It’s strange what goes through your head when you masturbate. Most of my fantasies are things that I would never do with people that I would never do either. When I fantasise, I don’t visualise sexual acts as such. I usually think about intense conversations that are charged up with sexual energy instead.

I’ve always loved art. I studied Art History and I used to love drawing and painting female nudes. I remember a time when I was living and working in Paris as part of my degree. I revealed my passion for drawing nudes to a much older work colleague. ‘Moi aussi‘ , he said as he was staring at me intensely. Then he explained that he himself used to go to life drawing classes every week. I was impressed. However, the next day when he brought some of his drawings in to show me at work, I was surprised. To say that it wasn’t quite what I had expected would be an understatement.

Adrien Lastic A-Moore

He told me he was learning to draw, but even my worst doodles are of a higher standard. It was obvious to me that he just went there to drool over the naked model. I must admit that I was a bit taken aback at the time and I started to avoid him at work.

A lot has changed since those days and now when I remember that very same conversation, I am obliged to cross my legs. When I masturbate I often imagine that I am the model in a life drawing class full of talented artists. He is there at the back, focussing on me even more than the others. At the end of the class, I discover that after all he has produced is a simple stick drawing. I try to contain my shock because the formal setting, and that’s usually the moment when I explode.

Given its artistic name, it seemed appropriate that I would rehearse my favourite art fantasy in my mind when I tried the A-moore, a clitoral stimulator whose name was inspired by the artist Henry Moore. Ergonomic and rechargeable, the A-Moore massager by Adrien Lastic can be used for intimate clitoral stimulation and deep-tissue massage with a partner. It has 11 powerful vibration modes. Includes USB charger and storage bag.

Length: 8 cm / 3,14 inches
Ø: 3,9 cm / 1,53 inches

A-Moore Adrien Lastic Venus O'hara

TEXTURE: ABS / silicone – Phtalates free

USABILITY: Easy to use. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and makes it ideal for cupping the vulva for indirect clitoral stimulation. It’s also fantastic for massaging the perineum. If you enjoy more direct stimulation, you can use the tip of the toy to stimulate the gland. After a few minutes at the highest speed, it didn’t take me long to come

A-Moore by Adrien Lastic


NOISE: not very noisy.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Spasm-tastic and artistically inspired in more ways than one. To be repeated.

PROS: USB rechargeable, ergonomic shape, lightweight, quite powerful vibrations, versatile shape for direct or indirect stimulation.

CONS: I can’t think of any…

A-Moore clitoral stimulator


– direct or indirect clitoral stimulation,
– massaging the perineum,
– massaging other parts of the body,
– women looking for a rechargeable, discreet vibrator.

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