    Neck Fetish

    I forget how effective my rebellious red curls are as a shield for my neck; it feels so covered up when I wear it down. That all changes when I wear my hair up, then my neck feels naked, exposed and available to endless sets of hungry eyes. Its exposure makes me instantly aware of minor shifts in room temperature, sharp drafts from open windows and odd alterations of atmosphere. That edgy awareness extends to the instant effect its display seems to have on some individuals. Necks are like small bodies in their own right with unique curves, softnesses and scents. For some neck fetishists the nape is as important as a perfect pair of long legs. It is without a doubt an essential erogenous zone that responds so well to exploration by hands, mouths and eyes. Photos by Fernando Gebbia

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