Sex Toy Reviews

I’ve been a sex toy tester since 2013. Since then, I’ve reviewed hundreds of products including: vibrators, wands, jiggle balls, clitoral stimulators, G spot stimulators, couples’s toys and more.

Featured brands have included: LELO, Fun Factory, Adrien Lastic, Pipedream, Pretty Love, TENGA, Bijoux indiscrets, Svakom, and many more.

Most of my sex toy reviews are in Spanish:

Last year I decided to create more content in English and that’s when I introduced the Sex Toy Laboratory. It’s main aim is to bring more humour into sex toy video reviews.

You will find some of my sex toy reviews below.

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Japanese Sex Toys – Mizu Temari from Iroha by Tenga

I thought I had seen it all as far as sex toys are concerned. I have working with adult novelty brands and erotic boutiques all over the world for several years now. However, when I visited Kanojo Toys, an online shop from Japan, I couldn’t believe the things that I saw before my eyes. There were so many things that I had never heard of or even imagined, and that is really saying something for a sex toy connoisseur like myself. Their mission is to bring the pleasure of Japanese sex toys to every bedroom worldwide. In other words, they ship internationally. I was only too happy to oblige in helping them fulfil it by reviewing Mizu Temari from Iroha by Tenga for them. And to make their offering even more orgasmic, they are offering a 20% discount with the code VENUS. Mizu Temari is a cute and highly effective clitoral stimulator. It boasts powerful motors yet quiet vibrations. Its special ball design means you can use them for a long time without having your hands go numb from the vibrations, while the curves allow you to reach sensitives areas easily and without abrupt shifts in texture. Its design is inspired by Temari embroidery craft balls. Its functionality is similar to that of a wand massager, but with greater control of the movements as you hold it in your hand. You can keep it still against your clitoris or you can move it side to side or in circles. It […]

GJack 2 from GVibe – Sex Toy Review by Venus O’Hara

Just looking at GJack 2 makes me salivate. It reminds me of whipped ice cream. I used to love licking the cold cream on a hot summer’s day and noticing the contrast of temperatures in my mouth. Now, as a vegan, I no longer crave or desire whipped ice cream and I haven’t had it for almost 4 years. Despite this, I still salivate as I look at the textured surface of GJack2. GJack2 is a phallic vibrator with a realistic head and a whipped-ice cream textured surface. It has a very substantial girth and its length is gently curved, allowing for precise G spot stimulation. It is pretty bigm therefore it is ideal for those who believe that size is important. The textured surface also provides extra internal stimulation. But of course, phallic vibrators aren’t just good for internal stimulation. They are also ideal for external stimulation. For example, you can use the tip to stimulate your clitoris or you can use the length between your thighs to enjoy the vibrations along its length to stimulate your clitoris and perineum. The looped handle is very ergonomic to hold and you can easily access the button interface during use to change the settings according to your preferences. GJack 2 has 6 vibration settings to enjoy and you can increase or decrease the intensity as you please. PACKAGING: GJack2 is presented in a cardboard cylinder that is ideal for offering as a gift. It also contains a magnetic charging cable, a […]

Satisfyer Plugs – Sex Toy Review

I must admit that my anal sex toy experiences have been very limited. In fact, I managed to avoid anal toys completely during the first five years of my career as a professional sex toy tester. The truth is that I just wasn’t intrigued about anal sexplorations. But then when I had the opportunity to pop my anal sex toy cherry last year, I was surprised that it was more pleasant than expected. Moreover,  it even enhanced my orgasm considerably when combined with simultaneous clitoral stimulation. This multipack contains 3 anal plugs that are ideal for those who are curious about anal stimulation. It can even serve as a perfect anal training toy to prepare you for anal sex. The 3 toys offer a progressive method that is ideal for beginners in that the width increases gradually. I would say that the easiest options would be the fuschia pink or lilac plug. You can insert a small part of the toy and then some more until you feel ready. It’s also fun to use as part of a role play. The light pink plug is the most advanced in the set and I saved it until last. PACKAGING: Satisfyer Plugs are presented in a no-frills box that also comes with a multilingual user manual and MATERIAL: They are made from extra soft silicone that feels very pleasant. Must be used with water-based lubricant. USABILITY: They are very easy to use thanks to their narrow tips. If you’re new to anal […]

Satisfyer Men Vibration – Sex Toy Review

“What about sex toys for men?” I’ve been asked this question many times. While it’s true that women have much more choice when it comes to adult novelties, the male sex toy category is growing fast. I have often wondered if vibration can stimulate the penis like it can a clitoris. That is to say, potentially resulting in orgasm. Yesterday morning, I was finally able to answer my own question as I saw it with my own eyes, not quite believing the results. There I was enjoying an afternoon snuggle with my lover and instead of just enjoying the moment, I started to think about work and all the things on my ‘to do’ list.  The sheer amount of work that came to mind made me feel a little intimidated if I’m honest. But when I remembered that I had to test Satisfyer Men Vibration, I felt inspired all of sudden. I convinced that this would be the perfect moment to test it. I smiled a mischievous smile to myself and then I got up to fetch the toy. When I came back to bed with the toy in my hand, I was thrilled that my lover was more than willing to try the toy. But despite his vocal enthusiasm and curiosity, his penis was flaccid when we initiated the test. I was actually happy about this as I thought that it would prove the efficacy of the toy – or lack of it. Satisfyer Men Vibration is a vibrator […]

Grabbit from GVibe Sex Toy Review

They say that 3 is the magic number. However, when applied to sex, I’m not so sure. The first thing that comes to mind is a threesome. While they can no doubt be highly enjoyable, according to my experience, three is a crowd and in most cases, I think I might be too selfish to share my lovers. Unless there is no emotional connection to speak of. Fortunately, Gvibe has applied the magic of the number 3 to Grabbit. It is a rabbit vibrator that has 3 powerful motors, exactly where you would most want them. There is one at the tip of the phallus to provide precise G spot and at the tip of the two ears that provide focused clitoral stimulation. It also has a 3-year warranty – which is unusual in the sex toy world –  as most of them have a one-year warranty. Therefore, Grabbit guarantees lots of orgasms! I cannot tell you how many phallic toys I have tried that have the motor at the handle and not the tip of the toys. This is so annoying as my demanding clitoris or G spot isn’t enjoying the toys maximum orgasmic potential. In addition, one is more likely to get repetitive strain injury on my wrist than sheet gripping orgasms.  It’s wonderful that I don’t have to worry about such things with Grabbit. When I first held it in my hands I knew it had potential, thanks to its shape. Then, when I switched it on […]

Moxie We-Vibe Wearable Remote / App Controlled External Stimulator Sex Toy Review

The least orgasmic part of my job as a professional sex toy tester has to be the deliveries. I have to wait at home all day not knowing when the package will arrive. If I happen to pop out for just five minutes, as Murphy’s law would have it, that’s precisely when the delivery company decides to come by and leave me a notification. This means that I’ll have to spend yet another day waiting… This is even more of a challenge if you live in a tiny apartment as I do. I was going crazy working from home and not just because of the deliveries. Recently, I decided to start working from a coworking space instead and my lifestyle and production have improved significantly as a result. It also gives me the human contact that I crave so much during the day.  But one of the best things is that I no longer have to wait around for deliveries, as my boxes are kept for me at the reception. Moxie from We-Vibe was the first sex toy that I received here. I remember arriving at the office and picking up the box and placing on my desk. I didn’t open it, as I didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention. Although I am dedicated to the cause of raising orgasmic awareness, I try to be discreet about my profession as I realise that it can make others feel uncomfortable and I don’t want that. However, when I sat down, […]

Mister Rabbit – Satisfyer Vibes – Sex Toy Review

The G spot gets way more publicity than the A spot and I have no idea why that is. Here’s a quick definition from Wikipedia: “The anterior fornix erogenous zone (also known as the AFE zone, AFE, A-spot, epicentre, deep spot or second G-spot) is reportedly a female erogenous zone that when stimulated can lead to rapid vaginal lubrication and arousal, sometimes without any other form of stimulation, with continued stimulation resulting in an intense orgasm.” It seems as though it is a pretty recent discovery. In 1989, Malaysian sex scientist Dr Chua Chee Ann found that stimulation of an area deep in the vagina on the anterior wall resulted in rapid lubrication and arousal. He did not make his discovery public until thirteen years after it was made. However, this location was described as an erogenous spot much earlier by Marie Stopes in her 1924 book “Contraception” I discovered this area long before my G spot and my clitoris. I got all my sex education from women’s magazines. According to what I read, women were either clitoral or vaginal.  I was thrilled to discover that I was able to reach orgasm quickly and easily through A-spot stimulation. During penetration, it meant that grinding instead of thrusting was the way to provoke ecstasy. Thanks to A-spot stimulation, my orgasms were intense, and almost instantaneous. It’s about time there were more sex toys to stimulate this highly erogenous area. Mister Rabbit is shaped to reach this sensitive spot. But that’s not […]

Sex Toy Review My Bunny a Thrusting Rabbit from My Toys

There seems to be some doubt about the existence of the G spot. I remember when I received a professional G spot massage a few years ago. The masseur in question not only believes that it exists but he even swears that the G spot is like the feminine hard drive that stores emotions and traumas. Stimulating it can provide a special therapeutic orgasm or even squirting. Needless to say, I was intrigued to try his techniques. He promised me 5 orgasms in 2 hours, but I ended up having 8. I was worn out and totally blissed out afterwards. Any doubt in my mind about the existence of the G spot was eradicated. It was one of the most memorable orgasmic sessions that I have ever experienced. Hiring a professional G spot masseur isn’t cheap. So for those moments when you need some top quality G spot action. My Bunny from My Toys is ideal for discovering the virtues of G spot stimulation coupled with skilful clitoral stimulation to provide next level orgasms and possibly even squirting. My Bunny is the first product from My Toys, a new German brand featuring innovative technology, stunning designs and bright colours offered within an affordable price range. Although it looks like a conventional rabbit vibrator, it is much more sophisticated. It comprises 2 motors that can be controlled individually. The flexible clitoral stimulator features a powerful vibrator with 10 vibration patterns. In the shaft, there is a thrusting motor, providing an intensely […]

