Blush Novelties Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Vibe Review

What goes around comes around. Quite literally.

Peepshow Toys sent me two Nocturnal Lipstick Vibes from Blush Novelties. This was ‘because we couldn’t decide which colour to send.’ The prospect thrilled me, needless to say. I was understandably happy about having one for myself because of the pleasure it was going to give me. I was just as thrilled to have a spare one because I could choose someone to give it to. This would be great for my karma. I would be gifting someone high-quality orgasms. It was gratifying to imagine that pleasure coming back to me ten-fold, sometime in the future. I enjoyed a special tingle as I wondered how and when that returning energy would manifest itself.

I’ve been spiritually awake for over a year. In that time, I’ve become more and more concerned about the karma of my actions – good and bad – as I believe that everything will come back to me sooner or later. I try to avoid involving myself in ‘low vibration’ activities that won’t lead me towards enlightenment. I do believe, however, that using sex toys can raise my vibration. I put this down to my mindful practice of ‘sexual transmutation’ while I masturbate. It’s also great karma to recommend or gift someone with something that will provide them with orgasmic ecstasy over and over again.

The only doubt that I had, was in deciding who was going to be the recipient of the spare vibrator.

I thought I’d worry about that after the test…

The Blush Novelties Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Vibe is a small, but powerful, sex toy that offers my favourite kind of deep, rumbly vibrations. Its tapered, lipstick-inspired, tip allows for precise stimulation and its discreet size ensures that it’s ideal for travel, solo use or with a partner during foreplay or to stimulate the clitoris during penetration.

Other features include:

  • 10 vibration settings (5 steady speeds and 5 patterns)
  • USB rechargeable

The toy is available in a variety of colours: Dusty Rose, Cherry, Raspberry or Sugar Plum.

PACKAGING: Simple, no frills. A transparent box contains the charging cable and instructions leaflet.

MATERIAL: ABS plastic. Compatible with any lubricant. waterproof.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Mega powerful, deep and rumbly vibrations. I found that I was able to reach orgasm on the lowest available setting.

NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous.

USABILITY: Although nocturnal by name, this vibrator can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Fortunately, there was enough power to provide me with the first orgasm. Even the lowest setting feels strong, so this toy is recommended for very demanding women. I began by holding the base of the toy while I stimulated my clitoris with the tip. Then, I closed my thighs to hold it in place, hands-free. I went through all of the vibration patterns and found that even the lowest setting was wonderfully intense. Oh my God! I was extremely impressed with the quality of the toy’s motor for the price. A full charge will provide you wth 45 minutes of intense pleasure.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Absolutely incredible! I screamed so loud that I wondered if ‘nocturnal’ was a good choice for the name. I do try and restrain myself and moderate the volume of my moans for my neighbour’s sake but I’m afraid that this vibrator made that impossible. Now, I’m even more excited about giving the spare one away because I know just how effective it is. That’s pretty good karma, I think!

PROS: Excellent value for money. Scandalously intense orgasms. Discreet size and noise level. Amazing motor. Versatile. It’s in my ‘repeat’ drawer already; it’s that good.

CONS: The packaging is pretty basic and there is no storage pouch supplied. But, that’s not really an issue given the price and quality of the product. If you like gentle, moderate, vibrators, this isn’t for you.


  • Direct clitoral stimulation.
  • Travellers.
  • Using during penetration.
  • Offering as a gift to raise your own vibration.


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