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I’ve been a sex toy tester since 2013. Since then, I’ve reviewed hundreds of products including: vibrators, wands, jiggle balls, clitoral stimulators, G spot stimulators, couples’s toys and more.

Featured brands have included: LELO, Fun Factory, Adrien Lastic, Pipedream, Pretty Love, TENGA, Bijoux indiscrets, Svakom, and many more.

Most of my sex toy reviews are in Spanish:

Last year I decided to create more content in English and that’s when I introduced the Sex Toy Laboratory. It’s main aim is to bring more humour into sex toy video reviews.

You will find some of my sex toy reviews below.

    Dr Whale Review – An App Controlled Pelvic Floor Trainer from Sistalk

    This week, I received Dr Whale, an app-controlled pelvic floor trainer from Sistalk. It must be said that I’ve never had the pleasure of using an app-controlled pelvic floor trainer before, even though they’re highly recommended and supposed to make the whole experience more fun and stimulating. I have to confess that up to this point I’ve lacked the motivation to seek one out.

    Cookie & Candy from Svakom

    As soon as I saw Cookie and Candy on Svakom’s Instagram feed a few weeks ago, I knew that they had to be mine. I’ve been living in an apartment by the beach for just over a month now. I’ve been mesmerised by every beautiful sunrise. It’s such an awe-inspiring way to begin the day. Cookie and Candy look like beautiful marine objects that could have been washed up on the shore. As such, they couldn’t be more appropriate with the ocean theme and my current living situation. They are vibrators but they can also move independently. Cookie has a trio of pleasing, teasing tentacles and Candy has a pouting mouth that summons up the image of a kissing fish.

    LELO Sona Review – Venus O’Hara Sex Toy Tester

    LELO Sona Review  – One of the best clitoral stimulation sex toys on the market today. Check out my Sona comparison to similar Womanizer and Satisfyer products LELO Sona Review Raising orgasmic awareness is no small task. In fact, it’s a 24-hour operation. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night, I’m thinking about fulfilling my mission. Instead of just rolling over and going back to sleep, I can’t resist the temptation to check my emails on my phone. As I work with people in many different time zones, there could be developments at any time. Once I have taken care of anything urgent, I have discovered that masturbation is the perfect insomnia cure. No matter how busy or tense I might be, once I am horizontal enjoying some me-time with a personal pleasure device, suddenly all my worrying thoughts are replaced with stimulating ones of unfulfilled fantasies. As I connect my mind to my body, I’m almost grateful to have a disturbed night, just to enjoy this moment of pleasure. During my sessions of self-love, I have discovered many wonderful things about clitoral stimulation. And it’s not just about pleasure seeking and finding. I have found that an orgasm is the answer to almost everything. For example, once my own throbbing clitoris is calm, so is my mind and my body. My breathing is deeper and slower, providing me with an overall feeling of well-being and harmony. My midnight masturbation sessions are not just about satisfying […]

    Sex Toy Review: The Dodil

    If you rearrange the word dildo, you end up with dodil. The dodil is a dildo that you can reshape according to your own preferences.

    I have been exploring what it really means to be a minimalist in my day-to-day life. This has resulted in my decision to throw out anything that does not earn its place by bringing me continual joy. My main inspiration in this has been Marie Kondo’s book. Since reading it, I have been careful not to acquire anything new that I do not really need. I have donated books to a library, taken old clothes to a charity shop and made gifts of my furniture to neighbours. The process has been wonderfully liberating.

    Sliquid Lubricant Review – Venus O’Hara Sex Blogger

    Finally! I am able to provide a review of a lubricant that I can actually get wet about.

    There is a wide variety of lubricants on the market. And it is never an easy thing to choose the ‘right’ one. Sometimes your selection can be influenced by the packaging, the price, the promise of only natural ingredients, longer-lasting usability, the presence (or absence) of perfumes. Don’t forget any stimulating effects, whether it’s compatible with your sex toys. It’s really no surprise that making an informed judgement can be a little confusing.

    Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation Review

    I was itching with anticipation as I unboxed The Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation. After working my way into the box, I was delighted to discover that it’s black & white silicone body is seemingly modelled on that of a penguin wearing a tuxedo. It had even seen fit to dress up further for the occasion; a red sculpted bow tie was worn proudly around its neck. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin was clearly serious about its intention to provide me with high-end orgasmic delight.

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