Lea by Feelz Toys – A very Happy Bunny

I was in a terrible mood when I tried Lea by Feelz Toys for the first time. I had just been woken up in the early hours of the morning by my flatmate / frenemy who was making  a great deal of unnecessary noise. It was clear that he didn’t give two hoots about whether I got enough sleep or not. His coughing, door slamming and stomping around made it clear that we are going through the equivalent of a platonic separation. Our situation is reminiscent of a film that I remember seeing. ‘The Breakup (2006)’ starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn tells the story of a couple trying to go their separate ways. They are trying to sell their apartment but are forced to live there together until they find a buyer. It dramatises the situation of having to endure the continued presence of an ex while you try and organise the next stage of your life without them.

After I was woken up, I felt frustrated. I knew that there was no point in complaining. Then, I remembered that I kept some ear plugs in the bathroom. I went to fetch them on tip-toe, keeping as quiet as possible. I accomplished my mission and got back into bed. Although I had managed to find a solution for the noise, I was still awake and tense. I wondered if there was an easy way to relax my body and encourage my mind to switch off.

Then it occurred to me that there would never be a better reason to masturbate. After all, it’s my solution for almost everything. It would be a great opportunity to test a new sex toy as well. Lea by Feelz Toys was the first on my list. I began to feel much more positive.

When I had Lea – a rechargeable rabbit vibrator – in my hand for the first time, I couldn’t believe just how soft and flexible it was. Lea has 2 independent motors – one for the clitoris and one for the vagina. The clitoral stimulator is very flexible so the distance between it and the shaft can adapt easily to suit all women. It’s 100% waterproof and is ideal for use in the bath or the shower. Each motor has 7 vibration modes.

Lea comes with a drawstring storage bag, a charging cable and a multilingual user manual. It is packaged in an elegant box, making it an ideal gift.

MATERIAL: Medical body-safe silicone which is compatible with water-based lubricants. Honestly, it’s some of the best quality silicone that I’ve ever felt.

USABILITY: Very intuitive. First, you have to press down on the main button for a couple of seconds until it lights up. Then you can activate the vibration of the clitoral stimulator or the shaft motor or both simultaneously. Lea was very easy to insert. To my surprise, I was able to use it hands-free. This is ideal if you’re using it with a partner or if you need a spare hand to type with during a sexting or cybersex session. I usually prefer continuous vibrations but, with its independent motors, Lea offered many pulsating combinations to enjoy.

It can also be used externally for a stimulating, full-body massage.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Strong, deep rumbly vibrations.

NOISINESS: Silent and ideal to use at night-time without disturbing anyone.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: INCREDIBLE! OMG!  The wonderful shape of the toy, the amazing strength of its vibrations and the tense situation at home combined in the best way possible. It meant that I was writhing around on my messy bed and suddenly in a delighted mood. I was a very happy bunny indeed. I secretly hoped that my frenemy had been woken by the scandalous sounds generated by my urgent ecstasy.

PROS: Super soft silicone. Waterproof. Independent motors. Nicely presented. Flexible, can adapt to all bodies. Strong but silent. Can be used hands-free.

CONS: One of the best rabbits I’ve ever tried. I can’t think of anything that isn’t positive. Now – when I remember the intensity of my orgasm – I just want to repeat it immediately!


  • Dual stimulation.
  • Rabbit fans.
  • Hands-free stimulation.
  • External use.
  • Cybersex / sexting enthusiasts.

For more information about LEA from Feelz Toys visit http://feelztoys.com

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