Latex Fetish

Latex has become such an important fetishistic material that it has become almost interchangeable with real flesh for many latex fetishists. Latex can re-shape, sculpt and transform the substance of the body that wears it so that it appears capable of constant change and re-interpretation, becoming a slick stand-in for the skin of the wearer.  This effect is most pronounced with an all-in-one catsuit which obliterates any recognisable characteristics and subordinates the reality of the wearer to the textures, sounds and aromas of the worn material. Latex outfits can be assembled from traditional pieces like corsets, suspender belts, stockings and gloves but the effect that they have is different from that of conventional lingerie. The colours that can be achieved in the manufacture of these skin tight appliances added to the glossiness of their appearance emphasise their artificiality but, at the same time, their ability to conform exactly to the outlines of the body suggests a more organic origin. This confusion of visual stimulus, combined with the diverse sensory values of the material lies at the centre of its attraction to fetishists.

Mundo X – Canal Plus

I’m writing this text in little pieces. It is easier to add to it in between doing bits of housework. The housework is a way to distract myself so I do not keep thinking about tonight. I am excited but it is still early and there are hours to go yet. It will not be long before Mundo X is on TV. It is not the subjects that they will be discussing that interest me the most. As I water the plants I see myself in a mirror and notice that I am just wearing a tight vest and purple panties in this heat.The tight red latex dress that I wore for the interview reflected every bright studio light. MadRubb supplied me with the outfit. As usual, I could not wear panties under the latex. I was careful how I crossed and uncrossed my legs while I explained the academic exercises in my new book “Ingles Para Pervertidos”. The idea of an accidental upskirt moment that could be broadcast across Spain added to my tension. It was fine. This was the second time I have appeared in Mundo X and I had an amazing time. If you are curious about the interview you can watch it tonight HERE.. If you are intrigued about the book Inglés para pervertidos, you can buy it here

Mad for MadRubb Latex

I go a bit mad when I dress up in latex. It is not real madness, more like a kind pure fetish pleasure. I remember when the package from MadRubb arrived at my door. I had stayed in especially, shooting fetish photos and wondering whether that would be the day. I was hoping for a siesta but when the box arrived, suddenly, the adrenalin and excitement was almost too much. It was intriguing and mysterious at the same time. That made my fetish pleasure even greater when I got my hands on the latex accessories packed inside. The idea was to have a set shot of me that would provide a future cover for BeDeSeMe magazine. The following week I had sheduled modelling time to produce images of me wearing the latex for MadRubb as well. The trouble was I knew I couldn’t wait. Not a whole week. Not now I’d held the latex and smelt it too. That distinctive fetish smell of brand new, high-quality, latex is like nothing else. When I finally got to wear the latex bra and latex high-waisted panties they fit perfectly. I had not intended to appear topless in the shoot but I had forgotten the nipple tassels that I had planned to wear. The sensation of having the shiner being applied to the latex panties while I was wearing them is still hard to explain. It felt cool through the latex but I felt the pressure of the hand-strokes and caresses of my […]

Latex Panties

No fetish glossary is complete without the latex fetish and it was the right time for me to do my first latex-themed shoot. I’d put it off for so long because I’d always assumed that the preparation and management of serious latex fetishwear would take a lot of time and – to be honest – I can be a bit lazy sometimes. It was already a hot day and I didn’t want too much mess to tidy up after we’d finished. To avoid over-complicating the set by wearing an elaborate BDSM latex catsuit, I played it safe and selected a simple pair of latex panties accessorized with a riding crop, red nipple tassels and matching nail-polish. As the temperature rose and my long red hair began to curl, I realised that the session couldn’t go on for as long as I wanted so we had to get started. My first real doubts began when I saw the latex panties flattened and stuck together in their packaging – they looked enormous. I took them out of their cellophane, opened them up and – to my surprise – they suddenly seemed more my size. Before this set, I hadn’t bought talcum powder for years and as I began to rub it on myself to help put on the latex panties, I wished I hadn’t – it went everywhere. I ended up with talc on the floor, my hands, and my high-heels. It worked though and when I dragged the latex panties up […]

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