These toys are intended to stimulate the G-spot – a particularly sensitive area in the vagina located internally behind the pubis and around the urethra. It is a highly responsive erogenous area that – when stimulated – can lead the woman to experience a feeling of strong sexual arousal. When properly accessed, it can provoke intense orgasms and facilitate ’female ejaculation’ or ‘squirting’.

    Grabbit from GVibe Sex Toy Review

    They say that 3 is the magic number. However, when applied to sex, I’m not so sure. The first thing that comes to mind is a threesome. While they can no doubt be highly enjoyable, according to my experience, three is a crowd and in most cases, I think I might be too selfish to share my lovers. Unless there is no emotional connection to speak of. Fortunately, Gvibe has applied the magic of the number 3 to Grabbit. It is a rabbit vibrator that has 3 powerful motors, exactly where you would most want them. There is one at the tip of the phallus to provide precise G spot and at the tip of the two ears that provide focused clitoral stimulation. It also has a 3-year warranty – which is unusual in the sex toy world –  as most of them have a one-year warranty. Therefore, Grabbit guarantees lots of orgasms! I cannot tell you how many phallic toys I have tried that have the motor at the handle and not the tip of the toys. This is so annoying as my demanding clitoris or G spot isn’t enjoying the toys maximum orgasmic potential. In addition, one is more likely to get repetitive strain injury on my wrist than sheet gripping orgasms.  It’s wonderful that I don’t have to worry about such things with Grabbit. When I first held it in my hands I knew it had potential, thanks to its shape. Then, when I switched it on […]

    Mister Rabbit – Satisfyer Vibes – Sex Toy Review

    The G spot gets way more publicity than the A spot and I have no idea why that is. Here’s a quick definition from Wikipedia: “The anterior fornix erogenous zone (also known as the AFE zone, AFE, A-spot, epicentre, deep spot or second G-spot) is reportedly a female erogenous zone that when stimulated can lead to rapid vaginal lubrication and arousal, sometimes without any other form of stimulation, with continued stimulation resulting in an intense orgasm.” It seems as though it is a pretty recent discovery. In 1989, Malaysian sex scientist Dr Chua Chee Ann found that stimulation of an area deep in the vagina on the anterior wall resulted in rapid lubrication and arousal. He did not make his discovery public until thirteen years after it was made. However, this location was described as an erogenous spot much earlier by Marie Stopes in her 1924 book “Contraception” I discovered this area long before my G spot and my clitoris. I got all my sex education from women’s magazines. According to what I read, women were either clitoral or vaginal.  I was thrilled to discover that I was able to reach orgasm quickly and easily through A-spot stimulation. During penetration, it meant that grinding instead of thrusting was the way to provoke ecstasy. Thanks to A-spot stimulation, my orgasms were intense, and almost instantaneous. It’s about time there were more sex toys to stimulate this highly erogenous area. Mister Rabbit is shaped to reach this sensitive spot. But that’s not […]

    Sex Toy Review My Bunny a Thrusting Rabbit from My Toys

    There seems to be some doubt about the existence of the G spot. I remember when I received a professional G spot massage a few years ago. The masseur in question not only believes that it exists but he even swears that the G spot is like the feminine hard drive that stores emotions and traumas. Stimulating it can provide a special therapeutic orgasm or even squirting. Needless to say, I was intrigued to try his techniques. He promised me 5 orgasms in 2 hours, but I ended up having 8. I was worn out and totally blissed out afterwards. Any doubt in my mind about the existence of the G spot was eradicated. It was one of the most memorable orgasmic sessions that I have ever experienced. Hiring a professional G spot masseur isn’t cheap. So for those moments when you need some top quality G spot action. My Bunny from My Toys is ideal for discovering the virtues of G spot stimulation coupled with skilful clitoral stimulation to provide next level orgasms and possibly even squirting. My Bunny is the first product from My Toys, a new German brand featuring innovative technology, stunning designs and bright colours offered within an affordable price range. Although it looks like a conventional rabbit vibrator, it is much more sophisticated. It comprises 2 motors that can be controlled individually. The flexible clitoral stimulator features a powerful vibrator with 10 vibration patterns. In the shaft, there is a thrusting motor, providing an intensely […]

    LELO Gigi 2 Sex Toy Review for HotCherry.co

    If I received a dollar for every time a guy writes to me seeking reassurance for his penis size preoccupations, I would probably be a millionaire. Whenever this happens, I always point out (pun intended) that hardness is more important than cms. At least, that is how I see it (and feel it) according to my experience. I would say that I have experienced greater pleasure from an average but mega hard penis as opposed to a huge and floppy one. I also point out to these men that Gigi 2 from LELO is the world’s bestselling G spot stimulator. It is a luxurious, curved vibrator that has a relatively small insertable length. It definitely proves the point that size doesn’t matter as much as some men think it does. Gigi 2’s shape isn’t just ideal for precise G spot stimulation; its curved shape can cup the pubic bone and the protruding tip can stimulate the clitoris. Therefore, it’s ideal for internal and external stimulation, making it a very versatile sex toy. Gigi 2 has 8 vibration patterns that can be increased or decreased, so there are many possibilities of pleasure. PACKAGING: Gigi 2 is presented in an elegant box that is perfect to offer as a gift. It also contains a USB charging cable, a drawstring storage pouch, a multilingual user manual, a warranty registration card and a sachet of LELO personal moisturiser which is glycerine and paraben free. MATERIAL: It is made from extra smooth body-safe silicone and […]

    Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples – Sex Toy Review

    ‘Don’t you have any new sex toys you need to test?’ My lover asked me the other day when he came over to my place for lunch. ‘Let me think…’ I said and walked over to my ‘incoming’ box in my lounge. I rummaged around and smiled to myself when I found Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples among the boxes. I showed him the package and explained in great detail how it worked. I could see that he was getting turned on by my description. Given his undeniable enthusiasm, I thought that the timing was perfect to test it then and there. ‘May the test begin!” he exclaimed and proceeded to kiss and undress me passionately.   Interestingly, he was a sex toy virgin before me.  Now he loves learning about the sex toys I test and he especially loves seeing me enjoy them. I’m so fortunate to be with someone who finds my profession a turn on. So many men have been intimidated by my huge vibrator collection in the past.   I’m so glad that I don’t have to pretend to be normal. Not that I ever would. Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is a couple’sex toy that can be worn during penetration. It provides dual stimulation, that is to say, that it uses pressure waves to stimulate the clitoris without actually touching it. The insertable element vibrates and stimulates the G spot. The motors can be controlled independently and it is ideal to use with or without a partner. […]

    Womanizer DUO – Sex Toy Review

    ‘When did you know that you had ‘made it’? Oprah Winfrey asked J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books in an exclusive interview. ‘When I no longer had to choose between two things, because I could have them both,’ she answered. I was so inspired when I heard this. “Why choose when you can have both?” has always been one of my favourite life philosophies and whenever I’m presented with a choice, I always strive to have both options. After all, why should I restrict myself? When I was discovering my sexuality in my late teens through reading women’s magazines, they often talked about clitoral or vaginal orgasms. According to what I was reading, women were one either one or the other. Given the fact that I was able to reach orgasm easily through vaginal penetration, I presumed that I was vaginal and as a result, I ended up completely ignoring my clitoral potential for far too long. But one day while using a rabbit vibrator in my late twenties, those skilful rabbit ears teased my clitoris in a way I had never experienced before. I was completely taken by surprise and for the first time ever, I experienced an orgasm through clitoral stimulation. It was mindblowing! I repeated the exercise just to get to grips with my newfound discovery and I learned that I didn’t need to insert anything at all in order to reach ecstasy. I could reach orgasm from vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, or both. Womanizer […]

    Magic Bunny from Satisfyer Vibes Sex Toy Review

    ‘Don’t you ever get sick of your toys? If you let me go down on you, you would forget about them soon enough. Nothing beats my tongue and I would go down on you for hours…’ I almost felt a twitch when he mentioned his enthusiasm for giving oral sex. I absolutely love it when a guy truly appreciates and enjoys oral generosity.  The trouble is, this particular guy just doesn’t attract me in the slightest, even though he is very good looking and he takes great care of his body… He is a friend of a friend and we have known each other for several years. Whenever we randomly meet in my neighbourhood, he asks me out and tells me how great his cunnilinguistic skills are and even though I have never taken him up on his offer, he still insists. But then yesterday, when I bumped into him in the supermarket, he surprised me by telling me that he had just broken up with his girlfriend after 5 years… ‘What girlfriend?’ I was thinking to myself… He certainly kept that one quiet! As we stood next to the fresh produce section, he explained the virtues of single life: being able to do what he wanted when he wanted without giving any explanations to anyone. I nodded in agreement. ‘I didn’t even know you had a girlfriend’ I said.  He shrugged and went on to say that he had been acting like a singleton the whole time and that […]

    Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit – Sex Toy Review

    I first received this sex toy at the beginning of 2018.  When I opened the package, I was surprised to discover that I had also been sent some spare ones to give away. Needless to say, I was thrilled to be able to gift some of my best female friends with orgasms. I met with one of my friends in a cafe and I surprised her with an orgasmic present just as we sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee. When she unwrapped it under the table – discreetly, of course – she was so overcome with joy and emotion when she discovered what was inside. I was flattered and touched when I observed her reaction, but at the same time I was thinking to myself: ‘just wait until you try it!’ I was convinced that her reaction would be even more significant in the privacy of her own bedroom… I was already familiar with clitoral suction toys, but I was very curious to find out how it felt when combined with a vibrating shaft to stimulate my G spot. My high hopes were met and then exceeded when I first tried it. I was so happy when I discovered that my friend was also over the moon with it. In fact, over the following months, I gifted her with even more sex toys until she acquired a pretty substantial collection for someone who isn’t in the adult novelty business. I was curious to know her opinions on certain […]

    Petting Hippo from Satisfyer Vibes Sex Toy Review

    I absolutely love it when a guy tries to inhale my Venusian aroma just before going down on me. Unfortunately, we have been taught that our smell is bad. I’m talking about the very direct fish jokes that we had to endure at high school as well as the subliminal messages from advertisements for feminine hygiene products – which are completely unnecessary. Have you ever wondered why you can never find any penis and testicle cleaner at your local supermarket? And if all this wasn’t enough, many lubricants have nasty fake fruit flavours that mask our natural scent. Why would anyone want their ladyparts to smell of synthetic strawberry instead of their natural, sweet and musky nectar? I never did understand the lubricant world… As a result of this, many women just can’t relax about their vulvas during an intimate encounter and therefore they are missing out on some vital cunnulinguistic pleasures. Of course, a vulva must be clean and healthy in order to be sniffable. But it must be underlined that one should avoid perfumed products to maintain one’s own natural orgasmic aroma. Another thing that turns me on during these moments is when a guy is able to maintain an erection as he gets to work on me. Not only does it prove to me that he is genuinely into it, but it also helps me deprogramme all the crap I’ve been taught about my sacred aroma.  In fact, many of my fantasies involve pussy worship and inhaling […]

