Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Review

When the package containing the new Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation device arrived, I knew I was in for a treat. This was in spite of an ongoing dispute between myself and my unpredictable full-time landlord/occasional flatmate/onetime friend. There was a time when having his property littered with my exhausted sex toys amused him. He was just as fascinated by my array of charging docks, with their blinking lights, filled with yet more devices awaiting testing.

That changed when he read about the profits to be made from property rental in Barcelona, now that the prices have gone sky high in the last few months.  He gave me notice to leave and, since then, he has been a nit-picking – and self-centred – presence whenever he turns up to check on me. My room is an absolute mess, because of all the boxes I am storing in there. All of my worldly possessions are being packed inside them prior to my departure. My responsibilities as a sex toy tester are still being carried out to the very best of my abilities, however. And, my work-rate has increased so that my moving expenses can be covered more quickly. It is a fact that I am now, quite literally, wanking my way to freedom.

I decided to try the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation in the lounge. This was highly convenient because I wanted to record the video for The Sex Toy Laboratory in there. It was an opportunity to exploit a change of scene while my landlord/frenemy was away. But, it was not without risk. He could have walked in at any moment. So, I lay there, stimulating myself on his expensive couch, with my tiny denim shorts around my ankles. The thought of being caught – if he arrived back unexpectedly – made the build up to my orgasm even more intense than usual. Every time I heard the lift arrive on my floor, my heart missed a beat. My clitoris made up for it though, with a powerful, sympathetic throb that shook my thighs.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is a highly effective suction device for the clitoris. Its previous incarnation has taken the world by storm and it is well regarded as being a more affordable alternative to the Womanizer. It comes complete with a USB charging cable and arrives in a beautiful white box that is suitable for storage or which makes it highly appropriate to be presented as a gift.

So, what has improved?

  • Whisper quiet motors,
  • A smoother start,
  • Lights that are less dazzling,
  • A speed control with + / – buttons.

MATERIAL: A removable, easy to clean, silicone head attachment which is compatible with water-based lubricants.

POWER: Very intense.

NOISE LEVEL: A much quieter operating sound than the previous model. I would recommend the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation for women who are looking for a discreet toy.

USABILITY: It was very intuitive, thankfully, because there was no user manual to refer to. To get the most out of your Satisfyer, it is essential that you position it precisely. To do so, part your labia minora and place the head over your clitoris. Then, switch the toy on. Keep it perfectly still throughout the stimulation. Switch it off before removing it from the area.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Amazing. My neighbours must resent my continued presence just as much as my landlord/frenemy does. And, just in case you were wondering…I completed the test without getting caught

PROS: It is much quieter than the previous model. Intense sensations. Excellent value for money. Intuitive operation. USB rechargeable.

CONS: No user manual could be found.


  • Direct stimulation of the clitoris,
  • Impressive potential for nipple arousal,
  • If you have just broken up with someone,
  • A gift for a friend.

For more information about the new Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation visit Ella Paradis.

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