Satisfyer Pro Traveler – Sex Toy Review

I’ve been bitten by the travel bug. All I want to do is travel. I have a good friend who is a travel blogger and we influence each other. I give her free sex toys and she inspires me to travel. Aside from the orgasms, one of the best things about my job as a professional sex toy tester is the fact that I’m location independent.  In other words, Barcelona is the backdrop of my orgasmic lifestyle, but I work internationally. I don’t need to write a letter to the HR department to ask for permission to go on holiday. That’s because I’m the boss. Besides, being location independent means that I can even take my work with me and work from any destination in the world. It’s a situation that I don’t make the most of often enough. I have just come back from a workation in Formentera and Ibiza. I’m already planning my future trips but I can’t seem to decide on my next destination. Should I rediscover paths from the past or should I discover new horizons? Decisions, decisions… I often encounter a similar dilemma when deciding on which sex toy to bring on holiday with me. It’s never easy to decide. I need something that is discreet in terms of its appearance and noise level without compromising on orgasm quality. Satisfyer Pro Traveler is ideal for travel as it ticks all the boxes on the perfect travel sex toy. It is a powerful clitoral stimulator that […]

Master from Satisfyer Vibes – Sex Toy Review

‘Please don’t look down. I have a really small c**k and I’m really ashamed…’ Naturally, I couldn’t resist the temptation and I looked down immediately. I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing before my eyes… Needless to say, I had never seen anything like it in my life! ‘WTF! It’s MASSIVE!’ I exclaimed in shock. I guess that his prior warning about his ‘small size’ was intentional. He wanted to lower my expectations and then exceed them. It seemed to be a well-rehearsed part of his own personal seduction technique. I had just moved to Barcelona and I was freshly single. I was wondering how and when I would lose my Barcelonian virginity and more importantly, who was going to be the lucky man to take it. I had had many dates, but I didn’t sleep with any of them  Then after a couple of months, I was finding celibacy to be a challenge and I ended up in bed with a good friend of mine. I was convinced that we could be friends with benefits. I trusted him and we got on well. He was also good-looking, even though he wasn’t quite boyfriend material. Not that I was looking. He laughed at my shocked reaction and kissed me. I went to grab his throbbing length and it could hardly fit in my hand. I don’t think I had ever seen such a big schlong close up.  I was so curious about what it might feel like inside me… […]

LELO Gigi 2 Sex Toy Review for

If I received a dollar for every time a guy writes to me seeking reassurance for his penis size preoccupations, I would probably be a millionaire. Whenever this happens, I always point out (pun intended) that hardness is more important than cms. At least, that is how I see it (and feel it) according to my experience. I would say that I have experienced greater pleasure from an average but mega hard penis as opposed to a huge and floppy one. I also point out to these men that Gigi 2 from LELO is the world’s bestselling G spot stimulator. It is a luxurious, curved vibrator that has a relatively small insertable length. It definitely proves the point that size doesn’t matter as much as some men think it does. Gigi 2’s shape isn’t just ideal for precise G spot stimulation; its curved shape can cup the pubic bone and the protruding tip can stimulate the clitoris. Therefore, it’s ideal for internal and external stimulation, making it a very versatile sex toy. Gigi 2 has 8 vibration patterns that can be increased or decreased, so there are many possibilities of pleasure. PACKAGING: Gigi 2 is presented in an elegant box that is perfect to offer as a gift. It also contains a USB charging cable, a drawstring storage pouch, a multilingual user manual, a warranty registration card and a sachet of LELO personal moisturiser which is glycerine and paraben free. MATERIAL: It is made from extra smooth body-safe silicone and […]

Pan T Vibe – A Wearable, Remote Control Sex Toy by Adrien Lastic

I adore wearing a sex toy in public. I love having a secret. Although I am far too lazy to do this on a regular basis, I have found that doing so from time to time can make it even more special and memorable. What makes it even more thrilling is when a partner has control of my pleasure via remote control. This means that I never know when to expect those delicious vibrating sensations against my most intimate areas. Nor do I know how long they will last or which vibration mode will be used. I consider myself to be a bit of a control freak in most aspects of my life, therefore, surrendering the power to someone else is quite a big deal for me. This Pan T Vibe from Adrien Lastic is the only external wearable remote-controlled vibrator that I have tested. It is comfortable to wear and its adjustable belt can fit all sizes. It has 10 vibration modes and it can be controlled manually or with the remote control. You can wear it during a walk in nature, during a hot date or in the privacy of your own home. Wherever you want! PACKAGING: Pan T Vibe is presented in an elegant box that also contains a remote control with a battery included, an adjustable belt to fit all sizes, a magnetic charging cable, a multilingual instruction leaflet, and a 2-year warranty card. MATERIAL: Pan T Vibe is made from extra smooth silicone and it […]

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples – Sex Toy Review

‘Don’t you have any new sex toys you need to test?’ My lover asked me the other day when he came over to my place for lunch. ‘Let me think…’ I said and walked over to my ‘incoming’ box in my lounge. I rummaged around and smiled to myself when I found Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples among the boxes. I showed him the package and explained in great detail how it worked. I could see that he was getting turned on by my description. Given his undeniable enthusiasm, I thought that the timing was perfect to test it then and there. ‘May the test begin!” he exclaimed and proceeded to kiss and undress me passionately.   Interestingly, he was a sex toy virgin before me.  Now he loves learning about the sex toys I test and he especially loves seeing me enjoy them. I’m so fortunate to be with someone who finds my profession a turn on. So many men have been intimidated by my huge vibrator collection in the past.   I’m so glad that I don’t have to pretend to be normal. Not that I ever would. Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is a couple’sex toy that can be worn during penetration. It provides dual stimulation, that is to say, that it uses pressure waves to stimulate the clitoris without actually touching it. The insertable element vibrates and stimulates the G spot. The motors can be controlled independently and it is ideal to use with or without a partner. […]

Womanizer DUO – Sex Toy Review

‘When did you know that you had ‘made it’? Oprah Winfrey asked J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books in an exclusive interview. ‘When I no longer had to choose between two things, because I could have them both,’ she answered. I was so inspired when I heard this. “Why choose when you can have both?” has always been one of my favourite life philosophies and whenever I’m presented with a choice, I always strive to have both options. After all, why should I restrict myself? When I was discovering my sexuality in my late teens through reading women’s magazines, they often talked about clitoral or vaginal orgasms. According to what I was reading, women were one either one or the other. Given the fact that I was able to reach orgasm easily through vaginal penetration, I presumed that I was vaginal and as a result, I ended up completely ignoring my clitoral potential for far too long. But one day while using a rabbit vibrator in my late twenties, those skilful rabbit ears teased my clitoris in a way I had never experienced before. I was completely taken by surprise and for the first time ever, I experienced an orgasm through clitoral stimulation. It was mindblowing! I repeated the exercise just to get to grips with my newfound discovery and I learned that I didn’t need to insert anything at all in order to reach ecstasy. I could reach orgasm from vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, or both. Womanizer […]

Magic Bunny from Satisfyer Vibes Sex Toy Review

‘Don’t you ever get sick of your toys? If you let me go down on you, you would forget about them soon enough. Nothing beats my tongue and I would go down on you for hours…’ I almost felt a twitch when he mentioned his enthusiasm for giving oral sex. I absolutely love it when a guy truly appreciates and enjoys oral generosity.  The trouble is, this particular guy just doesn’t attract me in the slightest, even though he is very good looking and he takes great care of his body… He is a friend of a friend and we have known each other for several years. Whenever we randomly meet in my neighbourhood, he asks me out and tells me how great his cunnilinguistic skills are and even though I have never taken him up on his offer, he still insists. But then yesterday, when I bumped into him in the supermarket, he surprised me by telling me that he had just broken up with his girlfriend after 5 years… ‘What girlfriend?’ I was thinking to myself… He certainly kept that one quiet! As we stood next to the fresh produce section, he explained the virtues of single life: being able to do what he wanted when he wanted without giving any explanations to anyone. I nodded in agreement. ‘I didn’t even know you had a girlfriend’ I said.  He shrugged and went on to say that he had been acting like a singleton the whole time and that […]

Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit – Sex Toy Review

I first received this sex toy at the beginning of 2018.  When I opened the package, I was surprised to discover that I had also been sent some spare ones to give away. Needless to say, I was thrilled to be able to gift some of my best female friends with orgasms. I met with one of my friends in a cafe and I surprised her with an orgasmic present just as we sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee. When she unwrapped it under the table – discreetly, of course – she was so overcome with joy and emotion when she discovered what was inside. I was flattered and touched when I observed her reaction, but at the same time I was thinking to myself: ‘just wait until you try it!’ I was convinced that her reaction would be even more significant in the privacy of her own bedroom… I was already familiar with clitoral suction toys, but I was very curious to find out how it felt when combined with a vibrating shaft to stimulate my G spot. My high hopes were met and then exceeded when I first tried it. I was so happy when I discovered that my friend was also over the moon with it. In fact, over the following months, I gifted her with even more sex toys until she acquired a pretty substantial collection for someone who isn’t in the adult novelty business. I was curious to know her opinions on certain […]

Remote Control Vibrating Kegel Balls from Amazon

I think it’s fair to say that I know quite a lot about sex toys. I have been a professional sex toy tester since 2013 and a regular user since 2006. But no matter how much you know about a given subject, there will always be someone who knows more than you do. Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing a woman called Adeline who is the founder of the very first sex shop in Spain. It was opened over 40 years ago. Needless to say, a lot has changed in that time and the owner knows so much more about the pleasure sector than I could ever dream of. I asked her about many things related to sex toys and how they have evolved over the last 4 decades. I also wanted to know what was the most popular sex toy question form her female customers. I was expecting her to tell me that it was something orgasm related, as this is the question that I receive the most from my female followers. It seems that many women have yet to discover their orgasmic potential and this is something that motivates me to do what I do. However, to my surprise, Adeline told me that strengthening the pelvic floor was the primary concern of the many women who visit her shop. Having a strong pelvic floor is so important. A strong pelvic floor means stronger and more intense orgasms, more pleasure for you and your male partners during intercourse, […]

The Popularity of Anime Sex Dolls

Maybe you’re a fan of anime, or you just think that girls with big eyes and brightly colored hair are attractive. No matter your stance, there’s no denying that anime sex dolls are highly popular because they let you finally be with one of those cute and sexy anime girls. While I’ll be using the term anime sex doll here, this can easily be applied to hentai sex dolls, manga sex dolls, comic sex dolls, animated sex dolls and so on. All these terms basically describe the same type of attraction along with similar types of dolls. Let’s get into why these dolls are so popular along with a few dolls that might really tickle your fancy. What is Anime Many of you will likely know what anime is, but this section will enlighten those who don’t. Anime is Japanese animation and is known for having highly detailed storylines, interesting characters and explosive effects not often found in Western animation. While anime has been around for a long time, it wasn’t until the 1990s with Sailor Moon and DBZ that it gained mainstream acceptance in America. It may have taken a while for anime to catch on in America, but it’s become highly popular because it is vastly different from Western animation. The stories and characters are usually more serious and intriguing, which makes it easier for people to become engrossed in them. Anime and hentai, a term for anime porn that also refers to any other unconventional form of […]

