Globophilia is the sexual arousal provoked by the presence of balloons. This response can be a result of blowing them up or letting them down. The fetish can also involve the aroma of the materials that balloons are made from. Their shape when they are fully inflated can also be crucial to some fetishists. A balloon fetishist or “Looner” can experience gratification from the physical contact with an inflated balloon or the unexpected bursting of an over-inflated one. Popping can be caused by outside pressure or manipulation. Looners can be divided into Poppers or Non-Poppers. A Popper is aroused by the failure or “popping” of the balloon and many have very specific methods of popping that are the trigger for their stimulation. A Non Popper is concerned with the aesthetic appeal of an inflated balloon and will take care in their playing to insure that the balloons remain intact for as long as possible. The longevity of a particular balloon improves their sexual interaction with them. Some Looners admit that the use of balloons, at an early age, for the purposes of masturbation, closely associated balloons with their first experiences of sexual pleasure anf post-orgasmic fulfilment. Globophilia is related to other fetishes involving objects, such as shoe fetishism, rubber and latex fetishes.