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Welcome to my blog, I’m Venus O’Hara, sex blogger, fetish model and sex toy tester.

I was born in the UK and I currently live in Barcelona, Spain. I’ve always been interested in sexuality as a subject. In 2004 while I was working in export sales in a printing company, I had clients in the erotic publishing sector. They inspired me to become a fetish model as a hobby. I enjoyed it so much that, after suffering during the financial crisis in 2009, I decided to leave my job to follow my dream and set up a fetish blog to showcase my own work

Since then I have published 3 books; Love Me Like You Hate Me, English for Perverts and The Mask of Venus. I have collaborated with many Spanish media publications and outlets including El País, Playboy, GQ, Interviú, Objetivo Bienestar, Catalunya Radio and more. All of my written work is illustrated with my own photography. I am also an actress and I have starred in several short films and appeared in many advertising campaigns. I’m currently developing the role of ‘La Sex Teacher” in a videoblog for Antena 3 TV. I play a vintage style agony aunt for teenagers who are discovering their sexuality.

About this Blog:


I’m extremely passionate about fetishism in general and the way it can be used to broaden and deepen the entire concept of erotic imagery in particular. It is my firm belief that the mainstream vision of ‘perfect’ commercial beauty is a flawed notion at best. I’m convinced that we needn’t try to conform to this empty concept in order to produce provocative and memorable erotic imagery. Profound and artistic erotica, in my opinion, can be found in the details of the body that are normally retouched into oblivion. It is the appreciation of these discrete, not obviously erotic charms and the attention to them, that rediscovers the essence of the real as oppose to the artificial. Such details can include goosebumps, freckles and the compression lines left by lingerie. This philosophy is contrary to the prevailing fashion for cosmetic surgery solutions to ‘problems’ that sometimes don’t exist.

My blog incorporates a Fetish Glossary featuring 50 kinks where you will find dedicated texts and specially produced images of myself that haven’t been retouched in any way. In my mind, fetishism is a celebration of reality; the truer the representation of it, the better. Authentic untouched images are not only more erotic but, surprisingly for some people, they are more empowering.

More photosets are currently available in my Member’s Area.


I’ve been a huge fan, and advocate, of sex toys for over ten years ever since I got my very first rabbit vibrator. I managed to wear out that first one and three subsequent ones as well. I enjoyed being in control of supplying my own pleasure from the start. It wasn’t just great fun though because being self-sufficient in the supply of my orgasms changed my life.

I became a reviewer of sex toys in 2013 and since then I have written about the value of numerous types of vibrators, jiggle balls and toys for couples produced by leading brands such as Lelo, Fun Factory, Fifty Shades of Grey, Jopen, Rocks Off and many more. At the moment, the majority of my reviews are written in Spanish with a view to increasing my output in English as well. I continue to receive a great deal of emails from women who have yet to experience an orgasm of any kind and I regard it as my duty to contribute my experience. I want to assist these women, and every woman, to have a better understanding and more control over every aspect of their personal sensual gratification.



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