Petting Hippo from Satisfyer Vibes Sex Toy Review

I absolutely love it when a guy tries to inhale my Venusian aroma just before going down on me. Unfortunately, we have been taught that our smell is bad. I’m talking about the very direct fish jokes that we had to endure at high school as well as the subliminal messages from advertisements for feminine hygiene products – which are completely unnecessary. Have you ever wondered why you can never find any penis and testicle cleaner at your local supermarket? And if all this wasn’t enough, many lubricants have nasty fake fruit flavours that mask our natural scent. Why would anyone want their ladyparts to smell of synthetic strawberry instead of their natural, sweet and musky nectar? I never did understand the lubricant world… As a result of this, many women just can’t relax about their vulvas during an intimate encounter and therefore they are missing out on some vital cunnulinguistic pleasures. Of course, a vulva must be clean and healthy in order to be sniffable. But it must be underlined that one should avoid perfumed products to maintain one’s own natural orgasmic aroma. Another thing that turns me on during these moments is when a guy is able to maintain an erection as he gets to work on me. Not only does it prove to me that he is genuinely into it, but it also helps me deprogramme all the crap I’ve been taught about my sacred aroma.  In fact, many of my fantasies involve pussy worship and inhaling […]

The Importance of Sex Toy Education

As a professional sex toy tester, my job is much more than just testing, reviewing and recommending sex toys. It’s also about encouraging people to indulge in self-love sessions and get to know their bodies better.  I believe that sex toy education and sexual self-discovery can lead to greater happiness as it can improve your sex life with yourself and with a partner. My mission in life is to raise orgasmic awareness. According to my vast experience, becoming orgasmic has much more to do with establishing a mind-body connection rather than recommending a particular sex toy. Once this connection has been made, then almost any adult novelty can help me to reach ecstasy. This is something I have learned myself through trial and error. I remember years ago, I needed a rabbit vibrator to reach orgasm. I had become so fixated on dual stimulation: that is to say, having a vibrating phallus inside my vagina as I let those delicious rabbit ears get to work on my eager clitoris. Even though I had several pebble and bullet vibrators in my collection, they did nothing for me. But then one day when my trusty rabbit broke down, (probably from overuse) I had no choice but to try and make my non-phallic toys work for me. I closed my eyes, focused on the delightful sensations on my ever-so-demanding clitoris and the details of the erotic narrative in my mind and soon enough, I could feel those familiar orgasmic spasms building up inside […]

Satisfyer Pro Penguin – My Best Dressed Sex Toy – Review

If only all my lovers were this well-dressed for sex! I’m a big fan of getting dressed up for sex. I remember last summer, I used to go around to my lover’s house wearing the most scandalous and pointless lingerie ever. I’m talking crotchless bodystockings, suspenders, and peek-a-boo bras. Of course, I used to cover up with ‘normal’ clothes on top. As soon as I arrived, my lover would greet me and frisk me and then you would inevitably find whatever it was that I was wearing underneath. He used to tut and shake his head with feigned anger and ask: ‘Are you trying to distract me?’ ‘No, of course not,’ I lied before things got really hot. Another time, he surprised me by cooking for me naked apart from an apron. When I saw his growing erection produce a ‘tent’ effect on the gingham fabric, I knew that dessert would be very promising and it made me even more intrigued and excited about re-discovering what was underneath his ill-fitting apron. Satisfyer Pro Penguin is dressed formally as opposed to provocatively. Nevertheless, its mission is the same: to provide orgasms and reduce shame. Let me explain. Unfortunately, many people are still ashamed about sex toys and having one that looks cute can make the idea of indulging in self-love more accessible for those who are a little prudish. I believe that a well-dressed clitoral stimulator could be just what many women may need. And of course, even if you have […]

Fun Function – Bunny Funny Collection – 4 Moving Rabbit Sex Toys – Review

There’s something ever so intriguing about a sex toy that moves. When you look at it, you can’t help but imagine what it might feel like against your most intimate parts. At least, that’s what happens to me. When I saw these four sex toys from Fun Function moving at the same time, each one in a different way, it almost makes me blush as I imagined them all getting to work on me. But not all at the same time, of course. That would be too much. They may look similar, but when you switch them on, each phallus has different orgasmic attributes. With the exception of Bunny Funny Rotation, they all vibrate as well as having moving phalluses. They also have a ten-tongue clitoral wheel to stimulate the clitoris. That is to say that they provide triple stimulation. PACKAGING: They are presented in a no-frills box that includes a USB charging cable. The product specifications and instructions are on the box in English, Spanish, French and Italian. MATERIAL: They are all made from silicone and ABS. They are compatible with water-based lubricant. They are waterproof so you can enjoy them in the bath or the shower. TEN-TONGUE CLITORAL WHEEL: They all have this feature that has 7 settings. In order to get the most out of it, I would recommend using plenty of lubricant and making sure it’s not too close to the body in case they get stuck and stop rotating. STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Very strong. NOISE […]

Charming Smile by Satisfyer Vibes – Sex Toy Review

There is nothing quite like an orgasm to put a smile on my face. When I’m not having orgasms or raising orgasmic awareness through my work, my mission is to share my good energy with the world through my smile. Let me explain. I make a conscious effort to smile at everyone I encounter in my day to day life. This goes from the neighbours in my building, the waiters in my local cafe and everyone who serves me in a shop. Not only is it good for my karma.  I have learned that smiles can get you places. For example, you get better service and then when people smile back you know you’re being perceived as a nice person, which is a priceless feeling. A smile says: I’m in a good mood. I’m approachable. I’m a nice person. Smiles are also seductive.  When I first saw Charming Smile from Satisfyer, I thought of my current squeeze and how he seduced me with his own charming smile. I was going through a hard time and seeing his smile every morning got me curious about seeing the rest of him and I wondered if he could put an orgasmic smile on my face. Which he did – and does. Charming Smile is a phallic shaped vibrator that is curved like a smile. It is ideal for stimulating your G spot. It has a manageable length with a substantial girth. Its curved tip is ideal for stimulating the G spot or for […]

Sensual Touch Wand Massager from Adam & Eve

Just the other day I saw an incredible documentary about female orgasm. It focussed specifically on ‘super orgasm’. As a professional orgasm activist, I was keen to find out what exactly they meant by ‘super orgasm’ and how I could have one. It turns out that they were referring to multiple orgasms in a group of women. They described how when one orgasm was ending, another would build up straight away, and then another and another and so on. Sometimes they were able to experience dozens of orgasms. I have experienced this many times but never as many as dozens in a single session. To be honest, I’ve never tried to count how many orgasms I can enjoy in succession. According to my estimations, there could be around 5, which seems like nothing compared to the women featured in the documentary I saw. Through many hours of sex toy testing, I learned how to provoke multiple orgasms whenever I wanted. Before I came to this realisation, it was just something that took me by surprise from time to time. I had no idea how to provoke them whenever I wanted. Then, I discovered that building up the friction and movement of a vibrating sex toy against my clitoris was the way to do this. When I first held this Sensual Touch Wand Massager in my hand for the first time, I knew that it would be the perfect sex toy to provoke multiple orgasms. This is because it has the […]

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration – Sex Toy Review

This sex toy was a game changer for me. I had heard glowing reports of the Satisfyer from many women in the pleasure industry, but I still preferred conventional vibrators. This is because I found that the pressure wave stimulation on my clitoris to be a little too intense for my liking. There was no doubt that it was pleasurable and orgasmic, it’s just that I prefer a more gradual build up in order to reach ecstasy – or so I thought. I also thought I preferred continuous vibrations to provoke an orgasm. I often found that the wave or pulsating vibration modes were never much use for my demanding clitoris. But when I discovered Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, I learned that pressure wave clitoral stimulation combined with a pulsating vibration mode could actually be quite wonderful. So much so, that this toy was one of my top, most repeated sex toys of 2018. Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is a boomerang shape sex toy that stimulates the clitoris using pressure waves and vibration. There are 11 levels of intensity of the pressure wave function and 10 vibration modes. There are two motors that can be controlled independently, allowing for many different orgasmic combinations to enjoy. PACKAGING: It is presented in a no-frills box that also contains a magnetic USB charging cable and a multilingual instructions leaflet. MATERIAL: Silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof, so you can enjoy satisfying moments in the bath or the shower. NOISE LEVEL: Silent. STRENGTH OF […]

Yummy Sunshine from Satisfyer Vibes

After living in Spain for many years, it’s safe to say that I can’t stand the cold. Now that winter has come to an end, I must say that I’m so grateful for all the winter sun that I have enjoyed this year. Lately, my morning routine consists of waking up naturally with no alarm, then I pull the blinds up – while still in bed – and I instantly feel the Mediterranean sun on my face as I do my morning meditation. Sometimes, it’s so bright that I wonder if I should put my sunglasses on – which is a wonderful ‘problem’ to have. Then, I get out of bed and prepare my orgasmic breakfast, take a photo of it for Instagram, and then I eat it on my roof terrace in the sun. I’m always grateful when I feel the winter sun on my face as I enjoy the organic and orgasmic flavours of my nutritious breakfast. These moments remind me of how fortunate I am to live in Spain and to be living an overall orgasmic lifestyle. Shortly after, my beau comes over with fresh coffee for me and we enjoy it on my balcony. Then we go inside my flat, take our clothes off, go to my bed and snuggle naked for half an hour or so under the duvet before we both start our respective working days. This is because we always sleep separately and we have to make up for lost time.  And when […]

Loretta Rechargeable Massage Wand from Supor Adult Product

A couple of weeks ago, I asked one of my friends how many sex toys she had. She is one of my best friends and often when I receive more than one given sex toy, she gets the spare one. She knows that she is privileged to have a friend like me and I am only too happy to provide her with sheet-gripping orgasms, albeit indirectly She sent me a photo of her entire collection and although it was varied, there was one thing missing. She didn’t have a wand massager. This omission seemed obvious to me as I think that wand massagers are an essential component of any decent self-love collection. Coincidentally, when I received my Loretta rechargeable Wand Massager from Supor Adult Product,I was thrilled to discover that they had included a spare one.  I knew exactly who was going to be the recipient of this orgasmic device. Wand massagersprovide intense clitoral stimulation. The strong motor is conveniently located in the head of the toy, that resembles a microphone.  They are also ideal for massaging other parts of the body. For example, they are perfect for self-massage or you can get to work on your partner’s aches and pains and vice-versa. It is also ideal to use during penetration. PACKAGING: The Loretta Rechargeable wand massager is presented in a no-frills box that contains a USB charging cable. The product specifications can be found on the box. MATERIAL: It is made from food grade silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. […]