    Fun Function – Bunny Funny Collection – 4 Moving Rabbit Sex Toys – Review

    There’s something ever so intriguing about a sex toy that moves. When you look at it, you can’t help but imagine what it might feel like against your most intimate parts. At least, that’s what happens to me. When I saw these four sex toys from Fun Function moving at the same time, each one in a different way, it almost makes me blush as I imagined them all getting to work on me. But not all at the same time, of course. That would be too much. They may look similar, but when you switch them on, each phallus has different orgasmic attributes. With the exception of Bunny Funny Rotation, they all vibrate as well as having moving phalluses. They also have a ten-tongue clitoral wheel to stimulate the clitoris. That is to say that they provide triple stimulation. PACKAGING: They are presented in a no-frills box that includes a USB charging cable. The product specifications and instructions are on the box in English, Spanish, French and Italian. MATERIAL: They are all made from silicone and ABS. They are compatible with water-based lubricant. They are waterproof so you can enjoy them in the bath or the shower. TEN-TONGUE CLITORAL WHEEL: They all have this feature that has 7 settings. In order to get the most out of it, I would recommend using plenty of lubricant and making sure it’s not too close to the body in case they get stuck and stop rotating. STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Very strong. NOISE […]

    Charming Smile by Satisfyer Vibes – Sex Toy Review

    There is nothing quite like an orgasm to put a smile on my face. When I’m not having orgasms or raising orgasmic awareness through my work, my mission is to share my good energy with the world through my smile. Let me explain. I make a conscious effort to smile at everyone I encounter in my day to day life. This goes from the neighbours in my building, the waiters in my local cafe and everyone who serves me in a shop. Not only is it good for my karma.  I have learned that smiles can get you places. For example, you get better service and then when people smile back you know you’re being perceived as a nice person, which is a priceless feeling. A smile says: I’m in a good mood. I’m approachable. I’m a nice person. Smiles are also seductive.  When I first saw Charming Smile from Satisfyer, I thought of my current squeeze and how he seduced me with his own charming smile. I was going through a hard time and seeing his smile every morning got me curious about seeing the rest of him and I wondered if he could put an orgasmic smile on my face. Which he did – and does. Charming Smile is a phallic shaped vibrator that is curved like a smile. It is ideal for stimulating your G spot. It has a manageable length with a substantial girth. Its curved tip is ideal for stimulating the G spot or for […]

    Yummy Sunshine from Satisfyer Vibes

    After living in Spain for many years, it’s safe to say that I can’t stand the cold. Now that winter has come to an end, I must say that I’m so grateful for all the winter sun that I have enjoyed this year. Lately, my morning routine consists of waking up naturally with no alarm, then I pull the blinds up – while still in bed – and I instantly feel the Mediterranean sun on my face as I do my morning meditation. Sometimes, it’s so bright that I wonder if I should put my sunglasses on – which is a wonderful ‘problem’ to have. Then, I get out of bed and prepare my orgasmic breakfast, take a photo of it for Instagram, and then I eat it on my roof terrace in the sun. I’m always grateful when I feel the winter sun on my face as I enjoy the organic and orgasmic flavours of my nutritious breakfast. These moments remind me of how fortunate I am to live in Spain and to be living an overall orgasmic lifestyle. Shortly after, my beau comes over with fresh coffee for me and we enjoy it on my balcony. Then we go inside my flat, take our clothes off, go to my bed and snuggle naked for half an hour or so under the duvet before we both start our respective working days. This is because we always sleep separately and we have to make up for lost time.  And when […]

    Liv 2 from LELO – Sex Toy Review

    Liv 2 from LELO – Sex Toy Review After acquiring and testing hundreds of sex toys, I’m always impressed by how my LELO toys are able to stand the test of time. And it’s not as if I haven’t used them and they’ve just been gathering dust in their respective boxes. Not at all! I have used them hundreds of times and they never fail to deliver the orgasms that I crave and deserve so much. It goes to show that they really are as good as they claim to be in terms of quality. Liv 2 from Lelo is a perfect example of this. I’ve had it for several years and it still looks as good as new. It’s a stylish vibrator that is ideal for G spot stimulation or for external, clitoral stimulation. It has 8 vibration settings and it is available in 4 colours. Its shape is ergonomic, versatile and it’s not too big. Therefore it is ideal for those who believe that great things come in small packagages. My current squeeze gets very jealous when I use toys that are bigger than him, but Liv 2 from LELO doesn’t intimidate him at all, fortunately. Especially since he discovered that it was his friend during a recent quickie when he was on a work break and  I used it to stimulate my clitoris during penetration. He loved seeing how I lost control and reached an ecstatic state in no time at all. He even suggested that we […]

    M3 – A wearable G spot stimulator from Feelingirl

    I thought I’d seen it all as far as sex toys are concerned. But I have never seen anything quite like M3 from Feelingirl before. It’s a wearable, remote controlled G spot and clitoral stimulator with an optional heating function and voice control! The clitoral element vibrates and the phallus vibrates, waves and rotates, providing intense pleasure to your clitoris and G spot. Despite all these sophisticated attributes, it’s extremely intuitive to use. Its shape is very ergonomic and the penis element is small but highly effective. It moves and when it does, it feels amazing against the G spot. It proves the point that the best things come in small packages. You don’t need to have a huge schlong to stimulate the G spot. PACKAGING: M3 is presented in a simple white box that also contains a Usb charging cable, an instructions leaflet in English, German and Chinese. A remote control with a battery inside and a spare one. MATERIAL: Silicone and ABS. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower. STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Moderate. NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous. USABILITY: Very simple to use. Switch the toy on at the base and then switch the remote control on to pair the devices. The remote control has 4 buttons: a power button, vibration mode button, heating function and voice control. Heating functions are always useful to get you and your genitals into the zone at the start of a self-love session. But […]

