My No Alarm lifestyle – My Life, My Body, My Rules!

Because sex isn’t everything.

Last year I was interviewed by a journalist on Skype for over an hour. We covered numerous topics such as sexuality, vibrators, and the female orgasm, to name but three. There was, however, one subject in particular that stuck out from our conversation further than all the others. And that was the fact that I live a No Alarm Life.

“That sounds like a dream come true, ” she told me.

The No Alarm Life It is not just about the presence of an alarm or lack of it. I hate schedules and I prefer to let my body-clock decide when I should wake up, eat etc. In my experience, deadlines and creativity simply do not go hand in hand.

My No Alarm Lifestyle has a huge influence on my perspective on sexuality. It has also inspired me to create a new category about my way of life. I have a lot more to say and plenty to share with the world on subjects not directly related to sex. Here you will find teetotal life, veganism, healthy living, being location independent, feminism, living the single life and more.

Why Don’t You Just Get Married?

Why don’t you just get married? That is a question I have been asked on numerous occasions, even when I did not have a boyfriend. The traditional thing, of course, would be to find the boyfriend first and then think about getting married. But, those people who have asked me this question knew that I was single. What they really wanted to ask me is why I do not try myself a man with money, get married and be financially ‘sorted’ for the rest of my life.

My Previous Jobs – Life Before Blogging

As an Independent woman, living in a foreign country, I have no choice but to work hard. I am determined to make both ends meet because, for me, there is no backup plan or safety net. I used to complain about the lack of employment stability, the precarious salary levels, working conditions and employment contracts here in Spain. But now, I know that real stability comes from within and I realise that flexibility is strength. Thanks to my varied experience in different sectors in the past, it is easy for me to adapt to new working situations now. Here are some of my previous job titles:

My No Alarm Lifestyle

“So, what’s the best thing about your job?” a journalist asked me once.

Was it the free sex toys to test and review? The numerous invitations to kinky parties? Seeing the fruits of my labour appear regularly in print via the medium of books and magazine articles? The simple fact that I got paid to write about my scandalous sexplorations?

No. It wasn’t any of those things. Simply put, the best thing about my job is that it allows me to live a No Alarm Life.

My Vegan Fetish

For me, veganism is not just about healthy eating. It is a lifestyle. There is nothing I would love more than to meet a hot vegan guy. They are, however, few and far between and seemingly hard to track down. As a task, it resembles trying to source a good avocado in winter. I think culinary compatibility is incredibly important when choosing a viable partner. At this point, I don’t think I could imagine living with someone who wanted to have meat in the refrigerator, for example.

How Many Independent Women Do You Know?

When I read Bridget Jones’ Diary during my teenage years, I hoped that I wouldn’t end up like her. That is to say, a thirty-something, childless, single woman spending my Saturday nights wallowing in self pity and drinking wine at home on my own. It’s obvious, looking back, that Bridget didn’t own a decent vibrator.

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