Liv 2 from LELO – Sex Toy Review

Liv 2 from LELO – Sex Toy Review After acquiring and testing hundreds of sex toys, I’m always impressed by how my LELO toys are able to stand the test of time. And it’s not as if I haven’t used them and they’ve just been gathering dust in their respective boxes. Not at all! I have used them hundreds of times and they never fail to deliver the orgasms that I crave and deserve so much. It goes to show that they really are as good as they claim to be in terms of quality. Liv 2 from Lelo is a perfect example of this. I’ve had it for several years and it still looks as good as new. It’s a stylish vibrator that is ideal for G spot stimulation or for external, clitoral stimulation. It has 8 vibration settings and it is available in 4 colours. Its shape is ergonomic, versatile and it’s not too big. Therefore it is ideal for those who believe that great things come in small packagages. My current squeeze gets very jealous when I use toys that are bigger than him, but Liv 2 from LELO doesn’t intimidate him at all, fortunately. Especially since he discovered that it was his friend during a recent quickie when he was on a work break and  I used it to stimulate my clitoris during penetration. He loved seeing how I lost control and reached an ecstatic state in no time at all. He even suggested that we […]

Sex Toy Review: Satifyer Pro Deluxe Next Generation

One of the hardest things about being a sex toy tester is having to test toys when you’re not quite in the mood for an orgasm. Fortunately, over the years that I have been doing this job, I have developed some techniques to motivate me in times like these. When I was about the try the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Next Generation for my Sex Toy Laboratory video, I must admit that I felt lazy. The truth is that I had already enjoyed an afternoon of intense lovemaking with my beau. Naturally, I was tired and in a dreamy state, and not quite thinking about my next orgasm… He went out for a few hours, leaving me to get on with some work. I was still lying in the same bed that we had messed up together just moments earlier. In order to get into the zone, I did what I usually do these days. I put my salt lamp on in order to create a relaxed atmosphere. Then, I put some binaural beats music on. That is to say, chill out music that provokes specific mental and physical states. It has become the soundtrack to my life recently, whatever my activity. Then, I lay back and I started to meditate. More specifically, I was thinking about a particular intention as I stimulated myself with Satisfyer Pro deluxe Next Generation. It is a powerful clitoral stimulator that uses pressure waves to stimulate the clitoris without touching it. It has 11 levels […]

M3 – A wearable G spot stimulator from Feelingirl

I thought I’d seen it all as far as sex toys are concerned. But I have never seen anything quite like M3 from Feelingirl before. It’s a wearable, remote controlled G spot and clitoral stimulator with an optional heating function and voice control! The clitoral element vibrates and the phallus vibrates, waves and rotates, providing intense pleasure to your clitoris and G spot. Despite all these sophisticated attributes, it’s extremely intuitive to use. Its shape is very ergonomic and the penis element is small but highly effective. It moves and when it does, it feels amazing against the G spot. It proves the point that the best things come in small packages. You don’t need to have a huge schlong to stimulate the G spot. PACKAGING: M3 is presented in a simple white box that also contains a Usb charging cable, an instructions leaflet in English, German and Chinese. A remote control with a battery inside and a spare one. MATERIAL: Silicone and ABS. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower. STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Moderate. NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous. USABILITY: Very simple to use. Switch the toy on at the base and then switch the remote control on to pair the devices. The remote control has 4 buttons: a power button, vibration mode button, heating function and voice control. Heating functions are always useful to get you and your genitals into the zone at the start of a self-love session. But […]

Women’s Day – Confessions of an Unapologetic Orgasm Activist

Ten years ago, I set up this blog with the intention of sharing my vision of sexuality with the world. Despite all the information and sexual content that was already available online, I didn’t feel as though my own sexuality was being represented so I wanted to do something about it. Now, I can proudly say that I have achieved my objective. These days I would define myself as an orgasm activist. This is because all my work revolves around promoting female orgasm. I have had to have hundreds of orgasms of my own to come to this realisation. Quite literally. Orgasm has been life-changing for me. When I first started having sex, I was able to reach climax easily through penetration. This was great for me and my partners, and somewhat atypical, as only 30% of women are able to regularly have orgasms during penetration. In contrast to my orgasmic sexual encounters, my masturbation sessions were orgasm-less, no matter how hard I tried. This meant that sometimes I ended up in a relationship almost because I depended on the sex for my orgasms. Then, when I was in my mid-twenties, I discovered vibrators and I was finally able to provoke orgasms whenever I wanted. Not only was this intensely pleasurable, but more importantly, it had a profound effect on my personal relationships. This is because I no longer went out with toxic people just because of the good sex. My relationships had to be good – both in and […]

Quit Your Job – Become a Sex Toy Tester

Last year, I collaborated with a British production company to film a video that was part of a series about unusual jobs. As a professional sex toy tester based in Barcelona, Spain, I definitely qualified.   During the filming, I answered all the typical questions that one might expect to hear at a job interview. I was asked about career prospects, salary and promotion expectations, where I see myself in five years and so on. I was thrilled to talk about my job from a work perspective, as many people don’t consider that I even have a ‘real job’. Just because something is fun, it doesn’t make it trivial and pointless. I believe that raising orgasmic awareness is a very serious and necessary topic. Despite this, in real life, I never had to have a job interview in order to become a professional sex toy tester. Instead, I created it myself through my passion, vision, hard work, self-belief and perseverance. I believe that anyone can create their own dream job if they really want to and they are willing to put the hard work in. I didn’t always think like this, however. At University, I was conditioned to believe that what your CV said about you mattered. You had to do things that would impress a future employer. For example, we were encouraged to be part of a team, to do voluntary work and so on. In addition, having unjustifiable ‘gaps’ in your CV was also frowned upon. Fortunately, I […]

2 Sex Toys on Amazon

Should I have an orgasm? I wondered to myself yesterday morning. I had woken up incredibly aroused remembering the hot sex from the night before with my other half. I’ve been trying to teach him that less is more where sex is concerned – but he isn’t convinced – even after the mindblowing sex we had after almost 2 weeks of celibacy. Just remembering how he looks at me when he’s making love to me was enough to make me twitch. Despite this, I decided that there was no time for an orgasm. I had 2 sex toys to review and before I would have the opportunity to try them and get orgasmic, I had to research them and get ready for filming the video first. I decided to start with the heating rabbit vibrator. It has a narrow shaft with a bulbous tip that is ideal for stimulating the G spot. There are 2 motors, one in the clitoral stimulator and the other at the tip of the shaft. One thing that makes this rabbit stand out from all the others is that it is incredibly flexible. It also has a heating function which I always use at the beginning of a self-love session PACKAGING: It is presented in an elegant box that is ideal for storing the toy. It also contains a USB charging cable and an instructions leaflet in English. MATERIAL: Extra-soft silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof so you can enjoy it in the bath or […]

Power Flower – Satisfyer Vibes – Sex Toy Review

Say it with flowers… I remember years ago when I was working in the export department of a printer. There was a woman who worked in the accounts department who I hated and the feeling was mutual. Some days, she would arrive at the office in a terrible mood and everyone would purposefully stay out of her way. Then, mid-morning, a huge mega bouquet of flowers would arrive for her. It turned out that they were from her husband. He wanted to make it up to her after a huge argument the night before. Some of the women in the office drooled with envy and admiration when they saw the huge bouquet of exotic flowers, but the accounts woman was far from impressed. Instead of thinking that she had a thoughtful and romantic husband, it just brought unwanted attention to the fact that things weren’t great at home.  Most people could see beyond the colourful petals and understood that she was probably married to an arsehole. Especially when these bouquet deliveries came at least a couple of times a month. That’s the problem with flowers. No matter how extravagant or exotic the bouquet, they often provoke more feelings of suspicion rather than pleasure. There are always some exceptions, though. This Power Flower from Satisfyer would definitely put a smile on my miserable former colleague’s face and maybe give her an orgasm. And unlike real flowers, this one will last for much longer than a few days.  The same can’t be […]

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

I first tried the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation a couple of years ago. Although I was already familiar with its specifications and its virtues, when I tried it this time, I couldn’t help but think about how much my self-love techniques had changed over the last couple of years. These days, I use masturbation as part of a meditative process. I have made 12 affirmations that are related to my non-sexual desires in life. When I start to stimulate myself, I choose one of my affirmations and I integrate my non-sexual wish into my fantasy while I listen to binaural beats. This refers to music that is relaxing and therapeutic. Different frequencies can provoke different mental and physical states. It also sounds nice. This whole process takes a lot of mental discipline and it requires a lot of time to really get into the zone and provoke an orgasm. But when it finally does happen, I make sure that my non-sexual desire is at the forefront of my mind when I eventually explode. A few years ago, my self-loving sessions had a very different focus. They were all about imagining my favourite fantasies and going over certain triggers in the narrative that always made me spasm. Back then, it was just about a sexual release, whereas now it’s about connecting with my body, celebrating my sexuality and elevating to another dimension. The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is a powerful clitoral suction sex toy that stimulates the clitoris without […]

4 Sex Toy Reviews

Could I review 4 sex toys in a day? Fondlove, an online sex toy retailer, wanted to know. I said ‘yes’, of course. Even though I accepted the challenge, I did wonder if I going to able to complete it, or more specifically: was my body going to be able to handle all that stimulation? There was only one way to find out… In order to ensure the best results, I was convinced that order was key for a successful working day testing 4 sex toys. It was necessary to spread them out over the day to allow my body to rest between orgasms. Sex Toy number 1: Flexible Tongue Oral Sex Simulator. I was very intrigued about this one, I have never seen a sex toy with this shape before. It is a mouth with a vibrating tongue. It mimics cunnilingus; you can use the tip of the tongue to stimulate your clitoral gland. PACKAGING: A no-frills box with remote control and instructions leaflet. Fortunately, the remote battery is included. MATERIAL:  Silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof. USABILITY: Can be used manually or with the remote control. There are 10 vibration settings. It is quiet and it feels divine against the clitoris. It has a vacuum base that can be placed on the floor and you can crouch on it and enjoy some facesitting action. It is also suitable for rimming, ORGASM-O-BILITY: seriously orgasmic! The first orgasm of the day! PROS: Original concept. Can be used manually or with […]

