My Top 5 Anal Sex Toys

I’ve been reviewing sex toys since 2013. In all of that time, I’ve tested and accumulated a significant array of personal pleasure products. In fact, according to my last inventory, my sex toy collection is rapidly approaching the figure of 500 distinct pieces. My selection is growing all the time. I try my best to be a minimalist in most avenues of my life but that doesn’t seem to halt the expansion of my collection into more corners of my apartment. Despite the quantity and variety of these products, anal toys are a category that I simply hadn’t explored.

I must admit that the idea never really appealed to me. I cannot deny that the anus is a highly sensitive area.  I mean, who doesn’t like a bit of gentle rimming? It can be extraordinarily erotic and heavy with an illicit sense of the forbidden. But, when it comes to inserting objects, my anal explorations stop right there.

I suppose that this reluctance to indulge in anal penetration comes down to a bad experience from years ago. I was curious about anal sex when I first became sexually active. But, let’s just say that I suffered an intimate mishap after the fact and I was put off forever.

Now, I’m going to take the plunge so to speak. My intention is to test 5 different anal sex toys from b-Vibe. I must admit that I’m a bit nervous – but understandably curious – about this test. It is now my belief that you can’t be an authentic sex toy tester and completely ignore the anus as I’ve done up until now. I might end up loving it, who knows?

After I unboxed the generous selection of anal toys, I arranged them in order of size or difficulty. It was abundantly clear to me that Novice had to be the preferred choice to pop my anal sex toy cherry.


A non-threatening, rechargeable, vibrating butt plug. It is just marginally wider than my own finger and has an optional remote control that works up to 30 feet (9 meters) away; it is ideal for couple’s play for this reason. The remote makes solo use easier because you don’t have to reach down and change the settings yourself. It has 15 vibration settings and 6 levels of intensity.



3 anal beads of increasing size; 2 of which vibrate. It has an optional remote control device, just like Novice. It has 15 vibration settings and 6 levels of intensity. Triplet represents a great option for a first timer, given that you can approach the experience one bead at a time. This makes the toy highly suitable for anal training.


A vibrating butt plug which resembles a slightly bigger version of Novice. Its tip is just as easy to insert and it has an optional remote control. It’s called Trio because it has three powerful motors. One sits in the tip, the second can be found in the widest part and the final one is placed in the neck of the toy. It has 9 vibration settings and 8 levels of intensity.

Snug Plug

A weighted butt-plug appropriate for extended use. It weighs 180g. It is by far the widest of this selection of anal toys and it’s the only non-vibrating one.


5 anal beads. It’s ideal for beginners looking for an anal training toy or for more advanced users who can accommodate all 5 beads at once. It has 15 vibration settings and 6 levels of intensity.

All of the vibrating toys have an optional remote control that works up to 30 feet (9 metres) away.

A full charge takes 2 hours and will provide you with an hour of anal amazement.

PACKAGING: All b-Vibe products are presented in an elegant box that contains an anal play guide, an informative multilingual instructions manual, a charging cable – with the exception of the snug plug, which is a weighted plug – and contain a remote control device and a storage case.

MATERIAL: All b-Vibe products are made from body safe silicone. The vibrating toys are splashproof, so they are easy to wash but they are not waterproof. They are all compatible with water-based lubricant.

NOISE: Silent.


USABILITY: Very intuitive to use. It goes without saying that I was a little nervous ahead of my first-time anal sex toy experience. Thankfully, there was an extremely informative anal play guide included which is ideal for beginners. As luck would have it, I was also sent a Le Wand massager to take the edge off the experience. I’m a high raw vegan and that means my daily consumption of high-quality fibre is well above average. Without going into too much detail, I was confident that my body had emptied itself for the day prior to the first test. I enjoyed a thorough shower, had plenty of water-based lubricant to hand and a selection of chill-out music on repeat-play. To this I added controlled, deep, breathing before beginning a process of clitoral stimulation to get into a suitable erotic headspace before taking the plunge. I charged the toy as I read up on it. A full charge takes 2 hours and that provides 1 hour of anal play.

