Better Than Chocolate 2 from Nomi Tang

If a vibrator claims to be better than chocolate then, naturally, one would have some very high expectations. To earn that superlative, it must be as blissful in its own way as the taste of chocolate is on my discerning tastebuds. The toy would need to make me moan and squirm in my bed with sweet delight.

Now that I am a vegan, I have had to come around to the idea of dark chocolate as a substitute for the milkier variety. Thankfully, It did not take me long to acquire the taste and indulge myself in the deeper throbbing appreciation of it. In fact. just the thought of something bitter, dark and hard makes me salivate.

Eating and sex are basic human needs that are intrinsically linked. It is said that the way you eat could be a reflection of how you are in bed. In my case, it is true. As a raw vegan, and a passionate cold juicer, I am understandably selective when it comes to my ingredients. They must be organic and fresh. And when I am in a mood to indulge myself, I really go for it.

Better than Chocolate 2’ is a clitoral stimulator with an i-touch slider. The design of ‘Better than Chocolate 2’ is an improved, and rechargeable, version of its predecessor, whose ergonomic design earned the red dot design award. Its shape cups the vulva perfectly. It’s point can even be used for very direct stimulation. It is also extremely comfortable to hold in the hand. There are five powerful vibration patterns and the intensity can be adjusted with a simple stroke of your finger on its touch-sensitive area.

It is waterproof, up to one metre, and you can use it in the shower.

‘Better than Chocolate 2’ comes with a user manual, a USB cable and a luxury gift box

MATERIAL: Soft silicone. Compatible with water based lubricant.


NOISE LEVEL: Silent. It is ideal for people who live in a shared apartment and for anyone who requires discretion.

USABILITY: Very intuitive. I closed my eyes, laid back and switched it on. It was easy to let the toy expertly indulge my sweet spot. It did not take me long to work up a craving for chocolate as well.

The shape is amazingly tactile and it seems highly appropriate in the hand. It feels even better against the vulva. It is perfect for rocking from side to side, to increase the intensity of the stimulation. I enjoyed all the settings and used one with quick pulsations to bring me to orgasm. I normally prefer a continuous setting, but this one was simply exquisite.

The light changes when you alter the setting. It is very easy to clean.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: The shape and the vibrations were absolutely perfect. It could not go wrong. I held back, enjoying one of my favourite fantasies while relishing the delectable sensation of the toy moving, back and forth, against my labia.

So, is ‘Better than Chocolate 2’ really better than chocolate? It is, indeed, highly impressive with its optimal shape and strong vibrations. But I say, why choose one if you can have both?

So, when I got my breath back from using ‘Better than Chocolate 2’, it was time for a bit of the real stuff. Just for the taste.

PROS: Ergonomic shape. Silent and powerful. Elegant packaging, perfect for a gift and for storage.

CONS: It can be addictive, just like chocolate. I’ve used it a lot since I received it. My only wish for ‘Better Than Chocolate 3’ would be more vibration settings to play with.


  • Direct and indirect clitoral stimulation.
  • Using during penetration.
  • Stimulating your nipples.
  • Massaging other parts of your body during foreplay.
  • Demanding women who are looking for a discreet sex toy.

Get your very own Better than Chocolate 2 clitoral stimulator from Nomi Tang here.

Check out my review from the Sex Toy Laboratory below. Enjoy!

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