Satisfyer Balls Review – Orgasm Training

The Universe might not always give you what you want. But it will give you what you need. When I saw that these Satisfyer Balls were next in my ‘incoming sex toys for review’ box, I was thrilled. They were just what I needed. I have a confession to make. I occasionally suffer from a weak bladder. Especially at night time. When I lie down in my unmade bed, I feel as though I have to pee several times before I can fully relax and sleep. During the day, I have no problem at all with bladder control. It’s just during the night when I should be sleeping. I knew that working on my pelvic floor was going to be highly beneficial, as it makes me feel as though I have emptied my bladder more efficiently. My bladder, kidneys and inherent anxiety have been my cross to bear for most of my life. I recently bumped into an older neighbour of mine who told me that she has had to have a medical intervention in order to resolve her ongoing incontinence issues. Talking to her was like a wake-up call for me. I don’t want that to happen to me. Prevention is better than cure, as they say. So before it gets to that stage, I want to work my pelvic floor muscles and make my incontinence woes a thing of the past. This set of balls form Satisfyer is a progressive set of kegel balls for all levels and […]

Tongue Vibrator from Feelingirl – Review

There is nothing like a decent cunnilingus session from an enthusiastic and intuitive lover. It’s not just down to technique; it has to be from someone who genuinely enjoys putting all the hard work in. As much as I adore cunnilingus, I only started having orgasms from oral sex about 5 years ago. That doesn’t mean that my lovers from before that big moment didn’t know what they were doing. They definitely did. It’s just that I didn’t know how to relax and enjoy it. In other words, the quality didn’t change, but rather my ability to connect my body to my mind and let go. In the past, I used to get so horny whenever someone went down on me.  I just wanted to be penetrated asap. I always found vaginal penetration to be more orgasmic. But, when I learned to be more present and not be in such a rush for sex, I was finally able to enjoy cunnilinguistic orgasms whenever the occasion to enjoy them arose. I must confess though, that I still rely on my imagination to reach an orgasmic state that is provoked by a lover’s tongue. I don’t feel guilty about it because it gives him – or her – a helping hand, so to speak. Without my fantasies, we might be there forever. That could mean that he or she would probably end up getting lockjaw and I might not get my orgasm. But, what do you do when you want to enjoy […]

Adrien Lastic Touché – Wearable Sextech

I cannot deny that sex toy testing has made me lazy as far as conventional masturbation is concerned. Instead of touching myself, I just reach for a vibrator instead. Thanks to my ever-growing sex toy collection, my orgasmic needs can be met in no time at all. Not that I’m in a rush. It’s just that it’s often more effective. Moreover, I also enjoy the sensation of a foreign object touching me much more than that of my own hand. It seems to make more sense as I imagine the skilful touch of someone else exploring me. Despite this, there’s no doubt that my own touch is still very arousing and necessary. Especially when it comes to being able to locate your sweet spots with precisión and indicating them to your partner. Touché from Adrien Lastic is the perfect sex toy that combines the old school wisdom of conventional masturbation with the sophistication of modern technology. Despite its small size, it is powerful and it provides intense vibrations to wherever you most desire it. You can caress your own body, stimulate your clitoris or use it internally. That is to say, vaginally or anally. It has a wire that is attached to the bracelet, so it can’t get lost. Touché is a sophisticated vibrating silicone sleeve worn on the finger. It is controlled at the wrist by a watch that won’t tell you the time.  You press the ‘screen’ in order to switch it on and off as well as […]

Satisfyer 2 Sex Toy Review

The other morning, I took a trip down memory lane. I revisited my hairdresser from ten years ago in the Born district of Barcelona. I used to go there when I worked in real estate. Before I went to get my trim, I wandered the streets and reminisced about those times. In 2009, I lived the hardest summer of my life. I had no money. I was working on a commission only basis and sales were scarce.  It was probably the worst time ever to be in real estate. In addition to my problems at work, I had several personal problems. After hitting rock bottom, I decided to leave my job and set up this blog. Needless to say, I’m ever so glad I did, despite all the challenges that I have faced over the years. This morning, as I walked those streets, I remembered the ‘me’ from back then and imagined how impressed she would have been had she known that I would be raising orgasmic awareness on a global level ten years later. In spite of the naysayers around me, I have totally exceeded my own expectations on all levels. Back then, I was using my sex toys several times a day. Oftentimes, it was just to help me get over the stressful period that I was going through. After all, there is nothing quite like an orgasm to escape. Little did I know that all that self-loving was part of my training programme for my future career. […]

We-Vibe anniversary Collection Review

I have such fond memories of Valentine’s Day as a singleton growing up in the UK. I used to love sending and receiving anonymous cards to my love interests at the time. Some were genuine and others were a complete joke. I loved the fact that Valentine’s Day wasn’t just reserved for couples. It was also about anonymously declaring your undying love for someone via snail mail. Oftentimes, the sender’s identity remained a mystery. But, what I liked the most was the fact that there could be multiple declarations of love (or desire). At University, there was a big temporary post box in the Student Union to encourage the development of our romantic sides as well as our academic ones. Now that I’ve been in Spain for so many years, I no longer send anonymous Valentine’s cards. Here, it is a celebration for couples only. These days, whenever I like someone, I tend to enjoy an orgasm (or several) in their honour before I make any official declarations of desire. The We-Vibe Anniversary Kit is ideal for an Valentine’s Day gift – whether you are in a relationship or not. It contains two of the most popular We-vibe toys to celebrate their ten years in the pleasure industry. Now that’s a lot of orgasms!   Sync:  Sync is the improved version of the we-vibe couple’s toy that made them a global brand.  The concept has been imitated by many other brands, but this is probably the most sophisticated one out […]

Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration Review

I’ve been sleeping terribly lately. I wake up between 3 and 5 am every night. According to my research on Google, waking up at this time is quite typical during a kundalini awakening. Although it’s exhausting, I do love those rare moments of silence during the early hours of the morning. As I toss and turn in my unmade bed, instead of getting tired, I often get my best ideas and insights. They are like downloads from the Divine. There is a clear mismatch between my active mind and tired body. I usually use orgasm therapy to bridge this gap. There’s nothing like a self-love session to relax my body, distract my mind and send me back to sleep for a few more hours before I face the challenges of the day. The other day during another one of my insomnia bouts, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly frustrated with myself. Why cant I just sleep? I wondered. I almost wanted to cry from desesperation. But then, I remembered that I had the new Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration to test. All of a sudden, my frown turned upside down and became a smile. I was convinced that it would be the perfect insomnia remedy… Orgasm is a great muscle relaxant and the scandalous fantasies that I require to reach climax are, without a doubt, the best mind distractor ever. They allow me to think about fun things as opposed to whatever it is that is keeping me awake. The Satisfyer […]

Manta from Fun Factory a Vibrating Stroker – Review for PeepShow Toys

‘Stop, if not I think I’m going to come…’ This is what my lover told me when I slid Manta from Fun Factory up and down his length a couple of times. And that wasn’t even part of the official sex toy test. I just got it out to show him and he didn’t quite understand the shape. So instead of explaining it to him, I thought I would give him a quick demonstration instead. I unzipped his flies and touched him until he got hard and then I showed him how Manta worked. I wasn’t expecting him to get into it so quickly and seamlessly. Wow, is it really that good? I wondered to myself. I must confess, the men who have had the privilege of enjoying a couple’s sex toy with me were more seduced by the situation of trying something new in bed rather than the actual toy itself. In other words, sex toys have been stimulating for my male partners, but not quite orgasmic. That was until I tried Manta. Manta from Fun Factory is a vibrating stroker for men and couples. It has an ergonomic loop handle and a split, flexible tip that can wrap around his manhood, adapting to any size – length and girth.  It is ideal to use as a stroker for solo male use. You can also position it around the base of the penis during penetration to increase the stimulation for him while the female partner can enjoy the vibrating […]

Satisfyer 1 Next Generation Sex Toy Review

To understand the present, it is necessary to reflect on the past and re-evaluate recent history. This is especially true when it comes to The Satisfyer – one of the most revolutionary and orgasmic sex toys produced in recent times. Today, I’m going to travel back in time and test the very first Satisfyer. Satisfyer 1 Next Generation is a clitoral stimulator that uses pressure waves to stimulate the clitoris without actually touching it. I have tested a great many Satisfyers but not the very first one, until now. Of course, it goes without saying that I’m intrigued to find out how and where it all began. This particular Satisfyer is battery-operated. I rarely test battery-operated pleasure products these days as USB rechargeable devices have pretty much replaced them. I must confess that I really dont miss having to remove any available batteries from my remote controls, or my wall clock, just to have an orgasm or three. I always had every intention to replace them, and I did. But then I neglected to set the correct the time on the clock. It was inevitable that I ended up having to remove and replace them, time and time again. Despite these challenges, battery-operated toys do possess some advantages. For example, they are ideal for sex toy commitment-phobes who might be thinking of buying a sex toy but who aren’t absolutely sure about it. They are an easy recommendation for a first-timer because they are usually a lot more affordable. When […]

Mimic from Clandestine Devices Review for Peepshow Toys

My sex toy tester’s intuition told me that I would love this. My intuition has been improving signifantly lately. Ever since my spiritual awakening, I have become fascinated by good and bad energy, and I am learning how to distinguish between them. When I was sick over the holiday period, my body was weak, but my mind was on fire. I feel as though during the nine days that I didn’t do any work, I developed my intuitive skills even more. As a result, I’m learning to recognise certain signs and trust my gut feelings more and more. Despite all this, when I knew that I would like this toy just from seeing a photo on social media, it was also down to my experience as a sex toy tester as well as my ever improving intuition. After testing hundreds of pleasure devices, I’ve got to know my personal preferences pretty well. I love ‘pebble’ shaped clitoral stimulators. In addition, this particular shape has the benefits of a ‘pebble’ vibe as well as all the extra contours necessary to make it an authentic ‘vulva hugger’. My high expectations were met when I held it in my hand for the first time and then exceeded when I actually tried it. Mimic from Clandestine devices is a powerful clitoral stimulator that has … settings and .. levels of intensity. PACKAGING: Mimic Plus is presented in a hard box that is ideal for storing the toy or for offering as a gift. It […]

Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration – Review

This sex toy sucks. I mean, it really sucks! “Yes, you WILL have an orgasm.” This is precisely how I would summarise my experience with Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration. I was so looking forward to trying this toy because I’m a big fan of sex toys with a suction function when it’s combined with effective vibrations. I know of a great many women who swear by the pressure wave technology incorporated into the Satisfyer toys. I can’t deny that I enjoyed it too, but not quite enough to make me want to repeat the experience on a regular basis. I only really jumped on the ‘sucky-suck’ bandwagon properly when additional vibrations were included. The Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration offers 2 motors that can be controlled individually. This means that you can enjoy both vibrations and pressure waves at the same time or separately. There are 11 pressure wave levels of intensity and they are all continuous. There are 10 different vibration levels which can be set on a continuous mode or provide waves and pulsations. I guess that I prefer a more gradual journey towards destination orgasm. This type of stimulation is a little too ‘on the point’ (quite literally) for me to enjoy the gradual build-up and steady accumulation of orgasmic potential that I usually enjoy. But with integrated vibrations, Satisfyer Pro 2 becomes something else entirely. Its speedy efficacy feels so good that a faster and more precise orgasm-provoking technique doesn’t seem to be a disadvantage at all. […]

Sex Toy Review: Rotating Rabbit from Luvkis

I recently made a video about orgasm and Enlightenment in which I explained how I use orgasm to manifest. As much I love orgasms, I no longer treat them as a simple sexual release when they can potentially be so much more. Someone asked me: ‘But can frivolous orgasms also lead to Enlightenment?’ Well, of course they can. Often, when I’m utterly blown away by the intense pleasure that sexual stimulation provides, I can forget about my deeper intentions. Then I remember my mission to raise orgasmic awareness and I say to myself: ‘I want all women to experience this.’ Indeed, a frivolous orgasm is no small thing. When I used this Rotating Rabbit vibrator from Luvkis, I reflected on those things that I already had instead of visualising the things that I most desire. I practised gratitude for everything I already have as well as the privileges I get to enjoy as a sex toy tester, which includes using a wide variety of different rabbit vibrators. In fact, I decided to devote my life to raising orgasmic awareness thanks to the sensations provided by rabbit vibrators. I’ve acquired a truly impressive collection of rabbit vibrators over the years and I’m always keen to discover how they are evolving. This particular one has a rotating shaft that feels very much like a throbbing phallus. It provides truly delicous stimulation to the G spot and deep inside the vagina. The Rotating Rabbit Vibrator from Luvkis has two independent motors: one for […]

Tracy’s Dog – Clitoral and G Spot Stimulator Review

Just moments after publishing the video review of this exquisite sex toy on my YouTube channel, I received the first comment: ‘It looks interesting, a pity about the name, though’. I couldn’t agree more, I thought to myself. Of all the combinations of words that are available in the English language, ‘Tracy’s Dog’ could be one of the least orgasmic to name a toy. But don’t let that put you off. Because I can guarantee that this toy is so much better than its name suggests. I’ve had Tracy’s Dog sitting next to my ‘in tray’ for several weeks. I was already intrigued about its shape and functionality and I was ready to put it to the test. Then I became ill over the festive period and everything had to be delayed. I was feeling incredibly guilty about the subsequent build-up of sex toys that I still needed to review but I was unable to make any progress. Ever since my spiritual awakening, I firmly believe that everything happens when it’s supposed to, even being ill. I needed to stop and connect with myself. When I remembered this divine truth, I began to let go of my anxiety. It was more important to focus on my recovery instead. So when I was well enough to enjoy this toy properly, I unboxed it, held it in my hands and switched it on. After feeling it pulse in my hand, I wondered why it had taken me so long to give it […]

Discovery Kit from We-Vibe Review for Babeland

I must admit, I’m getting really into couple’s sex toys. This may seem like a strange statement from a professional sex toy tester. But the truth is, it has taken me lots of testing to get to this point. Whenever I got some human action, I used to prefer to keep my adult novelties in their respective boxes and enjoy some rare skin to skin action whenever I the opportunity arose. Then, I would use my silicone friends to remember my sexual encounters. And sometimes, to imagine the next ones.  But now that I’m getting a lot more sex, I have discovered that sex toys are the perfect compliment for keeping the passion alive in a relationship. The Discovery Kit from We-Vibe contains ten erotic novelties for solo or couple use to mark ten years of We-Vibe. The kit also contains a Womanizer Starlet as a result of their recent fusion with Womanizer. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you want to indulge in some sexual and sensual discovery with your partner, this kit is ideal. The advantage of a gift like this is that it is something you can enjoy together.  Moreover, it will inevitably bring you closer and it will certainly provide orgasmic experiences. The We-vibe Discovery Kit is ideal for those who have limited or no experience with sex toys. You can discover clitoral stimulation, G spot stimulation, dual stimulation, anal play, as well as sensual BDSM play. It is also ideal for those who […]

Sex Toys for Men: Ultimate Guide for Men and Finding the Perfect Sex Toy!

Written by Lee B. (Owner & Founder of DiskretAdultLife) When you hear ‘sex toys for men’, you most likely think of cheap masturbation sleeves and blow up sex dolls. But sex toys for men have come a long way. As sex toys become less “taboo” and people become more open to the idea of using toys for pleasure both by themselves and in a relationship; it has started a revolution. Sex toys for men are now chic, classy, elegant, and stylish. Some are true works of art and more of jewelry piece than something you hide in your dresser drawer. As both men and women become more accepting of there needs, wants, and desires the sex toy industry responds with better and better products. The entire idea of “caring less about what others think and doing what makes you happy” has really come tenfold in the past 10 years. So, what does that mean for us men? What should we be looking for in a sex toy for men? Should we buy one for our partner? Where do we even start if we want something half way decent? What’s the best way to use a male sex toy? Let us (the experts) help answer all your questions. These are common questions, and let me tell you guys, you’re not alone! Sex Toys for Men: 101 Okay guys, maybe you’ve heard whispers of sex toys for men and the limitless pleasure they can bring, or perhaps you’ve owned some for years. […]

Queen from Zalo: Award-Winning Orgasms – Review

Wow wow wow! I’m still blown away by this award-winning sex toy. I started the recording of my video review the other day, but then I quickly deleted it when I came to realise that this sex toy deserved a few more intensive testing sessions. Only then would I be confident that I could really produce a review that fully did it justice. I don’t usually pay much attention to ‘award winning’ toys, but in this case, it is well-deserved. And it’s not just that; Queen from Zalo is like three sex toys in one. It proved to be an enduring pleasure when I was obliged to determine the best ways to get the most out of all its thrilling possibilities. Queen from Zalo won ‘Luxury Sex Toy of the Year’ in the Europa XBiz awards 2018. It is a G spot stimulator that incorporates Pulse Wave Technology, an optional pre-heating setting, a vibrator and a suction-effect accessory that can be attached whenever you crave some intense clitoral stimulation. PACKAGING: Queen is presented in a luxurious hard box, fit for pleasure-craving royalty. It also contains a magnetic USB charging cable, two sachets of water-based lubricant, a suction accessory, a one-year warranty card, a drawstring storage pouch and a multilingual instructions booklet. MATERIAL: Body-safe silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof, so you can enjoy some royal orgasms in the bath or the shower. NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous. STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Strong. deep and rumbly. USABILITY: To charge the toy, connect the […]

Lovely 2.0 Couples Ring – Review

When I received this couple’s ring from Our Lovely, I was so excited about sharing the experience with my current squeeze. It just so happens that he’s a commitment-phobe like me and he is also a cock ring virgin. I have tried several others, men and cock rings, but what makes this one stand out (pun intended) is its pleasing shape and the fact that it has an App. Although I am well capable of reaching orgasm during penetration, purely from vaginal stimulation alone, I was looking forward to enjoying clitoral pulsations as well. This would make for a doubly delightful sexperience and be the first App-controlled cock ring that I have ever tried.

Playtime for Adults – An Erotic Board Game – Review

Playtime for adults is an exciting board game for couples or liberal groups of up to four people. It’s a fun exploration of intimacy and a seduction tool for couples. It permits you to enjoy each other’s bodies, indulge in extended and varied foreplay activities and break your usual sexual routine. There are hundreds of erotic outcomes and it will definitely keep you up all night.

Sheets of San Francisco – Fluidproof Bed Sheets – Review

When I received these fluidproof sheets, I immediately thought about how it might enhance my massage/foreplay sessions. I’ve never once had to lie in a wet patch as I’m religious about the use of condoms. Religion and condoms don’t usually belong in the same sentence, of course, but I do like to get messy.

I even used to get a thrill from a bit of light ‘sploshing’. But, ever since I’ve turned vegan, the thought of animal products coming into contact with my naked skin is the very opposite of orgasmic. Vegan ‘sploshing’ could be a viable prospect one day, I hope. I must confess that it doesn’t feature prominently on my ‘bucket list’ of fantasies that I want to translate into reality, though.

Online STD Testing

If you’re in the US, take a look at  It’s a discreet online STD testing service.

Step 1: Online or by phone. Choose from a 10-Test Panel or individual tests.
Step 2: With over 4,500 testing centres nationwide, there’s bound to be one near you. The testing process only takes a few minutes.
Step 3: Test results are emailed to you within 1-2 days.

Doxy Number 3 with Nexus Attachments – Review

Recently, I had the good fortune to try out Doxy number 3 with a couple of attachments from Nexus that provide even more potential for pleasure.

Doxy number 3 isn’t just another plug-in wand massager; it’s more like a power station! It definitely lives up to its claim of being the world’s most powerful plug-in wand massager. Doxy number 3 is quite clearly in a league of its own.

My First Time in a Sex Shop

I’ll never forget the first time I set foot in a sex shop. I was a university student and I was looking for a special something to spice up my sex life with my then boyfriend. There was a sex shop very close to campus that everyone knew about, but hardly anyone had actually been to.

I often walked past it on my way to the city centre. The pointless and provocative lingerie on the mannequins in the window display would always catch my attention. I wondered what more there might be behind closed doors. There was absolutely no indication from the street.

One day, my curiosity got the better of me and I convinced my best friend to go there with me. We were giggly and nervous as we approached the big metallic door. Once we pushed it open, we discovered a whole new world.

Horoscope by Bijoux Indiscrets – Review

When I saw that Bijoux Indiscrets had created a horoscope kit, I smiled to myself as I remembered my spiritual twin and our perfectly matched Gemini sex.

