Glasses Fetish

Glasses fetishism is characterised by the effect that a pair of glasses can have on the erotic imagination of a spectator. Glasses are often a key component in many role-playing scenarios. Glasses of different shapes, sizes and prescription strengths allow the participants to invest more belief in the erotic reality of their chosen characters.

Glasses can change the shape of a face, alter mannerisms and allow a fetishist to imprint almost any persona they prefer onto a wearer. As spectacles become less obvious in public due to the development of corrective surgery and the popularity of contact lenses, they have become increasingly associated with the past. The key moments that fetishists remember, when thinking about their formative experiences with people wearing glasses become vital, imaginative, starting points for them. In this way, the personas of teachers, students and secretaries become fetish stand-bys and a pair of glasses can summon up the erotic potentials of them with ease.

Glasses as objects can be adapted and enhanced to promote their power to arouse with large, “geeky” frames, clumsy repairs, thick lenses suggesting short sightedness and many more. The way they can be worn can be just as arousing as the glasses themselves, with a pair resting crookedly on the nose being a particular favourite

    A Scandalous Life

    Some people seem to think that my life must be scandalous. This might be because I write articles about sex. It could be something to do with my habit of being wired-up, from time to time, as a test-subject for scientific sex experiments. It might be because I appeared nude on the cover of Interviu magazine, or even as a result of my side-career testing sex toys for money. I do not believe that anything related to these exploits is truly scandalous however. In my opinion, aspects of my previous, conventional, jobs exposed me to far more scandal than anything I could ever be responsible for. The thing I found the most scandalous about my past jobs was being expected to lie while I was in contact with a customer or a client. I never did, of course. Even if my manager told me to. I was always on the side of the buyer. If I had made promises to a customer then I was going to make sure that we, as a company, fulfilled those promises. Sometimes this meant whipping my colleagues into shape so they did their job. When I worked in luxury real estate, the scandal was even worse. The whole business was based on lies. The property descriptions, the photographs, the prices, the offers… all of it was exaggerated or made up. The worst thing of all was when a client made an offer and there was no counter-bid. In that case, I was expected to […]

    A Different Kind of Blowjob (Balloon Fetish)

    I was not thinking about Globophilia or Balloon fetishism when we shot this set. The images were intended to feature in my new book Ingles Para Pervertidos. To illustrate the chapter about sexual health I decided to pose with a condom and then blow it up like a balloon. The unintended consequences of playing with the condom is something that balloon fetishists or “Looners” know already. It was when I played with the inflated condom that I got a little carried away. My long red hair was tied back and I was wearing large glasses which got in the way a little. As the condom grew, the transparent latex began to exaggerate the image of my face and lips more and more. My glossy red mouth and pale fingers looked like a large fake vulva reflected in a distorting circus mirror. I began to appreciate how balloon fetishists felt. The condom grew longer and began to look like a huge rubber teat. My naked nipples looked small compared to this fake one. I was fascinated by the way the inflated latex looked and by how it sounded.The more I played with blowing into the condom and watching it expand, the more I understood why balloon fetishists get off on them so much. I could not decide whether I was a Popper or a Non Popper yet. As the shoot continued I became more passive and controlled by the condom. My poses became restricted. I had to bite into the end […]

    Lipstick and Leather Gloves Fetish

    It is quite common for me to be asked what my favourite fetish is. Believe it or not, that is not a question that I can answer very easily. My taste in fetishes can be dependent upon my mood or even the time of the year I find myself in. In Winter, I can indulge myself by wearing stockings and suspenders, latex dresses, designer corsets, tight woollen sweaters and, especially, leather gloves. Although I’m looking forward to warmer temperatures and the approach of Summer, it will be a shame to pack my burgundy-coloured Marks and Spencer gloves away. I’m holding on to them for as long as I can. I remember that I was in the U.K. and on a mission to do some shopping when I saw these gloves. I had intended to buy some things that I missed from home but I forgot all that when I saw the rack that the leather gloves were displayed on. I went over immediately and looked for a pretty black pair in my size. Black leather goes with absolutely everything where clothes are concerned. Then, I had an idea. My usual lipstick colour is either MAC Red or MAC Vino lipliner. What if I wore gloves that matched my lips? I saw this pair and they were exactly the same shade. Their fit was perfect and the leather, when I opened and shut my hand, was soft and smooth with a rich and arousing aroma. I didn’t want to take them […]

