Handcuffs Fetish

The effect and attraction of handcuffs, to a fetishist, are as significant in the concept of them as they are in the use of them. They have become a vital component of BDSM scenarios and their usefulness in role-plays to demonstrate the hierarchy at work between the characters is never in doubt.

For a submissive, or a switch, one of the main initial encounters with handcuffs that allows an understanding of their significance and potential is their first sighting of a security guard or, even better, a policeman. A fantasy association is made between a badge of authority, a sturdy leather belt and finally with that all important pair of, publically sanctioned, handcuffs.

A dominant will identify with the user of the cuffs instead and apply them to a submissive as a tool for correction, control and punishment. Having the use of their hands restricted removes the submissives ability to make physical contact in any meaningful way and cuts off a key sense pleasure. Cuffs, fetters and shackles are also a fetishistic shorthand for enslavement and this message is understood in every society.

Cuffs, in the way they hang and dangle from waistbands, can also be read as a type of fetishistic jewellery or metaphor for strength and sexual potency.

    Vegan Leather Fetish – Enter the MAZE by Bijoux indiscrets

    The MAZE Collection – Vegan Leather

    As soon as I saw the appropriately titled, MAZE collection from Bijoux Indiscrets, I knew that I needed to find my own path into it. I did not care about forgetting the way I went in, taking a wrong turn or, indeed, solving the puzzle. I just felt the need to get lost in a confounding, and thrilling, realm of fetish fantasy.

    Unboxing The New Erotic Accessories from Bijoux Indiscrets

    When I saw the hip chains from the new collection by Bijoux Indiscrets, I knew that they would be ideal for this type of erotic game. There is also something very alluring about being naked except for a chain (or two). Feeling something cold and metallic draped against your skin that moves against you with each step you take is incredibly arousing. It’s like ‘I’m dressed but naked’. The hip chains highlight the curve and form of your figure even more than being naked does.

    My Feet Demand Attention

    My last foot fetish photo session with MrTickleBCN happened over four years ago now. Back then, my understanding of foot worship, tickle fetish and the specific needs of foot fetishists was not as advanced as it is now. Many things have changed for me since then, especially where my feet are concerned. Indeed, it would be fair to say that my awareness of the real erotic value that was inherent in my heels, ankles, arches, soles and toes has come on in leaps and bounds. It’s strange to think about that session now. Back then, I wore stockings because I was ashamed of my feet; I didn’t think of them as being attractive at all. Something wonderful and strange has occurred in the last twelve months. Every so often I posted selfies of my feet on social media to see just what effect they might have. It didn’t take long for my feet to develop a fanbase of appreciative foot fetishists who thought nothing of extolling the virtues of them at length. It is thanks to these aficionados that I have finally begun to love my feet and get turned on by the idea of a foot worship session. My feet demanded the attention of true foot fetishist. So, it seemed necessary and appropriate to get back in touch with MrTickleBCN on the pretext of a photoshoot. Professional pictures of him getting to work on my feet would be really valuable for online consumption by my foot fetishists as well. It wasn’t absolutely […]

    A Different Kind of Handcuffs Fetish

    When I imagine a security guard or, even better, when I see a policeman, my eager green eyes automatically roll down from his badge to his belt; searching for his pair of handcuffs. The sight of those cuffs dangling from his belt never fails to arouse me in a deep and guilty way. You don’t have to get off on wearing handcuffs to understand and appreciate the power and mystique of the fetish that surrounds their use. I’m a good example of this love/hate relationship with cuffs. I’m not a fan of them when their cold metal encloses my soft, porcelain-white wrists but the idea of them really gets me going. They represent stern discpline and the possibility of being frisked if I’m lucky. Unlike my fantasy peace officers, I don’t really go for accessories when I’m planning an outfit.When I do wear extras to go out with they have to have a fetishistic meaning to them or they don’t qualify for Venuswear. So, when I saw the earrings featured in this set for the first time I knew that I had to have them. I wanted to provoke the same feelings in others that I found in a policeman’s dangling handcuffs. These are just perfect for the job. These pictures are the result of a recent photo-shoot with Sebas Romero. As well as the earrings, I experimented with using my plaited hair as a collar and this unique look allowed me to play with a variety of faces. Photography […]

    Bondage for Beginners – Venus O’Hara

    I received an advance set of Love Me Like You Hate Me handcuffs from Bijoux Indiscrets even before the book was slated for printing and I knew that it was essential to produce some pictures of me using them to feature in its pages when it did appear. It isn’t a secret that I’m no fan of handcuffs so I was surprised at my intuitive response to these. The material that they’re made of was firm against my fingers yet supple against the softness of my lower arms.They were perfect for wrist and ankle restraint and I enjoyed them from the start. I found out quite quickly that they can be tied together, attached to clothing and secured to furniture but the best part for beginners is knowing that they can escape from them when they want to…if they want to. For beginners, Bondage is the art of restraining someone or tying them up in some way that induces intense feelings of sexual gratification. The person being tied up can relax and allow the person doing the tying to provide pleasure for them while deriving an equal and opposite enjoyment from their own feelings of empowerment. Power, in this context of discipline for the sake of arousal, must not be abused. It will never become an issue as long as both partners approach bondage games in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Tying up a partner is only just the preamble; taking advantage of their restraint is where the fun really […]

    Types of Submission – Venus O’Hara

    In BDSM a bottom or submissive is the partner in a BDSM relationship or a BDSM scene who takes the passive, receiving, or obedient role, to that of the top or the dominant. Many submissives are high-flying professional males seeking escape from their almost overwhelming responsibilities and their power to determine the fates of their employees in public. They do this by assuming their subordinate role in private and by enjoying the fantasy of having no personal authority; by being controlled and dominated themselves. In reality, submissives tend to be people with profound intellectual and emotional depth whose sensitivities are beyond the ability of modern media or popular culture to accommodate or value. They find satisfaction by submitting themselves to someone else whose intelligence and honesty they trust above all others; someone they believe to be worthy of their worship. For some, submission means being able to recognise the greatness of a dominant by kneeling before them. In the case of male subsmissives, the act of worshipping a strong woman is contrary to religious tradition, education and nature. In the case of a female submissive, her enjoyment in complying to the whims of a dominant male seems to contradict the hard-won achievements of feminism. In reality, however, neither individual is betraying their respective genders but are, instead, choosing to dismantle their own social programming in private to define their own identity and power more fully. There are three defining principles to the submissives vital connection to his or her dominant: […]

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