Ripped Clothes Fetish

The act of ripping clothes apart as they are being worn by a beautiful woman is a highly popular fetish because the identification of the garment with the body that wears it allows a deeper controlling fantasy to be indulged by the spectator. In the mind of the fetishist, the delicate, manufactured fabric and the substance of the woman become indivisible and the power and permission to dominate the former suggests a viable fantasy of doing the same to the latter. In some ways, the damage inflicted to the stylish and concealing outer clothing only increases the significance of the small areas of skin that are revealed and the tiny glimpses of nakedness become much more satisfying to the fetishist than nudity could ever be.

    Clothes Ripping Fetish – Venus O’Hara

    Whenever I get bored with a piece of clothing I tend to take a pair of scissors and I cut it up. When I was wearing this black negligee in a recent shoot I realised that I had had it for a long time and it had already been seen in other photo-sets. I decided it needed to be revamped. I explained to the photographer that the negligee needed re-working and I mentioned my interest in the clothes ripping fetish and how I wanted to explore it in the shots he was about to take. He cut some holes in the fabric that enabled me to push my fingers into them so I could rip and tear my own larger holes. I felt like the ultimate rebel as I posed. Later in the set, the black negligee was reduced to unrecognisable rags hanging from my body which coolly complemented the ripped tights that I was almost wearing. Photos by Fernando Gebbia

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