    Women’s Day – Confessions of an Unapologetic Orgasm Activist

    Ten years ago, I set up this blog with the intention of sharing my vision of sexuality with the world. Despite all the information and sexual content that was already available online, I didn’t feel as though my own sexuality was being represented so I wanted to do something about it. Now, I can proudly say that I have achieved my objective. These days I would define myself as an orgasm activist. This is because all my work revolves around promoting female orgasm. I have had to have hundreds of orgasms of my own to come to this realisation. Quite literally. Orgasm has been life-changing for me. When I first started having sex, I was able to reach climax easily through penetration. This was great for me and my partners, and somewhat atypical, as only 30% of women are able to regularly have orgasms during penetration. In contrast to my orgasmic sexual encounters, my masturbation sessions were orgasm-less, no matter how hard I tried. This meant that sometimes I ended up in a relationship almost because I depended on the sex for my orgasms. Then, when I was in my mid-twenties, I discovered vibrators and I was finally able to provoke orgasms whenever I wanted. Not only was this intensely pleasurable, but more importantly, it had a profound effect on my personal relationships. This is because I no longer went out with toxic people just because of the good sex. My relationships had to be good – both in and […]

    Quit Your Job – Become a Sex Toy Tester

    Last year, I collaborated with a British production company to film a video that was part of a series about unusual jobs. As a professional sex toy tester based in Barcelona, Spain, I definitely qualified.   During the filming, I answered all the typical questions that one might expect to hear at a job interview. I was asked about career prospects, salary and promotion expectations, where I see myself in five years and so on. I was thrilled to talk about my job from a work perspective, as many people don’t consider that I even have a ‘real job’. Just because something is fun, it doesn’t make it trivial and pointless. I believe that raising orgasmic awareness is a very serious and necessary topic. Despite this, in real life, I never had to have a job interview in order to become a professional sex toy tester. Instead, I created it myself through my passion, vision, hard work, self-belief and perseverance. I believe that anyone can create their own dream job if they really want to and they are willing to put the hard work in. I didn’t always think like this, however. At University, I was conditioned to believe that what your CV said about you mattered. You had to do things that would impress a future employer. For example, we were encouraged to be part of a team, to do voluntary work and so on. In addition, having unjustifiable ‘gaps’ in your CV was also frowned upon. Fortunately, I […]

    2 Sex Toys on Amazon

    Should I have an orgasm? I wondered to myself yesterday morning. I had woken up incredibly aroused remembering the hot sex from the night before with my other half. I’ve been trying to teach him that less is more where sex is concerned – but he isn’t convinced – even after the mindblowing sex we had after almost 2 weeks of celibacy. Just remembering how he looks at me when he’s making love to me was enough to make me twitch. Despite this, I decided that there was no time for an orgasm. I had 2 sex toys to review and before I would have the opportunity to try them and get orgasmic, I had to research them and get ready for filming the video first. I decided to start with the heating rabbit vibrator. It has a narrow shaft with a bulbous tip that is ideal for stimulating the G spot. There are 2 motors, one in the clitoral stimulator and the other at the tip of the shaft. One thing that makes this rabbit stand out from all the others is that it is incredibly flexible. It also has a heating function which I always use at the beginning of a self-love session PACKAGING: It is presented in an elegant box that is ideal for storing the toy. It also contains a USB charging cable and an instructions leaflet in English. MATERIAL: Extra-soft silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof so you can enjoy it in the bath or […]

    4 Sex Toy Reviews

    Could I review 4 sex toys in a day? Fondlove, an online sex toy retailer, wanted to know. I said ‘yes’, of course. Even though I accepted the challenge, I did wonder if I going to able to complete it, or more specifically: was my body going to be able to handle all that stimulation? There was only one way to find out… In order to ensure the best results, I was convinced that order was key for a successful working day testing 4 sex toys. It was necessary to spread them out over the day to allow my body to rest between orgasms. Sex Toy number 1: Flexible Tongue Oral Sex Simulator. I was very intrigued about this one, I have never seen a sex toy with this shape before. It is a mouth with a vibrating tongue. It mimics cunnilingus; you can use the tip of the tongue to stimulate your clitoral gland. PACKAGING: A no-frills box with remote control and instructions leaflet. Fortunately, the remote battery is included. MATERIAL:  Silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof. USABILITY: Can be used manually or with the remote control. There are 10 vibration settings. It is quiet and it feels divine against the clitoris. It has a vacuum base that can be placed on the floor and you can crouch on it and enjoy some facesitting action. It is also suitable for rimming, ORGASM-O-BILITY: seriously orgasmic! The first orgasm of the day! PROS: Original concept. Can be used manually or with […]

    We-Vibe anniversary Collection Review

    I have such fond memories of Valentine’s Day as a singleton growing up in the UK. I used to love sending and receiving anonymous cards to my love interests at the time. Some were genuine and others were a complete joke. I loved the fact that Valentine’s Day wasn’t just reserved for couples. It was also about anonymously declaring your undying love for someone via snail mail. Oftentimes, the sender’s identity remained a mystery. But, what I liked the most was the fact that there could be multiple declarations of love (or desire). At University, there was a big temporary post box in the Student Union to encourage the development of our romantic sides as well as our academic ones. Now that I’ve been in Spain for so many years, I no longer send anonymous Valentine’s cards. Here, it is a celebration for couples only. These days, whenever I like someone, I tend to enjoy an orgasm (or several) in their honour before I make any official declarations of desire. The We-Vibe Anniversary Kit is ideal for an Valentine’s Day gift – whether you are in a relationship or not. It contains two of the most popular We-vibe toys to celebrate their ten years in the pleasure industry. Now that’s a lot of orgasms!   Sync:  Sync is the improved version of the we-vibe couple’s toy that made them a global brand.  The concept has been imitated by many other brands, but this is probably the most sophisticated one out […]

