Aurora Plus from LOWE – A Laser Treatment Designed to Improve Your Sex Life

I remember reading a questionnaire about sexual confidence in a British women’s magazine a few years ago. There was one question that really surprised me: it asked how you reacted when you removed – or someone else removed – your underwear during foreplay.

For example, were you more likely to:

(a) cover your vulva under the sheets immediately


(b) flaunt your lady-parts with confidence, in anticipation of what’s going to happen next.

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My response, at the time of reading the questionnaire, was neither option. But, I did wish that I’d had the confidence to answer the latter. Thanks to time and self-acceptance, however, I can truthfully say that I now answer ‘b’. As a result, my sex life has improved immensely.

Obviously, genitalia can come in a variety shapes and sizes. Vulval confidence is definitely NOT about how you look. It’s much more about how you feel.

Unfortunately, there are some women who are willing to endure painful medical procedures to have a ‘designer vagina’. Whether this is the result of a complex, or just sheer vanity, is anyone’s guess.

Our vulvas change over time and that’s a fact. In a youth-obsessed society like ours, it’s no surprise that vaginal rejuvenation is becoming increasingly popular.

I recently became aware of a non-invasive laser treatment designed to improve female intimacy. The process is pain-free. Although I wouldn’t consider myself to be the target user of this product, I was still very curious to try it for myself.

Aurora Plus is a laser device designed to improve female intimacy. It’s made by LOWE, an innovative Italian brand. LOWE is part of the EME Group (Medical and Aesthetic Devices), a leading international company with over 30 years experience in the wellness and beauty sector. They have representation in over 65 countries and their products are 100% Made in Italy.

Aurora Plus offers two treatments: the AESTHETIC treatment and the STIMULATING treatment.



When we age, our labia loses its firmness due to reduced elasticity. Its colour also decreases in intensity. Aurora Plus promotes vasodilation and increases collagen I production. That production encourages tissue regeneration which translates to a rejuvenation and firming of the tissues involved.


Aurora Plus has accessories that are wholly dedicated to Aurora and Aurora Plus. It can be used by women who find it difficult to reach orgasm and by those who just want to experience more intense physical pleasure. It is recommended that the treatment is applied a few moments before sex.

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The Aurora Plus laser treatment improves the level of female arousal to a point which is usually only achieved by long foreplay sessions. Climax can be achieved faster, more intensely, and will last longer. Aurora improves micro-circulation and the level of genital blood congestion. These conditions form the physical basis for the perception of pleasure.

USABILITY: Very easy to operate. If you want to make it a more fun experience, rather than just lying and waiting for several minutes, why not get your partner involved as well? This is what I did. I took my inspiration from ‘Nip / Tuck’, one of my favourite TV series ever. I gave my white lab coat to my partner, so he looked liked a plastic surgeon, and made him read the instruction manual aloud, so that he would know exactly what to do. The STIMULATING treatment really surprised me. Within a few minutes, my body started to react, without having to fantasise; I started to lubricate without actually feeling turned on. It only took a few minutes, the experience was like having female viagra in laser form!!

Simply choose ‘stimulating’ or ‘aesthetic’ and position it perpendicularly to your labia. Move Aurora Plus over your labia.

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Both treatments have preset timings: 12 minutes for the aesthetic treatment and 8 minutes for the stimulating treatment. You can, however, interrupt or repeat the procedure as many times as you want. I would recommend reading the full list of instructions before using it yourself.

It is advised to perform the treatment 2-3 times per week for the best results.

NOISE: It doesn’t make any noise when in use.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: This isn’t a sex toy, so you won’t have an orgasm while using it. The ‘stimulating’ mode is designed to help with your future orgasms. After our roleplay, it certainly was orgasmic!

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PROS: Luxury product with luxury packaging.

CONS: Very expensive.


  • Women who would seek something like this professionally, but who prefer to do it themselves in the privacy of their own homes.
  • Women who are concerned with non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation.
  • Women who are having issues with natural lubrication or those who take a long time to get aroused.

For more information about Aurora Plus, click here

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