Sex Toy Reviews

I’ve been a sex toy tester since 2013. Since then, I’ve reviewed hundreds of products including: vibrators, wands, jiggle balls, clitoral stimulators, G spot stimulators, couples’s toys and more.

Featured brands have included: LELO, Fun Factory, Adrien Lastic, Pipedream, Pretty Love, TENGA, Bijoux indiscrets, Svakom, and many more.

Most of my sex toy reviews are in Spanish:

Last year I decided to create more content in English and that’s when I introduced the Sex Toy Laboratory. It’s main aim is to bring more humour into sex toy video reviews.

You will find some of my sex toy reviews below.

The Occupational Hazards of Being a Sex Toy Tester

Whenever my sex toy testing job arises in conversation, I have to underline the simple fact that it’s not just about orgasms. There are occupational hazards associated with any job and those have to be anticipated, and managed, if and when they might occur. Following a profession based on the pursuit of high-quality climaxes is no different. I have discovered, quite recently in fact, that there can be a certain degree of collateral damage associated with being a sex toy tester. What makes an effective sex toy is the quality, and focus, of the vibrations supplied by its motor. That, unsurprisingly in retrospect, is also the problem. I have always been concerned about Repetitive Strain Injury. These long-term afflictions are usually associated with office work and manual labour. Unfortunately, as a writer and reviewer of sex toys, I am doubly at risk. I have a variety of buzzing, vibrating, devices, held tightly in my right hand, on a daily basis. It comes as no surprise then, if there are repercussions to all my hard work, both good (sometimes very good) and bad. Now, I have a small ganglion cyst on my right wrist. Although there are several things that can contribute to their development there is one, in particular, that stood out when I did my research: “Other possible mechanisms for the development of ganglion cysts include repeated mechanical stress”. The fact remains, however, that I love my job as sex toy tester and if I have to suffer a […]

Fifty Shades of Grey: You’ve read the book, seen the trailer, now what?

Fifty Shades of Grey is trending again and it feels as though it never went away. The truth is, it’s always there now, in the back of our aroused minds. It is, in no small part, the responsibility of its author, E.L. James that 2012 will be remembered as a watershed for erotic literature and the portrayal of BDSM as a viable and peculiarly effective ingredient of modern sexuality. Now, we have seen the first trailer to the forthcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film. Everyone seems to be watching it, talking about it or avoiding it in case it does not live up to their private visualisation of the two main characters involved. Nevertheless, everyone will have to wait until Valentine’s Day 2015 to see it… If the length of the wait seems like a special type of torture then do not get overly concerned. Fifty Shades of Grey is all about BDSM. The punishing delay until fans of the books can see the film seems quite appropriate when you look at it from that perspective. If you need to keep yourself and your own personal Mr Grey distracted and entertained while you are both waiting patiently, then I can think of no better way than to take full advantage of the official Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy collection. The amazing variety of products it comprises will guarantee that neither of you will ever get bored. The collection includes toys such as vibrators, ben wah balls, G spot vibrator, […]

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