    Tracy’s Dog – Clitoral and G Spot Stimulator Review

    Just moments after publishing the video review of this exquisite sex toy on my YouTube channel, I received the first comment: ‘It looks interesting, a pity about the name, though’. I couldn’t agree more, I thought to myself. Of all the combinations of words that are available in the English language, ‘Tracy’s Dog’ could be one of the least orgasmic to name a toy. But don’t let that put you off. Because I can guarantee that this toy is so much better than its name suggests. I’ve had Tracy’s Dog sitting next to my ‘in tray’ for several weeks. I was already intrigued about its shape and functionality and I was ready to put it to the test. Then I became ill over the festive period and everything had to be delayed. I was feeling incredibly guilty about the subsequent build-up of sex toys that I still needed to review but I was unable to make any progress. Ever since my spiritual awakening, I firmly believe that everything happens when it’s supposed to, even being ill. I needed to stop and connect with myself. When I remembered this divine truth, I began to let go of my anxiety. It was more important to focus on my recovery instead. So when I was well enough to enjoy this toy properly, I unboxed it, held it in my hands and switched it on. After feeling it pulse in my hand, I wondered why it had taken me so long to give it […]

    Queen from Zalo: Award-Winning Orgasms – Review

    Wow wow wow! I’m still blown away by this award-winning sex toy. I started the recording of my video review the other day, but then I quickly deleted it when I came to realise that this sex toy deserved a few more intensive testing sessions. Only then would I be confident that I could really produce a review that fully did it justice. I don’t usually pay much attention to ‘award winning’ toys, but in this case, it is well-deserved. And it’s not just that; Queen from Zalo is like three sex toys in one. It proved to be an enduring pleasure when I was obliged to determine the best ways to get the most out of all its thrilling possibilities. Queen from Zalo won ‘Luxury Sex Toy of the Year’ in the Europa XBiz awards 2018. It is a G spot stimulator that incorporates Pulse Wave Technology, an optional pre-heating setting, a vibrator and a suction-effect accessory that can be attached whenever you crave some intense clitoral stimulation. PACKAGING: Queen is presented in a luxurious hard box, fit for pleasure-craving royalty. It also contains a magnetic USB charging cable, two sachets of water-based lubricant, a suction accessory, a one-year warranty card, a drawstring storage pouch and a multilingual instructions booklet. MATERIAL: Body-safe silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof, so you can enjoy some royal orgasms in the bath or the shower. NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous. STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Strong. deep and rumbly. USABILITY: To charge the toy, connect the […]

    Doxy Number 3 with Nexus Attachments – Review

    Recently, I had the good fortune to try out Doxy number 3 with a couple of attachments from Nexus that provide even more potential for pleasure.

    Doxy number 3 isn’t just another plug-in wand massager; it’s more like a power station! It definitely lives up to its claim of being the world’s most powerful plug-in wand massager. Doxy number 3 is quite clearly in a league of its own.

    Reggie by Ridmii designed by Svakom – Review

    When I received Reggie from Ridmii by Svakom, I knew it would be the perfect accessory for our frisking game. The sheer anticipation of the interrogation, body-search and inevitable discovery of the toy inside my vagina is enough to make me throb just by thinking about it.

    Reggie is a remote-controlled vibrating bullet, It’s worn inside the vagina and is ideal for G spot stimulation and foreplay with a partner. The remote control works at a distance of up to 32 feet and it has 7 different vibration modes.

    Flirty & Sassy from the Pillow Talk range from BMS Factory – Review

    Earlier this month, I had the privilege of dropping by the BMS Factory booth at EroFame. I distinctly recall marvelling at their Pillow Talk range and then thinking to myself: ‘I have that pleasure to look forward to when I get home.’

    Flirty and Sassy were already in my ‘in-tray’ of sex toy boxes waiting to be tested and reviewed under the strict conditions of my Sex Toy Laboratory. I was intrigued by their soft feminine colours and bling button, as they dazzle with Swarovski crystal.

    Dalia from Desirables – Review

    I’ve tested a fair few porcelain dildos in my time, and I have to confess that Dalia from Desirables is by far the best. Some of the previous ones have been hollow and more suited to external temperature play shenanigans with a willing partner. This one, on the other hand, is solid and feels much safer for penetration than others that I’ve tried.

    Zeus from Pomello – Review for Gadgets with Benefits

    All of those conventional pleasures are readily available with a standard rabbit vibrator. An even better offering can be found by exploring Zeus from Pomello; it comes packaged with a free set of Kegel balls. Zeus has a pleasing, ergonomic, shape that was designed by a certified OBGYN. It has 2 motors – one for the clitoris and another located in the shaft. They can be controlled individually and supply up to 81 different vibration combinations. One thing I love about individual controls is that I can enjoy one of the motors on a continuous mode and the other one with either waves or pulsating vibrations. Mmm.

