I cannot deny that sex toy testing has made me lazy as far as conventional masturbation is concerned. Instead of touching myself, I just reach for a vibrator instead. Thanks to my ever-growing sex toy collection, my orgasmic needs can be met in no time at all. Not that I’m in a rush. It’s just that it’s often more effective. Moreover, I also enjoy the sensation of a foreign object touching me much more than that of my own hand. It seems to make more sense as I imagine the skilful touch of someone else exploring me. Despite this, there’s no doubt that my own touch is still very arousing and necessary. Especially when it comes to being able to locate your sweet spots with precisión and indicating them to your partner.

Touché from Adrien Lastic is the perfect sex toy that combines the old school wisdom of conventional masturbation with the sophistication of modern technology. Despite its small size, it is powerful and it provides intense vibrations to wherever you most desire it. You can caress your own body, stimulate your clitoris or use it internally. That is to say, vaginally or anally. It has a wire that is attached to the bracelet, so it can’t get lost.

Touché is a sophisticated vibrating silicone sleeve worn on the finger. It is controlled at the wrist by a watch that won’t tell you the time.  You press the ‘screen’ in order to switch it on and off as well as changing the vibration settings. It has 10 vibration settings.

PACKAGING: Touché is presented in an elegant box which is ideal for storing the toy and for offering it as a gift. It also contains a USB charging cable, a storage pouch and a multilingual instructions manual.

MATERIAL: Silicone. compatible with water-based lubricant.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Strong and satisfying, despite its small size.


USABILITY: It is very easy to control. I didn’t even have to consult the instructions manual. To charge the toy, attach the magnetic charging cable. It takes 2 hours to charge and that will provide you with up to 3 hours of pleasure. To switch it on, press down on the watch screen for a couple of seconds. To change the settings, simply short-press the screen. It is ideal for left or right-hand users, male or female. You can use it on yourself or on your partner’s boy during penetration or foreplay. The great thing about it being wearable is that if you use it during penetration to stimulate your clitoris and you don’t have to worry about the toy slipping out of your hands. In addition, it definitely doesn’t get in the way of things like other clitoral stimulators can.

It may sound strange, but conventional masturbation is almost exotic to me these days. This made a nice change to my usual ‘lie back, close my eyes and switch a vibe on until I reach ecstasy’ routine. I had much more input and control of the process with Touché.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: The fact that it turns your finger into a vibrator is very interesting. I often change the pressure, friction and area of stimulation when those delicious orgasmic spasms are provoked. With Touché, after some precise clitoral stimulation, I was able to re-position my finger to the entrance of my vagina in order to intensify those spasms. Delicious!

PROS: Strong and silent. Intuitive. Versatile. The best of old and new techniques. Elegant packaging.

CONS: Unfortunately, it isn’t waterproof.


  • Conventional manual clitoral stimulation with a touch of modern technology.
  • Using during penetration.
  • Getting your partner to wear it and discover your body during foreplay.
  • Anal stimulation.

For more information about Touché from Adrien Lastic, visit www.adrienlastic.com

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