Corset Fetish

Corsets are a key component in sexual fetishism, most obviously in BDSM activities. In a BDSM scene or relationship, a submissive can  wear a corset which could be laced very tightly and give an adjustable degree of restriction to the wearer.

A dominant can also wear a corset-often black-but for a completely different reason, such as aesthetics. The garment, when worn correctly and fitted precisely is almost guaranteed to promote a commanding appearance. It becomes a type of armour and the tightness of its styling and the material of its construction adds an inflexible quality to the authority and presence of the dominant.

A very common fetish costume for women is the dominatrix one. She would usually wear a corset or bustier with stockings and high-heeled footwear of some sort. High boots are quite common as they enhance the woman’s stature and capacity to dominate while the corset flaunts her decision to sculpt and control her own shape. A specially designed corset, in which the breasts and vulva are exposed can be worn during vanilla sex or in other BDSM activities.

Love Me Like You Hate Me – Teaser

I recently made my acting debut in the acclaimed short film “Love Me Like You Hate Me”, written and directed by Erika Lust, (Lust Films 2010). It is an arousing exploration of the seductive thrills of domination and the fear and excitement of submission in which I play seven characters. Now, the film has been re-edited, re-scored and re-imagined to further emphasise its unusual ability to disturb and excite with its lurid and fetishistic imagery of domestic servitude, confinement and spanking, gloves fetish, glasses fetish, wet clothes fetish and much more. In its new form it has become an unusually kinetic and intense type of BDSM thriller which restores footage-previously regarded as too intense-of me bound hand and foot and constrained by a ball-gag, to its list of astounding highlights. I’m still shocked at how effective the following teaser is and I can hardly wait to see the more provocative cut of the film when it debuts soon. Photo above by Kristyan Geyr Images TEASER LOVE ME LIKE YOU HATE ME Cargado por lustfilms. – Mira más videos de TV y películas.

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