    Touch from Swan Solo – Review

    Touch by Swan Solo is a clear example of how the rabbit vibrator has developed. What really intrigues me about this sex toy is that the clitoral competent is almost more significant than the vaginal element. Size is not as important as people might think. The shaft is wide at the base and then is narrow and pointy at the tip, allowing for precise G spot stimulation. The clitorial arm is incredibly flexible so the toy will adapt women of all anatomies. I researched the clitoral – vaginal distance in women and toys a few years ago. Given that this distance varies in all toys and women, it’s essential that these elements can adapt to satisfy different anatomies

    Sex Toys from YomeGarden Review

    Two recent inclusions to the expanding world of my orgasmic breakfasts have been sourced from Yome Garden. Their vivid pink colour, is reminiscent of an exotic fruit and their shapes make them seem almost good enough to eat.

    Review Vick from Svakom – A Dual Stimulation Vibrator for men & women

    my current male squeeze wasn’t up for engaging in any directed anal explorations. I found it impossible to find a replacement and the clock was ticking on this review. Then, when Svakom informed me that The Vick is also ideal for G-spot stimulation, I sighed with relief. The test would be much more straightforward than I‘d anticipated even though I’d have to compromise on my male anal-play fantasies.

    Vick is ideal for stimulating the prostate gland and the perineum in men.

    It is perfect for providing high-quality clitoral and G-spot stimulation for women.

    Womanizer InsideOut Review

    I honestly believe that the secret to happiness is gratitude. When I received this Womanizer InsideOut, it made me feel even more fortunate to have my current professional status. I’m constantly receiving new – and highly impressive – pleasure products. So, when a particular piece of packaging stands out, it can make me feel even more aware of what I should be thankful for. It’s not something I take for granted, I’m truly grateful for each and every collaboration and every associated orgasm that allows me to maintain this lifestyle.

    Sola Cue Review – A Powerful G Spot Vibrator

    Sola Cue As I raise my vibration in order to reach enlightenment, I’m becoming increasingly concerned about my non-sex toy vibration. Let me explain. Everything works on its own level of vibration. Not just my sex toy collection. Feelings of guilt and shame are low vibrational frequencies. Some people think that being a sex toy tester is a breeze. But, it really isn’t. The sacrifices that I’ve made to get where I am haven’t always been orgasmic. More specifically, I’ve encountered a lot of negative judgment from people when they’ve discovered that I spend my days lying on my unmade bed, having orgasms and getting paid for the privilege. Good morning! Now that’s what I call an orgasmic breakfast! Squeezed orange and lemon juice, cereal bread with black olive spread and organic sunflower seeds, cherries, apple and soya yoghurt with white chia seeds, and loose leaf green tea to wash it all down yummy! Orgasms provided by @peepshowtoys #breakfast #vegan #plantbased #plantpower #fruit #homemade #consciouseating #sextoys #sextoytester #sexfluencer #myorgasmiclifestyle #nofilter A post shared by Venus O’Hara (@venusohara) on Jul 18, 2018 at 12:46am PDT In all honesty, I don’t really care what strangers online think of me or my work. What I do care about is my inner circle of family and friends. I admit that when some have been less than accepting, it can really be challenging. In other words, it feels as though they want to bring me down to their vibrational level by projecting their guilt and shame […]

    GVibe 2 Review

    I must admit, that when I received the G Vibe 2 vibrator and saw its unusual shape, I wondered if it would work for me. Then, after studying it, I understood just how many different ways there were to enjoy it.

    It’s a vibrator with a shaft that splits into two distinct points. Imagine a pair of very flexible tongues with motors in their tips. There is also another powerful motor located in the base of the shaft. I studied the accompanying leaflet that included drawings of some suggested uses and decided to try all the solo female options. If I’d been masturbating at my old rate, I would have completed all the tests in one day. At my current pace, it took longer and lasted longer. With every variation, I had much more than an ordinary orgasm in mind.

    Venus by Zemalia – Dual Stimulation for your Inner & Outer Goddess

    When Zemalia invited me to choose a product of theirs to test, there really was no doubt. As soon as I saw the Venus vibrator, I knew that it had to be mine. Besides, Zemalia obviously had good taste; giving something a good name must mean that it’s a good product.

    I chose the name Venus for myself for several reasons. At first, it was because I always felt like a Venus. I studied fine art as a teenager and when I discovered the image of the pale-skinned, redheaded, Renaissance Venus, it made me wonder if I’d been born a few centuries too late. The generic, plastic, porn-look was beginning to gain popularity at the same time and that was something that I’ve never wanted to emulate. I’ve always been a fan and a proponent of natural beauty.                                                                      

    Alex – an Intelligent Heating Vibrator from Rose Rain – Review

    Check out my hottest rabbit vibrator! This is Alex from Rose Rain, a rabbit vibrator has seven different vibration patterns and a heating function that can be operated separately. It offers two different temperature settings. Just imagine taking a cold shower while enjoying the effect of a hot vibrator? I don’t think I’m quite brave enough to explore that option, unfortunately.

    ANYA & BONNIE – 2 New Vibrators from Svakom

    When I received Anya – a powerful, warming vibrator from Svakom – I was grateful for the extra-cold weather after all. Using the toy would be like having my own personal heating system, one that would provide me with orgasms. In addition, it was the very first warming sex toy that I’ve tried.
    Bonnie is a different prospect entirely. It’s a double ended vibrator with two independent motors that can be used individually or simultaneously. The wider end is reminiscent of a wand massager in that it’s big and round but more lightweight. This makes it ideal for clitoral stimulation or even massaging other parts of your – or your partner’s – body. The narrower end is perfect for G-spot stimulation, direct clitoral stimulation and for caressing nipples, and other body parts during foreplay.

    Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples – Review

    I didn’t despair about not having a partner even after receiving the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples to test. When I compared it to the others in the range I knew that I could use it perfectly well on my own. Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is an erotic toy that can be used during penetration to increase the intensity and variety of pleasurable sensations that a woman can experience. It stimulates the clitoris with air pressure waves while the G-spot component vibrates simultaneously. It also stimulates the man’s penis.

    Dr Whale Review – An App Controlled Pelvic Floor Trainer from Sistalk

    This week, I received Dr Whale, an app-controlled pelvic floor trainer from Sistalk. It must be said that I’ve never had the pleasure of using an app-controlled pelvic floor trainer before, even though they’re highly recommended and supposed to make the whole experience more fun and stimulating. I have to confess that up to this point I’ve lacked the motivation to seek one out.

    Sex Toy Review: The Dodil

    If you rearrange the word dildo, you end up with dodil. The dodil is a dildo that you can reshape according to your own preferences.

    I have been exploring what it really means to be a minimalist in my day-to-day life. This has resulted in my decision to throw out anything that does not earn its place by bringing me continual joy. My main inspiration in this has been Marie Kondo’s book. Since reading it, I have been careful not to acquire anything new that I do not really need. I have donated books to a library, taken old clothes to a charity shop and made gifts of my furniture to neighbours. The process has been wonderfully liberating.

    Review: Play Ball from Adrien Lastic – A New Game for Couples

    If you crave penetration with more cms than what your partner has to offer in the trouser department, then Play Ball from Adrien Lastic could be the perfect solution for you. For many, suggesting a penis sleeve might be insulting, but Play Ball, stimulates the end of your vagina, and the A spot, a pleasure point located at the deepest point on the anterior wall of the vagina, above the cervix, a place not all guys can reach.

    Trigger – A Triple-Motor Rabbit Vibrator from Adrien Lastic

    Oh my God! Please give me a few moments to get my breath back. I have just tested Trigger, a new Rabbit vibrator from Adrien lastic. It has 3 independent motors for triple the pleasure. Trigger has far exceeded my expectations in every way. Before I tried it, I switched it on and held it in my hand for a moment so that I could better appreciate the ‘come-hither’ function in action. It reminded me of ‘Ina Wave’ from LELO. But, when I put the toy to proper use, I discovered that the user experience was very different. This was for several reasons for this.

    Wild Rabbit – Nomi Tang – Sex Toy Review

    Wild Rabbit from Nomi Tang is a rechargeable rabbit vibrator that is ideal for G-spot and clitoral stimulation.It features an innovative itouch slider. Wild Rabbit has a wonderfully elegant appearance and the symmetrical groove, on its shaft, is designed to enhance G-spot stimulation even further.

    Partner Plus – A Couple’s Sex Toy

    Partner Plus is a rechargeable vibrator that can be used with a male partner during penetration, or on your own. It is produced by the same company as the Satisfyer. They are no stranger to imitating good concepts and making designs available to the market at more accessible prices. I first saw this toy’s general shape with the We-Vibe Couple’s Vibe. I have tried Lelo Tiani which has a similar look, and We-Vibe Sync. In essence, the concept is the same. It is a G-spot and clitoral stimulator that you can use during penetration with a male partner or all by yourself.

    The Black Line from FUN FACTORY – Discover Your Dark Side

    The Black Line from FUN FACTORY – Discover Your Dark Side

    The colour black goes with everything, whatever the colour your lingerie, your bedclothing, or even your car. Fun Factory’s new Black line will definitely match.

    The collection comprises three of Fun Factory’s bestselling toys: Miss Bi, Tiger and Big Boss.

    Cayona FUN FACTORY – Review

    Cayona FUN FACTORY – Review

    I went to visit Fun Factory in Bremen, Germany earlier this year. While I was there, more than one person asked me if I had a personal favourite sex toy from the selection offered by Fun Factory. I did not hesitate before I replied. “Miss Bi”.

    The World’s Best Wand Massager Just Got Better

    I received The O Wand at the end of December last year. Ever since then, I have not stopped using it. In fact, I keep it under my pillow and I start most days with an O Wand wake-up session. It is the world’s most powerful rechargeable wand massager. It’s stylish loop handle makes it more ergonomic to use than most wand massagers.The O Wand is incredibly powerful and the weight of the toy is very pleasant. You can also use it with a partner to massage other parts of your bodies. It has a variety of settings and comes complete with different mains adaptors so that you can use The O Wand with your old electrical sockets wherever you are in the world.

    Trysta – A Targeted Rolling G-Spot Vibrator from Svakom

    Penetration is a very small part of my sex life. And it seems to be getting smaller and smaller lately. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it. On the contrary. I love it, I find that reserving it for special occasions makes it even more explosive when I finally do feel something inside. It had been weeks since I experimented with any type of penetration when I tried Tyrsta from Svakom.

    Trysta from Svakom might look like a conventional rabbit vibrator, but it’s much more sophisticated. It is a Targeted Rolling G Spot vibrator.

    Review Her Name is Rio – Ooh by Je Joue

    This toy had been in my ‘incoming’ review box for several months. I had tried to write it on several occasions previously. The problem was that every time I set about typing, just the thought of this clitoral stimulator made me want to use it again. And again. Time after time, the official review had to take a back seat to my personal pleasure.

    Moody – Fun Factory – Sex Toy Review

    Moody – A Vibrator for Men or Women from Fun Factory. If you’re in the mood to stimulate your anus, G-spot or clitoris, Moody is the sex toy for you. It’s ideal for men and women. It adapts to each situation and mood. Its undulating surface stimulates your erogenous zones. The wide-based toy ensures comfort and safety in any position while stimulating the vagina or anus.

