Wet Clothes Fetish

The attraction to wet clothes as a fetish is based on the contradiction inherent in having a fully dressed woman either being drenched in water by someone else or, indeed, getting herself soaking wet-ideally in a bath full of water. What is so significant about this kink is that it subverts the very nature of wearing clothes in the first place.

The fetish proves that it is possible to have your nakedness covered-to be modestly clothed-before an abrupt drenching changes the meaning of those clothes completely. Many fabrics and materials, when immersed in water, become all too transparent and reveal breasts, bellies, derrieres, and more-through their newly clinging and dull transparency. The more official and professional the outfits are, the more thay are subverted and parodied when they become part of a “wetting” scene. Even the glimpses of nudity through the clothes is compromised by the folds and wrinkles that adhere to the body underneath them.

Wet clothing also makes changes to the visual appearance of the individual’s body. As a warm bath cools, the visible skin of the subject, seen through the distorting membrane of the clothes begins to get goosebumps, nipples harden through the fabric-adding vulnerability and the question of the subject’s arousal into the fetishistic equation.


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