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Bi Stronic Fusion from Fun Factory – Sex Toy Review

I’m convinced that I suffer more during periods of celibacy than other people do. As a sex toy tester, my day begins with sexual stimulation, continues with it and ends the same way; it’s ongoing. Seduction is a predictable process for me, like night following day. Unfortunately, I’ve had to get used to the feeling of constant sexual frustration as well. Of course, I’m well aware that I could have sex every day, if wanted to. But, I’m not looking for just a mechanical ‘in, out, in, out and shake it all about’ shag. I need much more.
Obviously, masturbation is highly effective when it comes to relieving sexual frustration. But, there’s nothing that can satisfy your appetite fully when you crave real sex and you know that you can’t have it. At least, that’s what I’d come to believe. I’d gone without sex for a few months before I tried the Bi Stronic Fusion – a brand new vibrator from Fun Factory – for the first time. When I saw its generous dimensions, I was impressed. But then, when I turned it on and saw it thrust in my hand, I had even higher expectations, naturally.

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Bi Stronic Fusion is a new toy that thrusts, shudders, vibrates, flutters and gives you exactly what you always wanted-all at the same time!

• High power pulsation • Intense vibration to stimulate the clitoris • The butterfly wings stimulate the labia • 64 different combinations to enjoy: together or separately • The slightly curved tip stimulates the G spot precisely • The butterfly wings act as a safety stop which allows Bi Stronic Fusion to be used anally • 100% waterproof • Made in Germany

Material: 100% medical silicone – hypoallergenic and odourless. Compatible with water-based lubricants.

USABILITY: Very easy to use. It gives you intensely pleasurable sensations when inserted, even before being turned on, due to its size. So, I recommend activating it when it’s already inside you. Firstly, I set it to stimulate the clitoris and then, once I’d got used to the feeling, I activated the pulsations. I just love how it moves! It can be used hands-free but, gradually, the butterfly wings will push themselves free of the clitoris. It can be used with the thrusting mode set independently or with the vibration mode set independently; each one has a corresponding button. I tried various combinations but I haven’t had the opportunity to explore all 64 different ones yet. I’ve still got plenty to discover with Bi Stronic Fusion!

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NOISE: Nothing outrageous.
ORGASM-O-ABILITY: The Bi Stronic fusion will never let you down! As well as providing orgasms, this toy scratches itches in places unreachable by other ones.Thanks to its size, and range of pulsations, it’s ideal for those moments when you’re craving real sex.
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PROS: Very powerful. Versatile thanks to the two motors that operate independently of each other, 64 combinations to enjoy – you won’t be bored. Large size, smooth texture, quiet, rechargeable via USB.
CONS: Not cheap.
  • When you crave sex and there’s nobody around you that even catches your attention,
  • women who are very demanding about penis size, even when it comes to their vibrators,
  • women who are experienced with erotic toys,
  • fans of rabbit vibrators.

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