    Tea and Sex

    I’m a tea fetishist. That doesn’t really mean that I get turned on by drinking tea or that was what I used to think. I was born in the U.K. and tea was never seen as being sexy. My idea of tea fetishism is based on the rituals around drinking it in public and the tense formality of tea-time. All of the habits associated with this strange custom, like poking your little finger out when you raise the cup to your lips, turn me on in different ways. I prefer green tea and I’ve never got any other type in the house. I was surprised and amused recently when I read a report that green tea can do some wonderful things to your sex life. I’d already suspected it but it’s always reassuring to know that I’m right. According to the study the use of green tea over a 10 week period can improve your stamina by as much as 24%. The University of Washington collected data on 6 different couples. Fifty percent had been offered green tea. The others had not. After the ten weeks were up, the couples who only drank green tea reported back that it had dramatically affected their sex life. As well as being happier and more relaxed they confirmed that they had sex more often and for longer than they’d done for a long time. A direct link between the tea and fertility was outside the scope of the study but it seems that […]

    Motorbike Fetish

    When I think of the motorbike fetish I remember the film Grease 2. The character of Stephanie, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, has a very specific vision of her ideal man. She dreams of a mysterious lone biker who appears from nowhere, displays his power and disappears into the night. I love it when a clean-cut English student, played by Maxwell Caulfield, plays into her fantasy, buys a bike and picks her up outside her house at night. He becomes her ideal cool rider. I’m not a fan of motorbikes myself but I adore the biker look. For me, that has to include an all-in-one leather outfit, leather gloves and a black helmet with a dark visor that makes the wearer anonymous. This clothing projects an image of unknown intentions and fetish potential to me. For other motorbike fetishists, Barcelona is the perfect place to enjoy themselves and their kink. The city streets are full of bikes and their riders. They are constantly weaving in and around private cars, taxis and each other. According to La Vanguardia, Barcelona has the second highest motorbike ownership per inhabitant in Europe. I can believe that. Before we began this shoot, the photographer showed me his new motorbike helmet with pride. He let me pose in it so I could contrast my nakedness with being anonymous.I pulled on his gloves and I covered my bare breasts with my hands. I was topless but my nipples were protected by a layer of soft, black leather. I […]

    Loving Leather (Leather Fetish)

    Loving leather has never been difficult for me. I’ve always had a leather fetish – the smell of it and its coldness against my naked skin are complete turn-ons. I insist that any shoes, shoulder-bags or whips that I’m given must be made from it because imitation leather doesn’t impress me at all. Even leather sofas get me excited and – if I see one and get a chance – I always make sure that I lie on it. I have to be full-length, naked and on my own to get the biggest thrill. Unfortunately, having energetic sex on one isn’t recommended as the more you’re pushed into it, the louder it’s embarrassing noises become. It’s worse when you get sweaty and have to peel yourself from its sticky surface after you’ve both finished. I was posing topless last week and noticed – all of a sudden – that I was getting cold. I pouted my full lips, lowered my glasses and looked around me. In moments I spotted Sebas’ black leather jacket lying on the floor in a far corner of the room. I shook my ringlets, bent down to pick it up and asked him about it. He explained that it was brand-new and that he hadn’t even worn it properly yet. That detail began to excite me and I realised that I needed to sniff its aroma close-up. New leather is intoxicating to my senses and this jacket was no exception. I grasped its collar and hauled […]

