Sock Fetish

Sock fetishism refers to those enthusiasts who are attracted to-and aroused by-the wearing of socks and their removal within sexualised scenarios.The kinky value of socks can increase even more when they are seen, close-up, in public places. For the enthusiast, the socks can have a similar erotic charge when used as a provocative accessory for their partners, themselves or as significant fetish objects separate from a wearer.

Often, a pair of socks forms a vital part of a larger fetish, working particularly strongly when added to an adult schoolgirl uniform or combined with a short skirt and blouse. Socks remind us of discipline, impracticality and discomfort; they are something that we’re told to wear and, for a fetishist, observing a sub wearing socks-because they were required to-is a mark of their symbolic value in a BDSM hierarchy.

The compression lines left on the skin below the knee are also a highly valued trophies for a committed fetishist who regards touching those temporary scars as being profoundly sexual.

Although the sock fetish can be connected to shoe fetishism is a broad sense, it nevertheless has its own distinct behaviors surrounding it. In particular, long, marl socks that fulfil the function of stockings but with a plush texture have become particularly popular.

Vintage Fetish: When Old Things Turn You On

Old things really turn me on, I don’t know why exactly. There are certainly sensual attractions to antique objects and places that go beyond the obvious. Is it the taste of tobacco seasoned dust in my mouth as I survey an old room? Is it the sound of shrunken wood panels creaking beneath my discount heels or the feel of dry parchment as I caress the pages of an old ledger in a notary’s office? It’s so hard to be precise. There are always parts of a city that remain undeveloped and unchanged and, walking through them, I can imagine that I’m part of a period drama that could suck me in at any moment and take me back to a time when beauty was cherished much more than today. With vintage beauty comes protocol and repression to regulate attraction and seduction. Walls were thicker then, of course, and whatever went on after the masked balls remained an elegant secret. Today, you can hear everything that happens in the next apartment; no style at all. As soon as I saw this dress I knew that it was perfect Venuswear because it was totally vintage in its style and would enhance my charms with its perfect contradictions and mixed messages. It harks back to a kind of puritan look while, at the same time, it allows my pale, freckled skin to show through its many holes. To add another layer of visual provocation, I emphasised my long, long legs by wearing […]

A Polyfetish Dream

I’m a polyfetishist and it must seem like I’m being promiscuous with my affections towards different kinks. A lot of monofetishists seem to think it must be a confusing way to live but – for me – it couldn’t be any easier or more exciting. I can’t imagine being completely faithful to just one fetish. How other people manage to do it is a mystery to me. I know people who live for those moments when they can indulge themselves in a single kink like tickling, smoking or foot fetish.These individual obsessions – to a monofetishist – exclude all others in their significance and I’d never criticise anyone’s fidelity to their chosen fetish. I adore tickling, smoking and foot fetish myself but if I focused on any one of them all the time I’d get really bored, really quickly. For me, every fetish photo-session needs to have a different theme to keep it as fresh and provocative as possible. In the winter – for example – fur fetish, tight cardigan fetish and stocking fetish seem more appropriate to shoot. In the summer though, wet clothes fetish, and sploshing get me going faster. Nothing remains the same and there are new fetishes developing all the time. Even something as recent and controversial as the hooded sweatshirt has produced it’s own, powerful ‘hoodie fetish with a – rapidly increasing – group of enthusiasts. I appreciate the devotion they show to their kink because I see the fetish value in almost everything around […]

Knee-length Socks Fetish

Welcome to the debut post of my brand-new fetish photo-blog. Here, in the near future, you will find regular updates containing my ideas and reflections on featured kinks with accompanying photo-sets that, I know, will illustrate my points in a more immediate and exciting way. I really can’t wait to guide you through the amazing variety of fetishes that are coming this way very soon. Knee-length socks are perfectly fetishistic in the way they affect the meaning of the most ordinary of garments. The semi-sheer chiffon blouse I wore in the photo-set clung closely to my shoulders and felt like I was wearing solid nothing. My pencil skirt suggested my curves but nothing more. Pulled down tight, it met the top of my patterned knee-length socks and the coverage was complete. Even standing in my discount heels, the image I projected was perfectly prim and proper. Then, I took hold of the skirt and pulled it up. Just a little bit. As the firm expanse of my soft, creamy thighs appeared between the top of the socks and the hem of the raised skirt I was transformed by that one small movement. What was prim became informal and what was proper became indecent. This is just an introduction to the world of fetish and it represents just the first post in a long list that includes the occasional kink you might have heard of, many that you haven’t and some you couldn’t possibly imagine. Photography by Andrew O’Hara Enjoy!

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