The fetish known as “Wet and messy” is also called “Sploshing”. This kink relates to the use of sticky drinks and gooey foodstuffs to cover and smear young women in a scenario that dresses them in bikinis, schoolgirl outfits and anything else that can be soaked easily. Elaborate staging for these vignettes-intended for specialist web-sites and magazines-is never necessary because it is the submission of the girl about to be “sploshed” that adds another dimension for the fetishist’s pleasure.

The model can display the ingredients and substances before the real action begins. The tension of sploshing rests in the build-up and anticipation of the first application of messiness on the neat and clean woman. Her active participation and subsequent reactions to the ruining of her outfit are key fetish points in the unfolding game. If the substances are warm, cold or a combination of temperatures then the moans, shrieks and shivers that accompany their use provide a direct link between the fetishist and the displaced sensations that are on display.

The featured girl becomes covered in ice cream, custard and similar foods that refer back to high points of juvenile interaction-like birthday parties. It is preferred if the featured ingredients are highly coloured, glistening and plentiful.

    Summertime Sploshing

    I have been thinking about doing a Sploshing photo-shoot for a long time, at least a couple of years in fact. The “Wet and Messy” fetish has fascinated me for all of that time but I have never quite got around to exploring it properly. The thing is, […]

    Bathing Suit

    I knew that I needed something colourful to wear for the upcoming photo-shoot so I searched through my cupboards and draws and dug out the bathing suit that I had almost forgotten.It had a high-cut leg, which proved just how old it was since that sty […]

    Sploshing Warm-up – Venus O’Hara

    When I was standing in my kitchen and planning this set I hadn’t yet worked with the photographer, Sebas Romero and I had no idea what sploshing was. I’ve always had a thing for mess and the way neat rooms can change their character compl […]

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