    The Rise of The Armpit Fetish

    The armpit fetish has moved into the mainstream so far that you only have to look at the covers of recent – high-end – fashion magazines to see its effect. If you are an armpit fetishist and you visit a news stand you could be forgiven for thinking that your favourite erogenous zone had also become the most popular trend this season. There has never been a better time to be an armpit fetishist than now. This focus on underarms is only the latest in a series of body parts that have caught the imagination of editors and photographers. This list has already featured toe-cleavage and side-boobs. One modelling agency insider admitted recently that: “There’s a definite fad for armpit posing at the moment…but they’ve got to be pits to be proud of – smooth and hairless only please.” The most infamous past exception to this current rule was the actress Julia Roberts who – at the premiere of Notting Hill in 1999 – had no problem with baring her hairy armpits. The armpit fetish can appeal in two entirely different ways or both at the same time. Some armpit fetishists are particularly attracted to them visually and they indulge themselves by collecting photos or by appreciating the voyeuristic spectacle of arms being raised in public. By contrast, there are other fetishists who find the odour and pheromones associated with armpits to be completely irresistible. In both cases, this fetish can result in the act of armpit sex. Personally, I […]

    Confessions of a Lingerie Fetishist

    I’ve always been a lingerie fetishist – I believe they you can never have enough suspender belts, stockings and, especially, bras. I love all bras. From push-ups which enhance cleavage, to comfy sports bras and, especially, transparent bras which enhance hard nipples – they’re all important parts of my collection. The right bra can do so much to promote self-confidence and encourage a more eroticised image that it still amazes me that so many women just buy blind and hope for the best. Panties have developed from their ordinary origins into a variety of specific modern forms that fit almost any professional scenario or erotic opportunity. These styles include Boy shorts, G-strings, thongs, high-waisted, crotchless and retro versions. Panty decorations can now comprise numerous different frills, ribbons and costume jewellery. I’ve always wanted a pair of fitted, latex ones, if I’m honest. Putting on stockings and a suspender belt takes time and effort to get the right effect. Tights are easy – they can just be put on without any thought needed as to how short a skirt is or if my legs are smoothly shaved or not. I’ve recently become a fan of vintage lingerie because it feels like a protective suit of fabric armour beneath my outerwear. High waisted panties and a six-strap suspender belt makes me seem glamourous and feminine at the same time as they prevent easy access. An authentic set of retro-underwear leaves a lot to the imagination because it hides a higher percentage of […]

    Wet Clothes Fetish

    I am always getting requests for wet clothes fetish sets. Tacky holiday resorts often host wet t-shirt contests to attract an audience. These competitions feature attractive young women wearing thin, white t-shirts being drenched in warm beer or cold water for popular entertainment because – although they’re still dressed – their breasts are completely visible. When we began shooting this set it only took me a few minutes to settle on the common male fantasy of seeing a soaking wet, skirtless secretary. It didn’t matter if she had been caught in the rain or if she had fallen into a hotel bath during an important conference – just so long as the fetish details were right. This scene needed me to end up having long dripping hair and wearing wet stockings, steamed-up glasses and damp see-through white panties. Most important of all, my blouse had to have been made totally transparent by the cold water, revealing the appearance of my shivering breasts and the size and shape of my hard, hard nipples. It worked so well and I had such a ball doing it that I shoot more wet clothes fetish sets whenever I am able, even having wet thighs doesn’t put me off. I can’t wait to share the results of those sessions with you. [nggallery id=18] Photos by Andrew O’Hara.

    The Benefits of Strawberry Sex – Venus O’Hara

    There’s nothing like strawberry sex; because it’s never dull, ordinary or vanilla. Neither is it dangerous, extreme or serious. Strawberry sex is never less than rude, kinky and fun and it throws in handcuffs, chairs, ropes, ice cream and fruit wherever and whenever possible. Every sense pleasure, erotic stimulus and opportunity to explore the moment without inhibition is what it means. Eating a handful of strawberries can increase your sex drive, a nutritional survey claimed recently. The fruit is covered with seeds that contain zinc, the nutrient most closely associated with sex. A man can deplete his body’s total zinc supply if he has sex three times in 24 hours so the usefulness of this fruit speaks for itself. They also contain large amounts of vital anti-oxidants which encourage increased blood-flow to the sexual organs. Strawberries also provide sustained energy levels at only a few calories. It’s a multi-win situation. The sight of someone eating a strawberry, slowly, is also very arousing because of its familiar bulbous shape and deep red colour. I made sure my nails were painted with the same shade as my lips and the fruit and I remembered that detail when I slipped on Sebas Romero’s big glasses before we began this shoot. I couldn’t see anything through the thick, heavy lenses so my mind wandered and I thought about the taste of a strawberry and the feel and shape of it against my tongue. When I had one in my mouth I sucked it, enthusiastically, […]

