Clothes Ripping Fetish – Venus O’Hara

Clothes Ripping Fetish – Venus O’Hara

Whenever I get bored with a piece of clothing I tend to take a pair of scissors and I cut it up. When I was wearing this black negligee in a recent shoot I realised that I had had it for a long time and it had already been seen in other photo-sets. I decided it needed to be revamped.

I explained to the photographer that the negligee needed re-working and I mentioned my interest in the clothes ripping fetish and how I wanted to explore it in the shots he was about to take. He cut some holes in the fabric that enabled me to push my fingers into them so I could rip and tear my own larger holes. I felt like the ultimate rebel as I posed.

Later in the set, the black negligee was reduced to unrecognisable rags hanging from my body which coolly complemented the ripped tights that I was almost wearing.
Photos by Fernando Gebbia

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  1. Que ropa tan sexy y que bien te sienta como me gustaria a mi romperte la ropa

  2. You have such a perfect body for clothes tearing, ripping and cutting…

  3. Do you have any button up blouses you are bored with?

  4. That is very erotic. A sexy piece of clothing rendered into rags whilst being worn by such a beautiful woman is a fantasy of the highest order. Please keep the post moving.


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