You can start or stop any of the vibrating toys in manual mode or by remote control but if you want to increase or decrease any given setting you need to use the remote exclusively. There is also a travel lock. This is extremely useful so that it doesn’t start randomly buzzing when you least want it to.


I gripped the wand massager in my left hand and positioned the tip of the lubed-up Novice plug against my anus with the other. After switching Le Wand on, I gently pushed the Novice inside slowly and carefully. I was amazed how non-invasive the procedure seemed, even for a bum beginner – like myself – who had suffered a bad experience in the past. I switched the vibrator of the plug off before pressing it in with a little more confidence. This sensation of subtle dilation, combined with the powerful motor of the wand massager combined with my fantasies made the experience surprisingly pleasing.


Having survived Novice and enjoyed it, I wasn’t fazed by Triplet. The first bead doesn’t vibrate, but it does offer a residual throbbing effect from the second and third bead’s motors. This time, I decided to make use of the remote control. Perhaps this would have been a more suitable option for the first test. To my mind, inserting the progressively-sized beads gradually is perfect for anal training. There was a pause between one bead and the next after my anus had adapted. Then, there was another moment to hold my breath as the next larger sphere stretched me further. Triplet’s vibrations encouraged sympathetic clenches in the most surprising places. I managed to insert 2 of the 3 beads.


Introducing the tip was easy but, to insert the whole toy proved more of a challenge. It took me a good deal longer than the previous two. This was still only day three of my anal training so I don’t think that’s too bad at all for a newbie. In fact, it was really rather pleasant this time. I needed the use of both hands to maintain it in position and gradually push it in further and further during concentrated stimulation with Le Wand massager.

Snug Plug

I began the clitoral stimulation phase as I had with the other anal toys. Unfortunately, I was unable to relax sufficiently to insert this larger toy. On balance, I think it was a bit much for a 4-day anal apprentice. I’m sure that more experienced users would love this – a fuller weighted toy for extended use. It reminded me of a friend I used to know who loved to vacuum his flat with a butt plug already installed in his posterior. He confessed that he loved walking around like Daffy Duck; it made the domestic chores all the more interesting for him.


5 anal beads, not dissimilar to Triplet but with 5 fully vibrating beads. Despite its impressive length, this toy is also suitable for beginners as well as more experienced users. I managed to insert 3 of the 5 beads. For a booty apprentice, I must say that I was impressed with how relaxed I was. I felt a characteristic pulsing pressure and a thrilling light-headedness with this one. It introduced some valuable new insights into my sexual response in respect of anal opportunity.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: When I came with Novice it was scandalously intense. OMG! I believe that the presence of an active anal toy only enhanced my orgasm and deepened the range of intensities. I’ve been using Le Wand regularly since I received it and as sublimely effective as it is, using it in combination with an anal toy achieves ever more outstanding results.

I bounced up and down during my spasms and came a great deal harder than usual. The anal toy didn’t directly provoke the orgasm but it certainly acted as an orgasm intensifier. Every climax achieved with this combination was unforgettable.

The same thing happened with Triplet, it made a clitoral orgasm so much more intense. As I was more relaxed, I was able to really let go. Amazing!

The third toy took longer than the previous 2, but when I got there it was shattering.

I was unable to execute a full insertion of the snug plug. I would need an extra week to practise more advanced anal abilities before being confident of succeeding.

Cinco was incredible. The perfect end to my 5-day intensive anal crash-course. I made it!

If it weren’t for the Le Wand massager, this process wouldn’t have been possible. I needed it to relax my body, distract my mind and facilitate my clitoral orgasm. The very presence of the anal toys magnified my orgasms enormously.

PROS: Elegant packaging, Ergonomic shape. Not intimidating. Ideal for beginners. Demystifies anal play.

CONS: What cons?


  • First timers.
  • Anal training in preparation for anal sex.
  • Couples of any gender.
  • Using with or without the vibration modes.
  • Using in combination with another sex toy for vaginal or clitoral stimulation – or both!

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