    Why I Love Mismatched Underwear – Venus O’Hara

    Most women imagine that the classic image of a suspender set with a push-up bra is what gets their man going. However, research has proven that this couldn’t be further from the truth. It has been established that the wannabe stripper look doesn’t really work. So, why are lingerie shop windows full of expensive, matching sets if men aren’t convinced by them? Men are uncomplicated creatures. Whether it’s a simple white set-up with a sexy bow, or some cute polka dot pants, the items that really score big with them are those that suggest innocence and fun. Mismatched underwear is perfect to feed in to this need because it plays along with an important male fantasy. After a solid night of sweet loving, a man likes to imagine that the girl is so overwhelmed by his performance in bed that she’s put on mismatching underwear to stagger out of his room. For me, mismatching underwear says : ‘Yes, I’m hot enough not to conform to your fashion rules, my friend.’ I know that men prefer mixed-up bras and panties that don’t match because I’ve asked them. They told me that mismatched underwear makes them focus their attention on the bra, panties and stockings one at a time and spend longer looking at each piece. That means their gaze is fixed on those important parts that the underwear is designed to flaunt for much longer. Underneath all the sexily chaotic disorganisation of my clothes in this set, there is a kind […]

    Bathroom Sex – Wet Clothes Fetish

    I’d been thinking about shooting a wet clothes fetish set for a long time but,when it happened, it was fast, instinctive and exciting. I was fully clothed when I lay back in the bathtub and began fooling around with the shiny shower head. As the hard rain of the hot water drenched my thin, white blouse my hard nipple became obvious through the transparent fabric. My glasses steamed up very fast and I was left with the feeling of my clinging wet clothes becoming heavier against my skin. My drenched hair fell in wet coils against my shoulders and, as the gleaming droplets hit my mouth, my shining wet lips formed a rich lipsticked pout before opening slightly to receive what was being offered. Bathrooms have never been a place set aside for just keeping clean. Many of my male friends have admitted to me that their sex life mainly consists of masturbating in the shower before work. This private moment of quality “me-time” became mainstream with my favourite scene from “American Beauty” and the brilliant performance of Kevin Spacey. Female friends have confided to me that they use their showerheads to masturbate in a variety of ways but, when it comes to couples, the cramped conditions of a bathroom and even the temperature of the water can get in the way. Bathroom sex can seem a wonderful idea but it’s hard to get really comfortable and, if you’re not under the water, it can get really cold. I thought […]

    Come Shot

    A “come shot” (or cum shot) is a slang term used to describe a person ejaculating (in film or video, or image in a pornographic magazine), usually onto a person or object. The come shot has become such a common conclusion to scenes in mass-market porn that if a scene doesn’t end with an ejaculation sequence, viewers may believe that the actor was unable to climax or that the scene was cut. For male consumers of hardcore, “reality” is everything and the proof of the actor’s orgasm is the most important part of the movie. In the real world, a blow-job that ends with a come shot on the woman’s face remains a powerful sexual fantasy for many men. The practice is still linked to fetishism and continues to be taboo amongst many women. For them, the act itself forces them to be submissive to their partner’s desires. For other women this couldn’t be further from the truth. In their eyes their ability to fulfil a man’s greatest sexual fantasy not only makes them feel powerful, essential and in control of his sexual responses but to duplicate a porn come shot with skill and confidence makes them excited and horny. In western culture, male sexual fulfilment has become identified with orgasm and the male orgasm is the full stop at the end of the sentence. For women, however, a sudden male ejaculation limits the potential for their own sexual satisfaction. For me, it’s not an issue if a man produces […]