The Horoscope collection comprises 12 kits, one for each star sign. They are presented in a stylish triangular box, which is ideal as a special, personalised, gift for her, whoever she may be. Each collection contains a gemstone, a clitoral balm and a battery-operated finger vibrator. Thankfully, the battery is included.  

Each star sign has its own, specific, gemstone and each element (Air, water, fire, earth) has its own flavour of warming clitoral balm.

The finger vibrator is the same in all the kits. It has 10 different vibration settings.

LELO Sex toys q&a

“This might be hard to believe, but I’m actually quite shy. I get social anxiety during public appearances and even though I’ve made hundreds of videos, I still feel nervous when I press the record button. The thought of making a live broadcast is quite terrifying but @lelo_official have convinced me to take over their Instagram this coming Sunday so that I can finally pop my live broadcast cherry. I’m going to talk about, SONA, LELOgasms and I’d be more than happy to answer your questions. Follow the Lelo account to connect to my very first live broadcast! We will confirm a time v soon. Hope to see you there!” This is what I posted on Instagram Stories prior to my LELO Instagram takeover. This might be hard to believe, but I’m actually quite shy. I get social anxiety during public appearances and even though I’ve made hundreds of videos, I still feel nervous when I press the record button. The thought of making a live broadcast is quite terrifying but @lelo_official have convinced me to take over their Instagram this coming Sunday so that I can finally pop my live broadcast cherry. I’m going to talk about, SONA, LELOgasms and I’d be more than happy to answer your questions. Follow the Lelo account to connect to my very first live broadcast! We will confirm a time v soon. Hope to see you there! #lelo #lelosona #sextoys #noedit #nofilter #shy #sextoys #sextoytester #clitorallymindblowing A post shared by Venus O’Hara (@venusohara) […]

Reggie by Ridmii designed by Svakom – Review

When I received Reggie from Ridmii by Svakom, I knew it would be the perfect accessory for our frisking game. The sheer anticipation of the interrogation, body-search and inevitable discovery of the toy inside my vagina is enough to make me throb just by thinking about it.

Reggie is a remote-controlled vibrating bullet, It’s worn inside the vagina and is ideal for G spot stimulation and foreplay with a partner. The remote control works at a distance of up to 32 feet and it has 7 different vibration modes.

Womanizer Liberty Review

Liberty is Womanizer’s latest offering. I must confess that I was fortunate enough to be given one of them the night before the official launch took place. I wasted no time in putting it to the test in my hotel room.  

It fits perfectly into your hand and it features a magnetic lid; which is ideal for hygiene and discretion. Liberty would seem to be the ultimate travel companion. Wherever you are, there are 6 different levels of intensity to choose from.

Khali from Bellesa – Review

Khali is an elegant rabbit vibrator from Bellesa. When I first saw an image of it online, I was intrigued by its curved shaft; it seemed ideally shaped for high-quality G spot stimulation. I also thought it would be ideal as a visual ingredient for one of my ongoing orgasmic breakfast posts. It does look good enough to eat. Its rippled shaft provides extra internal stimulation where it really counts and the distinctive rabbit ears provide intense clitoral stimulation.

Flirty & Sassy from the Pillow Talk range from BMS Factory – Review

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of dropping by the BMS Factory booth at EroFame. I distinctly recall marvelling at their Pillow Talk range and then thinking to myself: ‘I have that pleasure to look forward to when I get home.’

Flirty and Sassy were already in my ‘in-tray’ of sex toy boxes waiting to be tested and reviewed under the strict conditions of my Sex Toy Laboratory. I was intrigued by their soft feminine colours and bling button, as they dazzle with Swarovski crystal.

Gbulb from Gvibe – Review

And then the Goddess said: Let there be light! She switched the Gbulb on and, instead of illuminating, it vibrated. ‘F**k the light, let there be orgasms instead’ she exclaimed and proceeded to stimulate her throbbing clitoris with Gbulb.

Dalia from Desirables – Review

I’ve tested a fair few porcelain dildos in my time, and I have to confess that Dalia from Desirables is by far the best. Some of the previous ones have been hollow and more suited to external temperature play shenanigans with a willing partner. This one, on the other hand, is solid and feels much safer for penetration than others that I’ve tried.

Zeus from Pomello – Review for Gadgets with Benefits

All of those conventional pleasures are readily available with a standard rabbit vibrator. An even better offering can be found by exploring Zeus from Pomello; it comes packaged with a free set of Kegel balls. Zeus has a pleasing, ergonomic, shape that was designed by a certified OBGYN. It has 2 motors – one for the clitoris and another located in the shaft. They can be controlled individually and supply up to 81 different vibration combinations. One thing I love about individual controls is that I can enjoy one of the motors on a continuous mode and the other one with either waves or pulsating vibrations. Mmm.

Le Wand Petite – Review

I haven’t stopped using the Le Wand Petite since I unboxed it earlier this week. I’ve been using it every night before bed and every morning when I wake up at the crack of dawn. It’s proving itself to be the perfect end – and beginning –  to my Autumn days. It goes without saying that I’ll still be using it even after this review has been completed. It has 10 vibration settings and 6 levels of intensity, it has a flexible neck and a travel lock function.

Touch from Swan Solo – Review

Touch by Swan Solo is a clear example of how the rabbit vibrator has developed. What really intrigues me about this sex toy is that the clitoral competent is almost more significant than the vaginal element. Size is not as important as people might think. The shaft is wide at the base and then is narrow and pointy at the tip, allowing for precise G spot stimulation. The clitorial arm is incredibly flexible so the toy will adapt women of all anatomies. I researched the clitoral – vaginal distance in women and toys a few years ago. Given that this distance varies in all toys and women, it’s essential that these elements can adapt to satisfy different anatomies

Sex Toys from YomeGarden Review

Two recent inclusions to the expanding world of my orgasmic breakfasts have been sourced from Yome Garden. Their vivid pink colour, is reminiscent of an exotic fruit and their shapes make them seem almost good enough to eat.

Womanizer Classic – Review

It wasn’t so long ago that the first Womanizer revolutionised the sex toy sector. During those ‘what’s your favourite sex toy?’ chats with other women in the personal pleasure industry, it was often cited as the best. They were referring to its amazing ability to use air-pressure to provoke fast, intense orgasms.

The first Womanizer wasn’t perfect though. It looked a little like an ear thermometer. But, hey, no one was actually looking at it during a session of self-pleasure.  It also made too much noise. Excessive sex toy volume can be seriously off-putting if you use it with a partner. But – more importantly – you can’t use it if you’re living in a shared apartment or with your parents and not have to worry about the noise. The first Womanizer wasn’t waterproof either, so you couldn’t enjoy it in the bath or shower.

Uberrime Dildos Review

When I saw Uberrime dildos on social media, I was in awe of how strikingly beautiful they were. I must admit that I usually find the majority of realistic dildos come off as quite vulgar and lewd but the celebration of colours in these dildos makes them seem beautiful, fascinating and collectable.

Gplug Bioskin and Gring by GVibe – Review

This Gplug Bioskin, used in combination with Gring – both from GVibe – is the perfect way to ease myself back into my routine and facilitate my mission to raise orgasmic awareness.

Gplug Bioskin is an extra soft – ergonomically designed – rechargeable vibrating butt plug. It can be used manually or with Gring acting as a compatible remote control.

Gring is the standard remote control device for several GVibe products that must be purchased separately. As it fits snugly on your finger and vibrates, it can be used as a clitoral stimulator in its own right while you control another toy. Used this way, you’ll never run the risk of losing your remote control again.

Stronic Surf from FUN FACTORY Review

When I received the Stronic Surf from Fun Factory, it made me realise just how grateful I am to live close to the sea. I say this even in spite of the fact that now is not the best time to enjoy it. In fact, I don’t even have to leave my apartment to get a taste of surfing fever.

Womanizer Premium Review

The Womanizer is a powerful clitoral stimulator that uses Pleasure Air Technology. In other words, it stimulates the clitoris without actually being in contact with it.

This new Womanizer Premium has a new, more ergonomic, shape and it has two new features:

‘Autopilot’ and ‘Smart Silence.’

Womanizer Starlet Review

The Womanizer Starlet is ideally suited to be used as an entry-level sex toy. It is perfect for those women with no previous experience with personal pleasure products. For those otherwise experienced consumers who have never tried a suction toy and who want Womanizer quality at an affordable price, Starlet comes highly recommended. It fits neatly into the palm of your hand and offers 4 levels of intensity.

Review Vick from Svakom – A Dual Stimulation Vibrator for men & women

my current male squeeze wasn’t up for engaging in any directed anal explorations. I found it impossible to find a replacement and the clock was ticking on this review. Then, when Svakom informed me that The Vick is also ideal for G-spot stimulation, I sighed with relief. The test would be much more straightforward than I‘d anticipated even though I’d have to compromise on my male anal-play fantasies.

Vick is ideal for stimulating the prostate gland and the perineum in men.

It is perfect for providing high-quality clitoral and G-spot stimulation for women.

Top 5 Anal Sex Toys

I’ve been reviewing sex toys since 2013. In all of that time, I’ve tested and accumulated a significant array of personal pleasure products. In fact, according to my last inventory, my sex toy collection is rapidly approaching the figure of 500 distinct pieces. My selection is growing all the time. I try my best to be a minimalist in most avenues of my life but that doesn’t seem to halt the expansion of my collection into more corners of my apartment. Despite the quantity and variety of these products, anal toys are a category that I simply hadn’t explored.

Sola Sync Wand Massager Review

So, how does Sola Sync stand out from my other wand massagers?

Well, the curved handle not only makes it distinctive but its impressive length makes it perfect for solo massage.  Moreover, Sola Sync Wand Massager is unusually light for this type of toy, which means your arm won’t start aching too soon.

The remote control makes it the perfect choice for some creative couple’s play. I must admit that I didn’t quite see the point of this little extra at first but then I had an idea

Best Male Masturbators

In fact, when I discovered the best male masturbators in 2018, I couldn’t believe how advanced male sex toys had become and how sophisticated their pleasure offering was. I almost wished that I could test them myself. When I studied psychology briefly at university, I dismissed Freud’s theories relating to ‘penis envy’. They were pure codswallop, or so I convinced myself. But now, after gaining a fuller appreciation of the impressively diverse male masturbatory sex toy offering, I can see that he might have had a point, no pun intended.

