Womanizer Premium Review


I love this hashtag from Womanizer. As someone whose primary ambition is to raise orgasmic awareness, I can say that I empathise with it fully and completely.

Unfortunately, there are still people who fail to see the importance of this cause.

For example, when I got in touch with some old friends this weekend, they surprised me by dismissing my professional orgasmic achievements:

“But, what are you going to do when you’re 60?” “Do you think you’ll ever get a proper job?” “What do you think a future employer might think of your scandalous online endeavours?”

As someone who lives entirely in the present, I must admit that I don’t give a great deal of thought to my retirement. All I know is, that after experiencing an ego-death, I don’t crave a growing stash of material possessions to feel as though I’ve made it in life. My legacy will be mostly non-physical, as it’s concerned with raising orgasmic awareness worldwide. My material legacy will comprise a couple of books and my extensive collection of sex toys that I’ll donate to a museum for educational purposes.

I tried to explain my conscious, orgasmic, business-model and lifestyle to my friends but it fell on deaf ears. Their world-view seemed narrow and rigid; if you don’t have a conventional job, a mortgage, a car and a pension plan, then your life is effectively worthless.

I’m proud to be creating my own orgasmic lifestyle and enjoying my life outside of the matrix. But, it always bothers me when casual critics look down on my profession and dismiss it as if all depended on youth, beauty and frivolous egotism. Raising orgasmic awareness means more to me than anything else. Receiving messages from women who have had some great orgasms – thanks to my recommendations – means the world to me. I’m also convinced that it has got to be good for my karma.

So, I usually take a deep breath when I’m in the presence of negative personalities. I remind myself that I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. But, I do wonder, sometimes, why my own quest for authenticity makes some people so uncomfortable. Perhaps my dedication to my path reminds them of the balls that they just don’t have?

Apart from the lingering frustration that those conversations caused me, my determination to raise orgasmic awareness remains resolute. I‘m grateful for the life I live and I’m more inspired than ever to make a difference.

What better way to start a new week than with a review for the Womanizer Premium, the most sophisticated Womanizer yet? Not only is it a promising toy, but their brand philosophy and the hashtag #OrgasmIsAHumanRight means that I know I’m dealing with a company that understands my own professional, orgasmic mission. 

After testing all of the Womanizers, I did wonder how it might be possible to improve on one of the most popular and innovative sex toys in the world.

The Womanizer is a powerful clitoral stimulator that uses Pleasure Air Technology. In other words, it stimulates the clitoris without actually being in contact with it.

This new Womanizer Premium has a new, more ergonomic, shape and it has two new features:

‘Autopilot’ and ‘Smart Silence.’

Relax and let go with the autopilot. Once the autopilot is activated, stimulation and intensity vary randomly within the selected mode.

Smart Silence starts exactly at the point when you’re ready to go. Thanks to this sensor, the Womanizer Premium only turns on when it is in close proximity to your skin.

It has 12 levels of intensity.

PACKAGING: It’s presented in an elegant box that also contains a multilingual instructions leaflet, a magnetic USB charging cable, a spare silicone head – which is smaller – and a drawstring storage pouch.

MATERIAL: Extra soft silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricants. Waterproof, so it’s easy to clean and you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower.  

NOISE LEVEL: Silent. This is the most silent Womanizer so far!

USABILITY: I would recommend reading the instructions manual thoroughly to get the most out of your Womanizer Premium, especially in consideration of the new features.

It takes 2 hours to fully charge the Womanizer Premium. That will provide you with up to 2 hours of precise Pleasure Air Technology on your clitoris. Those 2 hours equate to a lot of potential climaxes as many women have reported enjoying fast, intense orgasms with the Womanizer.

As with all Womanizer toys, positioning is everything. It’s important to place the nozzle carefully over your clitoris and keep it in place throughout stimulation.

You can use it the conventional way. That is to say, switching it on and either increasing or decreasing the intensity manually with the (+) or (-) buttons according to your taste. Alternatively, you can press the (wave) button to activate the Autopilot function.

If you really want to let go and let your Womanizer surprise you, its ideal.

After activation, you will be taken to the soft mode which is between 1 and 4 levels of intensity.

Press the (+) mode and you’ll be taken to medium mode which offers intensity levels between 1 and 8.

After a third press of the (+) plus button, you’ll be taken to intense mode, which offers levels between 1 and 12. Oh my God!

If you forget how many times you’ve pressed the button, don’t worry. The current setting is clearly indicated by the LED lights.

Simply press the (wave) button again to return to the manual mode.

The Smart Silence function means that it’s only operating when it’s being used on your clitoris. This means that you can switch it on before placing it on the correct area. It enables extra discretion if you need to interrupt your self-love session all of a sudden.

It works in manual or Autopilot mode.

If you wish to deactivate this function, simply press the (+) and (-) buttons together at the same time.

Well, it all sounds very promising. But, what does it actually feel like?

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I tested out all of the intensity levels manually before trying the autopilot mode. The orgasm was out of this world once I got rid of any frustrating thoughts and managed to replace them with scandalous fantasies. It was so good, that I’m definitely not going to be getting a ‘proper job’ anytime soon. If you want to see my reaction after using for the first time, check out the video below!

PROS: The most sophisticated Womanizer so far. Elegant packaging. Silent. Waterproof. Intense orgasms.

CONS: It’s not cheap, but the orgasms are worth every penny.


  • Intense clitoral stimulation.
  • Demanding women,
  • A special gift.

For more information about the womanizer premium, visit www.womanizer.com

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