    Glasses Fetish – Venus O’Hara

    These days, looking like a geek is sexy. Even though I don’t need glasses, I have a glasses fetish. People who wear glasses have an instant air of intelligence. When faced with two equally competent applicants for the same job it is only natural that a Human Resources officer would choose a studious-looking young woman with dark hair and glasses over a girl with highlighted hair and a bad complexion. Sometimes glasses act like a soft disguise for a face in a way not easy to comprehend at first glance. When a girl wears her hair up and flaunts a functional pair of workplace glasses, our easy appreciation of her is denied and we begin to speculate feverishly, in our own minds, about what she might look like with her hair down and her eyes and face gloriously naked instead. Just the act of her removing those glasses is heightened with a delicious fetish potential all of its own. That potential can be exploited in any number of arousing ways when applied to fetish role-play. Glasses can assist you in embodying a character more fully than just about any other prop or piece of apparel. With the appropriate pair slid onto your nose, you can become a strict teacher or a disobedient student, exploitative businesswoman or timid librarian; the potential they represent for an array of other personas is almost too tempting for words. The effect they have on a hypnotised lover has to be seen to be believed. Photos by […]

    Love Me Like You Hate Me – Teaser

    I recently made my acting debut in the acclaimed short film “Love Me Like You Hate Me”, written and directed by Erika Lust, (Lust Films 2010). It is an arousing exploration of the seductive thrills of domination and the fear and excitement of submission in which I play seven characters. Now, the film has been re-edited, re-scored and re-imagined to further emphasise its unusual ability to disturb and excite with its lurid and fetishistic imagery of domestic servitude, confinement and spanking, gloves fetish, glasses fetish, wet clothes fetish and much more. In its new form it has become an unusually kinetic and intense type of BDSM thriller which restores footage-previously regarded as too intense-of me bound hand and foot and constrained by a ball-gag, to its list of astounding highlights. I’m still shocked at how effective the following teaser is and I can hardly wait to see the more provocative cut of the film when it debuts soon. Photo above by Kristyan Geyr Images TEASER LOVE ME LIKE YOU HATE ME Cargado por lustfilms. – Mira más videos de TV y películas.

    Glasses (Geek Fetish) – Venus O’Hara

    Glasses alter a face completely. People who wear glasses are often perceived as intelligent or sometimes as geeks. Luckily I have excellent vision so I do not need to wear them but I love dressing up in glasses. They transform me into a sultry secretary or a strict teacher. Here in Spain my friends say that for them when I wear glasses I look like the stereotypical English teacher. Bearing this in mind, I bought these glasses for just 5 euros in an accessories shop just to give a friend with benefits of mine a “surprise” English lesson. He had arrived two minutes late and reacted completely normal to my ridiculous disguise. We worked through some very simple exercises about appearance using the verb to be: “he is tall, he is short, he is medium height”. My student was perfect up until the point where he told me that he hadn’t done his homework. Needless to say, my student was punished… I decided to get my glasses out again during this shoot with David Vega, and no he wasn’t the student in case you were wondering. Enjoy! Venus O’Hara Photos by

    Secretarial Duties

    I just love looking at old pictures from my days as Tilly Johnson, Erotic Review secretary performing some random secretarial duties. The main title image reminds me of the film “Secretary”, my favourite film ever. One of these days I may do a Tilly-inspired shoot with my office clothes and glasses but this time with my wild red hair. Enjoy the set! Venus O’Hara

    Remembering my School Days – Venus O’Hara

    My school days were tricky.  After an adolescence of puppy fat, acne and general growing pains, I began to discover my female powers. At eighteen I wanted to seduce the “unseducible” just to see how much girl power I really had. One significant male in a position of authority once told me to stop provoking him and that was like the girl in the Nabakov classic. Coincidentally a few days later I was at a friend’s flat and I saw a classic Nabakov novel on his bookshelf and I asked if I could borrow it. I wanted to understand exactly what the significant male had meant and pick up a few extra weapons of seduction on the way. This is a tribute to the schoolgirl fetish. Photography by Andrew O’Hara

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