Womanizer InsideOut Review

I honestly believe that the secret to happiness is gratitude. When I received this Womanizer InsideOut, it made me feel even more fortunate to have my current professional status. I’m constantly receiving new – and highly impressive – pleasure products. So, when a particular piece of packaging stands out, it can make me feel even more aware of what I should be thankful for. It’s not something I take for granted, I’m truly grateful for each and every collaboration and every associated orgasm that allows me to maintain this lifestyle.

Sola Cue Review – A Powerful G Spot Vibrator

Sola Cue As I raise my vibration in order to reach enlightenment, I’m becoming increasingly concerned about my non-sex toy vibration. Let me explain. Everything works on its own level of vibration. Not just my sex toy collection. Feelings of guilt and shame are low vibrational frequencies. Some people think that being a sex toy tester is a breeze. But, it really isn’t. The sacrifices that I’ve made to get where I am haven’t always been orgasmic. More specifically, I’ve encountered a lot of negative judgment from people when they’ve discovered that I spend my days lying on my unmade bed, having orgasms and getting paid for the privilege. Good morning! Now that’s what I call an orgasmic breakfast! Squeezed orange and lemon juice, cereal bread with black olive spread and organic sunflower seeds, cherries, apple and soya yoghurt with white chia seeds, and loose leaf green tea to wash it all down yummy! Orgasms provided by @peepshowtoys #breakfast #vegan #plantbased #plantpower #fruit #homemade #consciouseating #sextoys #sextoytester #sexfluencer #myorgasmiclifestyle #nofilter A post shared by Venus O’Hara (@venusohara) on Jul 18, 2018 at 12:46am PDT In all honesty, I don’t really care what strangers online think of me or my work. What I do care about is my inner circle of family and friends. I admit that when some have been less than accepting, it can really be challenging. In other words, it feels as though they want to bring me down to their vibrational level by projecting their guilt and shame […]

GVibe 2 Review

I must admit, that when I received the G Vibe 2 vibrator and saw its unusual shape, I wondered if it would work for me. Then, after studying it, I understood just how many different ways there were to enjoy it.

It’s a vibrator with a shaft that splits into two distinct points. Imagine a pair of very flexible tongues with motors in their tips. There is also another powerful motor located in the base of the shaft. I studied the accompanying leaflet that included drawings of some suggested uses and decided to try all the solo female options. If I’d been masturbating at my old rate, I would have completed all the tests in one day. At my current pace, it took longer and lasted longer. With every variation, I had much more than an ordinary orgasm in mind.

Blush Novelties Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Vibe Review

Peepshow Toys sent me two Nocturnal Lipstick Vibes from Blush Novelties. This was ‘because we couldn’t decide which colour to send.’ The prospect thrilled me, needless to say. I was understandably happy about having one for myself because of the pleasure it was going to give me. I was just as thrilled to have a spare one because I could choose someone to give it to. This would be great for my karma. I would be gifting someone high-quality orgasms. It was gratifying to imagine that pleasure coming back to me ten-fold, sometime in the future. I enjoyed a special tingle as I wondered how and when that returning energy would manifest itself.


I received Stronic Real about a month ago. At the moment I’m becoming inundated with deliveries of similarly sized boxes; they all contain new sex toys for me to unbox, test and review. I must confess that Stronic Real was still part of an unsteady stack of deliveries and it wasn’t until I had to try it out on behalf of Peepshow Toys that I gave it my full, and undivided, attention. Foolishly, I assumed it was just another phallus-shaped toy. How different from the others could it possibly be?

Magnetic Geisha Balls from GVibe

I recently received these Magnetic Geisha Balls from G Vibe to review. I was thrilled by the opportunity to strengthen my PC muscles even more. I love small, heavy, weights to train with and these are ideal for that purpose.

There are seven different weight combinations available, which means Magnetic Geisha Balls from G Vibe are an ideal progressive exerciser. This avoids the prospect of having to invest in another product as your strength increases. Magnetic Geisha balls are ideally suited to all levels, from beginners to advanced.

The Thruster – A Handheld Sex Machine – Review

The Thruster is a handheld sex machine designed by aerospace engineers, which means it’s guaranteed to provide you with an out-of-this-world experience. The Thruster is ideal for those times when you crave penetration but there’s no one around to oblige.

Remote Control Vibrating Egg from IMO Toys Review

Although I’m single, choosing a suitable candidate with which to test couples toys is always a challenge. When it comes to vibrating eggs, however, that isn’t the case. I can hand the remote control device to anyone. That’s precisely what I did with this wireless vibrating egg from Odeco, available at IMO Toys. It can be worn discretely in public while the controller can be pressed by any number of random fingers. Those digits can be attached to individuals whom I don’t have to be intimate with.

Venus by Zemalia – Dual Stimulation for your Inner & Outer Goddess

When Zemalia invited me to choose a product of theirs to test, there really was no doubt. As soon as I saw the Venus vibrator, I knew that it had to be mine. Besides, Zemalia obviously had good taste; giving something a good name must mean that it’s a good product.

I chose the name Venus for myself for several reasons. At first, it was because I always felt like a Venus. I studied fine art as a teenager and when I discovered the image of the pale-skinned, redheaded, Renaissance Venus, it made me wonder if I’d been born a few centuries too late. The generic, plastic, porn-look was beginning to gain popularity at the same time and that was something that I’ve never wanted to emulate. I’ve always been a fan and a proponent of natural beauty.                                                                      

Alex – an Intelligent Heating Vibrator from Rose Rain – Review

Check out my hottest rabbit vibrator! This is Alex from Rose Rain, a rabbit vibrator has seven different vibration patterns and a heating function that can be operated separately. It offers two different temperature settings. Just imagine taking a cold shower while enjoying the effect of a hot vibrator? I don’t think I’m quite brave enough to explore that option, unfortunately.

Atom Plus by Hot Octopuss – Review

Atom Plus is a cock ring, but not just any cock ring. In fact, it’s the world’s first integrated dual motor cock ring that provides powerful perineal stimulation for the male partner and intense clitoral stimulation for the female partner at the same time. In other words, it’s worn around the shaft and the scrotum simultaneously

I Tested The Best Selling Ben Wa Balls in the World

I remember the first time that I tried LELO LUNA Beads Noir. I was taking the bus on my way to a photo shoot a few years ago. It was mid-morning and not too busy. So, for the thirty minute journey, I could sit wherever I liked. Naturally, I chose the seat that was positioned directly above the engine. This meant that I could get the maximum value out of the extra vibrations that would inevitably follow. I hoped that there would be some unpredictable bumps in the road to make it an even more stimulating half hour. Later, at the shoot, I had an extra-special glimmer in my eye while I posed. Even the photographer noticed. I revealed my secret after we wrapped the session. I had been conducting a sex toy test all along.

ANYA & BONNIE – 2 New Vibrators from Svakom

When I received Anya – a powerful, warming vibrator from Svakom – I was grateful for the extra-cold weather after all. Using the toy would be like having my own personal heating system, one that would provide me with orgasms. In addition, it was the very first warming sex toy that I’ve tried.
Bonnie is a different prospect entirely. It’s a double ended vibrator with two independent motors that can be used individually or simultaneously. The wider end is reminiscent of a wand massager in that it’s big and round but more lightweight. This makes it ideal for clitoral stimulation or even massaging other parts of your – or your partner’s – body. The narrower end is perfect for G-spot stimulation, direct clitoral stimulation and for caressing nipples, and other body parts during foreplay.

Miss On The Go by Miss VV’s Mystery Review

“If you want to take control of my sex toy, send me a DM.” That’s exactly what I wrote on a recent instagram post featuring Miss On The Go, an App-controlled pelvic floor trainer from Miss VV’s Mystery.

Within minutes of posting the provocation, I received numerous messages with offers attached. Some of the names were familiar to me as they came from individuals who have followed me for years; they had commented regularly on my posts and pics, belfies, toes, no makeup/no filter selfies. There were others who contributed to the excitement; some newbies who I’d never heard of before.

The LILY – Bloom with Pleasure

When it comes to travelling abroad with sex toys, I have a confession to make-I get excited by the prospect of getting caught carrying erotic contraband. I remember being stopped once because I had neglected to separate my liquids, but the paranoia stayed with me afterwards. You shouldn’t mess around with airport staff; distracting them from concentrating on security issues by having indiscreet dildos with you is never recommended.

Hotel Loob – The place to experience magical moments in Madrid

Although I consider myself a minimalist, from time to time I love to enjoy opulence and take advantage of things that are not part of my day to day life. This is precisely what happens to me when I go to a luxury hotel. Although I cannot help imagining what it would be like to enjoy such an ambience every day, I know that if I took it for granted, it would lose its appeal.

Saludbox Amore – Chewing Gum to Improve your Sex Life

Did I really need anything else to help get my juices flowing? I pondered this more fully when I discovered Saludbox Amore. This supplement, in the form of a chewing gum, is said to improve your sex life.

When it comes to increasing and improving the yield of my juices, it’s unlikely that there is much room for improvement. My homemade Venusian nectar has always been somewhat overabundant. In actual fact, my libido could sometimes benefit with being turned down a notch or two, if only to keep me grounded.

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples – Review

I didn’t despair about not having a partner even after receiving the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples to test. When I compared it to the others in the range I knew that I could use it perfectly well on my own. Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is an erotic toy that can be used during penetration to increase the intensity and variety of pleasurable sensations that a woman can experience. It stimulates the clitoris with air pressure waves while the G-spot component vibrates simultaneously. It also stimulates the man’s penis.

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit Review

Giving the gift of orgasms is the finest thing that you can do. I had this notion very much in mind when more than one Satisfyer Pro-G Spot Rabbit was delivered to me. I resolved to give the spare one away to my best friend. She already owned a Satisfyer Pro 2 and she loved using it. I thought a rabbit-shaped version of her existing toy would fit very snugly into her limited collection of pleasure products. With this up-to-the-minute addition, she could indulge herself with dependable internal stimulation when real life might not offer up suitable candidates.


Now that I have discovered the new SATISFYER PRO PLUS VIBRATION, participating in the no fap challenge in the future will be even more difficult. It’s the toy that I used first after finishing the no-fap and it’s really easy to get hooked on it. It’s the first time that I’ve shown so much enthusiasm for a clitoral suction device. Despite the glowing reviews and increasingly enthusiastic reports associated with this type of sex toy, I’ve been a little reluctant when it comes to singing their praises. In my case, I have tended to use them once to enable me to write an honest review before returning them to their packaging for storage. Perhaps I’ve taken them out again to make videos or take photos but never with the express intention of using them again.

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