    Tiani 24k from LELO – Sex Toy Review

    LELO TIANI 24K is a luxury, gold-plated, sex toy for use couples. It has 8 vibration settings – two controlled by SenseMotion. It has two motors, one for the G-spot and the other for the clitoris. It comes in very stylish gift packaging and includes a USB cable, a LELO lubricant, a 10 year warranty, a drawstring storage bag and 2 AAA batteries for its remote control.

    Gladiator Sex Toy Review – A Toy for Couples from Adrien Lastic

    Gladiator by Adrien Lastic. It’s a couple’s toy that is rather like and elaborate cock ring. It’s USB rechargeable and works with a remote control. It has two motors, one for the clitoris and another to stimulate the G spot. The result is like turning your guy’s manhood into a rabbit vibrator.

    Miss Bi from Fun Factory Sex Toy Review

    MISS BI from FUN FACTORY is a rabbit vibrator that offers dual stimulation. This isn’t just down to its two motors – one for the clitoris and the other located in the shaft to provide vaginal stimulation – but also because they are designed to operate independently. Each motor has its own corresponding button, so the result is a wide variety of combinations to achieve stimulation. Miss Bi is also intelligent. You can store whichever combination you prefer. Its shape is ergonomic and it’s very comfortable to hold

    Sex Toy Review – Luna Smart Bead by LELO

    I’ve just finished the first session with my new personal trainer and I can’t wait to begin the next one. Sometimes it can be hard to get in the mood to do any kind of sport and it seems like a real chore when you’re doing it. It’s only afterwards that you feel glad to have put in all the effort. Eventually, when you begin to see the real results of your hard work, the motivation to take exercise more regularly comes easily. When it comes to toning-up the pelvic floor, the rewards are even more obvious.

    Sex Toy Review: G Wave from Adrien Lastic

    I really shouldn’t do this, but I’m going to anyway. That’s exactly what I was thinking when there was a painter at work in the hallway of my flat. Nevertheless, I still went into my bedroom to try G Wave,  a new USB rechargeable vibrator from Adrien Lastic that is exceptionally versatile and adjustable. This stylish vibrator is powered by 2 individual silent motors. Its adaptable shape offers a great variety of angles to experiment with to derive maximum pleasure. It can be used as a classic vibrator or it can be bent in half for simultaneous G-spot & clitoral stimulation. It has 10 vibration settings. I fetched my iPad and took it with me into my bedroom. One of my old tricks is to use music to camouflage the sound of my buzzing toys. Fortunately I knew that G wave was silent. It was just the volume of my scandalous orgasms that I had to be worried about. When it was playing, I laid down on my unmade bed. Then I pulled down my trackie bottoms and closed my eyes. I switched the toy on and began to imagine my favourite sexual fantasies. I changed my role and the scenario with every clench, knowing that I didn’t have much time. MATERIAL: Soft touch silicone / ABS USABILITY: There are several ways to use G Wave. The head of the larger shaft feels absolutely amazing as a clitoral stimulator. When used with both parts internally, it feels very pleasant. You can even open it out inside. This is an interesting feature if girth is important to you. When used as a rabbit, however, I had to keep it […]

    Review: Vibrator Mr Hook from Adrien Lastic – I’m Hooked!

    They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and, in the case of sex toys, you should never judge a toy by its packaging. Of course, it’s always satisfying to have a well-designed box but my bottom line is always “does this toy deliver mindblowing orgasms every time I use it?” If a toy does that, straight out of the box, then I’ll keep it under my pillow and forget about the packaging it came in. Despite this, I must confess that I made some reckless assumptions about Mr Hook when I held him in my hand for the very first time. Now that we’ve been intimate on numerous occasions, my assumptions have proved worthless and I can fully appreciate just how he earned his name. Believe me when I say that he deserves it. My definition of a great sex toy is quite simple: it has to be so effective and pleasing that I continue to use it long after the review of its quality has been written and published. This is very much the case with Mr Hook from Adrien Lastic. Elegant, perfectly shaped and highly ergonomic, Mr Hook fits perfectly. It has 10 vibration settings that are powered by two individual vibrating motors that line up with the pleasure spots: One motor is in the shaft for the g-spot and there is another external motor to satisfy the clitoris. The removable and washable straps adjust perfectly to any size. MATERIAL: 100% velvet touch silicone + ABS. Very pleasant to touch. […]

    Review Mini Romeo from Adrien Lastic: O Romeo, Romeo!

    “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? “ Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare. I remember when I studied Romeo and Juliet at high school; it was my favourite Shakespeare play. I loved it for its story of forbidden love and passion. When we finished reading it, we went on a class trip to watch it performed in a theatre.  It was fascinating to see the play come to life before my eyes, as it had only existed for me within the yellowing pages of an old book. But the most impressive part by far took place during the death scene at the end. Romeo was lying face up and my classmates and I could not help noticing that he had a huge erection. This was all the proof we needed that he was still very much alive and well. My classmates sniggered in the dark theatre, but I stared at him in amazement; not quite believing what I was seeing. Naturally, when I first saw this  ‘Mini Romeo’ vibrator, I smiled. I was transported back to that era of my life. I was instantly filled with nostalgia. Despite the years that have gone by, and all the experience that I’ve acquired since then, I have to say that seeing an erection continues to impress me in the same way. Mini Romeo is a new toy from Adrien Lastic, who have recently released five new sex toys. Of all of them, I decided to try this one first. This was because […]

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